Maybe this is my chance to start over

Hi, My Name is Story Brooks. I know, it sounds Like Story books.. Im 13 and I still get teased for that! Anyways, good things don't happen to girls like me.. Or so I thought..


1. That Cold March Day

*March 27, 2009*


"Oh My Goodness! Three days until my birthday! I cant wait!" I said to my Best Friend Mia. We were swinging on the swing set discussing my birthday party plans. I will be turning a whole nine years old!

"What do you want for your birthday Story?" she asked me. I didn't really know how to respond since I hadn't really thought about it all that much. I was just excited that I got to have Mia come over!

"umm.. How about just some Nail Polish? I don't really need something.." I replied

"Oh alright! Well hey! Mr. Robertson is calling your name! Maybe you need to leave. See you tomorrow?" She called to me. I started running towards the tall bald man.

"Of course!" I called back almost causing me to trip over my own two feet. I really had no idea what was going on. I thought my dad was just back in the hospital since he has been all this month. He has A.L.S so he was in there quite a bit!

I grabbed my bag out of my cubby and bolted down to the office to find my older brother, Shane, and my Uncle waiting for me.

"Hi Shane! Uncle Joe, why are you here? Is everything okay?" I say giving a slight smile. My Uncle just looked at me. I could see that he had been crying. Why was he crying? Me and Shane get to leave school! This is happy times! I piled into the backseat of his truck with Shane and we drove back to my house. The entire ride was silent except for the few murmurs from my Uncle. The only one I could hear was "Why now. Why would you do this to them" We pull up into my driveway and I see my mom's car parked in the road. Hmmm.. That's strange, she should be working! I open my door and let my bag drop to the ground before jumping out myself. Me and Shane walk up to the door side-by-side. He reaches out his hand to open the door. I was confused because I walked in and saw my mom, and my dad's two nursing crying at the table..

"Mommy," I say, "why are you crying? We just came out of school for one day. We wont miss anything I promise!" I said with I slight Chuckle.

"No baby, that's not why mommy's crying. Your dad.. He's in a better place now.."

I remember looking at my brother. His face was white. He dropped his stuff and ran to his room slamming his door knocking all of the pictures off of our wall. They shattered. I walked over to my dad to see if it was true. I touched his hand. It was ice cold. I crawled up into his lap and just laid there crying into my dad's shoulder. Its all my fault. Its all my fault kept replaying through my head. You killed him. He didn't get sick until after you were born. Its your fault. You killed your father!

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