Winning And Losing

What happens when Bella wins a radio contest to meet 1D and gets to take a friend? Its all fun and games until 3 of the boys fall in love with her and 2 fall in love with her best friend and it all becomes chaos.



Bella's POV~~


"You’ve won 2 tickets to California to spend a week with One Direction!” the words echoed through my head as i got off the plane with my Best friend, Mia.

I held on to my 2 bags of Luggage, my blue book bag hanging on my back.

“Whoa” Mia breathed out, as we walked through the large airport.

“I NEED Starbucks!” I exclaimed, walking towards the closest one on my left. I got a Strawberries and Crème, which was my favorite. Mia got herself the peppermint frappe and we sipped our delightful drinks as we walked down to the pickup area.

A man dressed in a black suit held up a sign that stated my name, Bella Bird. Interesting name right? My middle name is Rose. Bella Rose Bird. I walked up to him and told who we were.

“Oh. My. Nando’s!” Mia squealed as we sat back in the leather seats. The limo driver, Charles, informed us that there is a stereo, drinks, snacks, and more back here. I smiled as Mia turned the dial to the local pop station. One Direction started playing and we danced around in our seats to 'Best Song Ever'. We laughed and took pictures until we arrived at a large, nice looking house. Charles came and opened the door and we jumped out, and ran up the sidewalk.

“This. Is. One. Direction’s. House!!!” Mia squeaked out, starting to hyperventilate. I waited until she caught her breath and we ran up to the door. “Walk in and shield your eyes!” Charles called. I giggled and turned the handle.

Mia walked in first and I trailed after her, looking around. Once we reached the living room we saw Harry sitting with Louis watching TV. They turned around and froze.

"Hello… I'm Bella, a-and that's Mia..” I stuttered. Louis smiled and stood up. “Nobody said you guys were so pretty!” Harry said jumping up. I could feel myself visably blush as I stated a thank you.

Liam and Zayn walked in, talking and laughing, but stopped and stared at Mia. I smiled and nudged her and she smiled brightly.

We all hugged and I asked, “Where's Niall?” Liam laughed and pointed towards a room that was most likely a kitchen. I walked into the kitchen with Louis and Harry trailing behind me.

I found Niall stuffing his mouth with In-In-Out Burger and I couldn't help but laugh. Niall turned around, paused and waved.

“Uhm is that good?” I asked smiling. He nodded enthusiastically.

“Want Some?” he asked holding some out for me. I nodded and took a burger and some fries, hearing the other boys gasp.

“What?” I asked, turning around thinking it was one of their burgers.

“Niall NEVER shares!” Liam exclaimed. I laughed and walked toward the large table to eat. Niall sat next to me with Louis on the other side.

“Uh are we all sitting?” Mia asked awkwardly, sitting across from me with Liam and Zayn on both sides.

We have a “secret connection” as some people would say.

I was giving her the look that said “Awkward!” We laughed and the boys gave us a Weird look. “We should go to the movies!” Harry suggested with a smile.

"How about Sea Of Monsters? Logan Lerman is cute." I suggested with a smile and Mia nodded in agreement.

Zayn made a face and shook his head. "We're not gay..." He mumbled, laughing. I nodded giggling. "I know. But it looks good!"

“I guess it does. Does everyone agree?” Harry asked, looking around. Everyone nodded their heads.

“Then Lets go! TO THE DIRECTION MOBILE!!” Louis yelled in his Jonny voice. I giggled and followed him as he ran toward the garage, Everyone following in pursuit.

Lou drove, with Harry in the passenger seat.

When we arrived at the theater the boys split up their money and bought tickets. “We’re buying the candy and popcorn!” I said straightening my black shirt. We were watching it in 3D so I went to the bathroom and put contacts in.

When I walked out and saw the BOYS buying popcorn and candy.

“HEY!” I yelled running toward them. Niall turned around --Just as I reached them-- and caught me in his arms. I tried to get out my wallet but he wouldn't let go. I stopped squirming and just waited as he threw me over his shoulder and carried me into the theater.

"Now where should we sit?" He asked, looking around.

"You know, I have the perfect view of your ass, right?" I said loudly.

He laughed. "I hope you enjoy that view." I could tell he was smirking.

He sat me down on his lap and I began squirming again.

“Nope. I'm not letting you go until the movie starts!” he murmured into my ear and I sighed.

“PWEASEEEEEEE?” I whisper-yelled and he shook his head.


Soon everyone came and sat. Niall pushed me into the seat next to me draping an arm around me, and Harry sat on the other side. Louis sat in-between Niall and Liam with Mia ending up in the middle of Liam and Zayn.

The previews started and I got comfortable.

(Skip most of the Movie so I don't Give anything away.)

Near the end of the movie something happend and I Gasped loudly. Harry laughed, grabbing my hand as tears streamed my face.

So I get emotional during movies. Sue me.

The movie ended and I wiped the remaining tears out of my eyes. Niall had to take a call so he went off outside. Louis and Harry began clutching both my hands and Mia was holding Liam and Zayn’s hands, a few steps ahead of us.

I winked at her and she blushed, as her lips perked up into a smile. Niall caught up with us and opened the car door for me and Mia to go in first.

It was almost 2 a.m. so I said goodnight and went upstairs to my room to unpack. Once I finished unpacking I pulled my hair back into a messy bun and changed into a pink tank top and black basketball shorts.

Just as I slipped under the covers Harry knocked and came in.

“Goodnight Love” he murmured, kissing my cheek and walking back out, closing my door after him.

I soon fell asleep, happily dreaming of One Direction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Of Chappy One.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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