7. He's a great guy

"So you really hadn't made any other friends here?" I found that hard to believe he was really nice and a great guy from what I've seen so far.  And let's not forget he's extreamly attractive. "Not really. Well this kid Bryce. I don't know if we're friends though. He only helped me with my trigonometry and chemistry home work. But other than you. Probably not ahaha" I laughed a little, this kid is a real charmer. "So tell me about your self. I want to know more about my new friend." He chuckled gazing at me with his hypnotizing hazel eyes.  "Well I'm 17. My birthday is April 10th and I love writing and acting. What about you?" I listed. There's nothing extreamly interesting about me. "I'm 17 my birthday is march 1st. I'm from Stratford, it's in Canada. I love singing and I have no friends here besides you." I laughed at his sudden humor. "Oh, you're Canadian? So am I" "really? We're you born there?" I nodded and said "yeah, Toronto. But we moved here when I was like 5." I stated. "Nice! We've got something in common" I smiled "your a pretty great guy" I complemented. "Thanks, are those you're friends? Because they've been staring at us for the past 10 minutes ahaha." I didn't even bother to turn around because I knew they were staring like complete creepers. "Yeah, sorry about them."  I felt the need to apologize for gem because it was probably awkward. "It's fine" he laughed. "Well I should get going." I stood up. "Can I have you're number before you go?" He blurted out. "I-if you don't m-mind." He continued but stuttered nervously. "Yeah" he gave me his phone and I plugged in my number. And handed his phone back to him and he smiled. "Thanks, I'll text you tonight. I guess" 

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