6. "I don't like him!"

I was in the court yard with Ashley, Ariana and Caitlin. This was just like a free period. "So did yo get another text from that X person again?" Ariana asked. I did but I didn't say anything. Because if I did then they would ask what the text said and I'm not really up for explaining. Honestly, I don't think X is a joke anymore because the text I got last night was only something I would know. Or Kelsey would know. No, that's impossible. She's dead. They found her body last year, I told myself. Kelsey would literally make us tell her everything. Every detail. Every secret. But if we didn't do what she wanted, shed use everything we've told her against us. She did that to every person she knew. Threading to tell every living thing. "I did" Ashley spoke up. "But I don't want to talk about it. It's to personal." We nodded respecting her decision. "I don't think this is a joke anymore. I feel like this is bigger then we think." Caitlin was right, but does X want with us? What do we do to make us the "lucky" four as his or her target. But how did they know all of these personal things about us? "Can we stop talking about X? It's giving me anxiety just thinking about it. "Ashley said crossing her arms over her chest. "Yeah. Lets talk about something else like... Shay and Justin!" My head snapped up. Is she serious? "What?! There's nothing to talk about. I met him yesterday! And I only saw him twice!" I exclaimed but tried to sound as nonchalant as possible. But I failed. "Ohh! So you saw him twice?! That's means you saw him after school."she grinned from ear to ear. Oh my god, they're just not going to let this one go are they? Probably not. " No. Well yes. He just came to Starbucks while I was working. That's all." They all stared at me like I was lying. "What?" I shot. "You think he's cute don't you?" Ariana laughed. "Yeah. But I don't like him. So stop implying that!" "Okay, okay! We'll get off your ass about it then!" She through her hands up in surrender. Thank God. I thought to myself. "Hey, look who it is" Caitlin cooed I turned around, seeing Justin walk pass. He smiled at me. His smile was like contagious or something, I smiled back. he sat at a table but I noticed he was sitting by himself. I got up "go get him girl!" Ashley whispered playfully and I hit her on the arm. "Shut the hell up!"  I muttered. I walked over at sat across the table from him. "Hey" I smiled. "Hey Shay. So you're the one following me now, huh?" Justin spoke in a playful tone. "Whatever. So why are you sitting here by you're self?" I placed my hands between my thighs waiting for an answer. "It's a lot harder to make friends here. Not everybody is as welcoming as you are." He complemented. "We'll you've got me. We're friends... I think" I laughed. "Yeah, I think so." He legit has one of the best smiles I've ever seen.

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