Maybe this is my chance to start over

Hi, My Name is Story Brooks. I know, it sounds Like Story books.. Im 13 and I still get teased for that! Anyways, good things don't happen to girls like me.. Or so I thought..


2. New Life. New School. New Friends.

(A/N HEEEY! So I promise One Direction will be in this! Just give me a moment! Please keep reading. xx)


"ITS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL LITTLE ONE!" Shane screamed in my ear.


"Hey! Im not that little! Im only 3 years younger than you!" I yelled back.


I had moved out with my brother to his apartment since I hated living with my mom. She got a new boyfriend and I HATE him, but guess what! They got engaged anyways! But, Shane is finally old enough to move out, and im 15 so I packed my bags and left too. My mom doesn't seem to care, so why should I? Me and Shane are living in London. It took a lot of convincing but I finally got him to agree to it! I've always wanted to live here! And now I get to plus I get to go to school here! Since today is my first day I have to look good! Shane got me up a couple hours early so I could get ready. I hopped in the shower and jammed my music. It was my favorite artist Cher Lloyd! When I got out I slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white crop top with a silver bow on it. I pulled my long brown hair up into a pony tail and applied my makeup. I don't wear a whole lot, just some eyeliner and mascara. I opened the bathroom door to be greeted by the amazing smell of food. Mmm Bacon<3

"Breakfast is ready!" Yelled Shane

"AKAY! Let me get my shoes first!" I scream back. Our house is a decent size so we have to yell if someone is on the other side of it.

I walk downstairs to see a huge plate of bacon and pancakes sitting in the middle of the table.

" I hope you made yourself some too" I say grabbing three pancakes and the whole plate of bacon.

"You're such a pig!" Shane says grabbing back the bacon

"I will punch you if you don't give me the bacon back." I say glaring at him

He doesn't move an inch. I walk over to him and start play punching him in the arm. He still wont give it to me. OHH! IDEA! I walk to the counter, grab the cool whip in a can and spray him! He dropped the bacon!

"Ha! I win!" I say eating the bacon

"Only because I got cool whip in my eyes!" He says walking over to clean up

"Alright we gotta go! School starts soon!" Shane says walking back over to me stealing the last piece of bacon.

I roll my eyes and get up. I have no idea how today will go. Crossing my fingers it goes well!

It was a short ride to the school, Shane brought me up to the front doors and dropped me off.

"Have a good day Story. Love you." He says kissing my forehead. He's such an amazing brother!

"Thanks Shane. Love you to. I'll text you when its over." I say as I open the door. He nods and drives off. This is it. Im officially alone. Yippee..

I walk into the school looking down at my schedule not caring about anyone around me.

I look up only to fall to the ground.

"Hey watch where your going!" A tall curly haired boy said

"Sorry Im looking for Algebra. Im new here. Im Story.." I say. It doesn't really look like he cares. I Hope he does! Im so lost in this place! It's HUGE!

"Ah, your first class is with me. By The Way, I'm Harry. Harry Styles. What's your name?" He says smiling. HE HAS DIMPLES! CAN HE GET ANY CUTER?! Focus Story. Focus.

"I'm Story. Story Brooks. Nice to meet you Harry." I say shyly

"What a lovely name for a lovely girl"

I feel my face turn a bright red. You walk down the hallway and to your surprise the room isn't that difficult to find. You walk in and Harry points to a small women in a tight blouse and pencil skirt that did not do her justice.

"That's Ms. Crowley. Be careful around her." Harry says to me in a very hushed tone. I nod and slowly make my way over to her.

"Hello Ms. Crowley. I'm Sto-"

"Hello Ms. Brooks. You can find your seat next to your friend Harold. But do NOT make me regret putting you there." She said giving me a very mean look. If looks could kill I'd be on the floor dead.

I walk over to Harry and set my books on the desk.

"Your full name is Harold?" I giggle

"Don't laugh! Yes it is. Only she calls me that though." He replies

"Well, now Im going to too!" I saw smiling at him

He rolls his eyes and turns away from me focusing on the very mean teacher upfront.

Harry's POV:

God Story's beautiful. Her laugh is amazing. Her smile makes me smile. I could stare into her eyes for ever, but I can't. I have to keep my reputation. No going soft Styles. Zayn would kill you if you did. You have to keep being a bully. You have to keep smoking. You cant lose Zayn as a friend.

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