its not going to be all that its my first story so.....yea


1. First Day

Edwards P.O.V

Ha today we start at Grand Junction High my parents think it will help change my attitude and reputation they are soo wrong im sticking up for my brother no matter what.


Harrys P.O.V

Gosh this is soo stupid we keep having to move because of stupid Edward gosh at least we get to stay in Grand junction I mean its pretty nice but having to start all over again it sucks.


Marcels P.O.V

So we had to move again its ok tho I mean I wasn't popular or even cool I mean everywhere we move im just he school nerd who gets beat up all the time. Except when Edward jumps in that's actually why we always have to move its not even Edwards fault its mine.


*Their First Day Of School*

As we walked through the school doors and to the office everybody was staring at us well mostly Edward and Harry they only seemed to be staring at me because I was in the middle of them.


"Hello you must be the Style brothers here are your schedules have a nice day"


M: Well she was nice

H: She was ok

E: Don't get too cheery Marcel not every one is nice stay away from the jocks and try not to get beat-up and watch where you're going.

M: Ok Edward

H: Marcel you don't have to listen to every thing he says


H: NO!!!! Marcel you do what ever you want don't listen to him

M:Ok Harry.

Im on my way to English looking down at my feet when I suddenly bump into some one I look up and its captain of the football team I recognize him from the pictures at that moment I know I should have listened to Edward.

* Sorry this sucks and its short but i'm not the best writer but ill try to make it better ~Kisses*

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