Cee Lo Green ♥

Cee Lo Green! This isn't mine, but I thought it was hilarious, so I just have to share it. I have no idea who wrote this, but props to them. I hope you enjoy this! Hahaha.


1. Imagine.

It was then in that moment waiting in line at KFC when you made eye contact with him. You didn't know, but it would be the first of many encounters with him. As you walked up to the cash register you ordered your favorite meal, the 8 piece original chicken basket and were starved. After receiving your order you noticed your hands were greasy and went to grab some napkins. When you turned around there he was, all 378 pounds of rich chocolate skin right in front of you. Overwhelmed you rushed out of the store because you felt embarrassed.

As you turned on the ignition to your car you heard a gentle knock on your window. It was him. You didn't know what to do so you carefully rolled down your window. He had some extra napkins for you because he said he knew how greasy the chicken could get. And after a short pause he asked you for your number. Flushed with emotions you gave him the number and quickly drove away.

Later that night right after eating your 7th piece of chicken your phone rang. It was him. You answered the phone trying to play it as cool as possible and you found yourself melting in his rich chocolate tone that matched his skin. Before you knew it he had asked to come over and because you were thirsty for the D, you said yes. When he walked through the door you were startled by the gift he had brought, a 16 piece of original chicken and it was then you knew it was love. You both sat down to eat the chicken and before u knew it he had already eaten 14.






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