Winning And Losing

What happens when Bella wins a radio contest to meet 1D and gets to take a friend? Its all fun and games until 3 of the boys fall in love with her and 2 fall in love with her best friend and it all becomes chaos.


2. Be My Princess?

Bella’s Pov~~


As I woke up I smelled bacon being cooked.

I got up and stretched out, finding my slippers and sliding them on. I shivered a little so I put on a black hoodie that had ‘Vas Happenin!?!’ on the front in giant, white, bubble letters. I found my glasses that looked quite nerdy, and put them on. I fixed my hair and walked out of the bedroom.

Mia was walking out of her room as well so I called out; “Good morning sunshine!” she smiled and continued walking towards the stairs. I followed behind her and together we moved toward the amaZAYN scent of breakfast being made.

“G’mornin!” Niall cheered happily to us, as we made our way into the kitchen. The rest of the boys waved as they sang random songs.

“Good morning Boys!” Mia and I sang happily.

“Nice hoodie! You know that quote sounds familiar! I think an awesomely amazing person said it…” Zayn said jokingly. I rolled my eyes and smiled walking towards the table, where Louis was waiting with food.

He set down the plate and pulled the chair out for me.

“Madam!” he said, smiling kindly. I thanked him and sat down.

In front of me was as plate full of bacon, eggs, ham, and pancakes. “Wow y’all can cook!” I exclaimed digging in.

After everyone was seated Niall looked at me and smiled. “Finally! A girl that eats as much as me!” Niall exclaimed like the happy Irish boy he is. I blushed and figured, I should eat more slowly.

Everyone laughed at me and I smiled, putting down the toast I was eating, blushing slightly more.

“Don’t worry, in Niall terms it’s a compliment” Liam said hiding a laugh. Mia wiggled her eyebrows at me and I laughed again looking down.

“Don’t look down, Love!” Harry said putting his hand under my chin. “Your hiding your beautiful face!” I felt myself blush even harder, and I probably looked like a tomato.

I looked over at Zayn and he had an annoyed look on his face. I glanced at Mia and Liam, and noticed that they were holding hands.

“Uh I’ll be right back” I said getting up, but realized I didn’t know where the bathroom was. “Wait, where is the bathroom?” I asked looking around. “I will show you love!” Louis said getting up and dropping his napkin on the table. We started walking and i noticed the house is huge!

“Here we are Love” Louis said get storing toward a door. “Thank you! I—”

“I just have to say this… I really like you and I needed you to know!” He said walking off after.

I Looked in the mirror and started to think. Liam and Zayn like Mia, Louis likes me…. Wait! LOUIS LIKES ME!! Me of all people!

I texted Mia, asking her to tell Louis to come find me because I was lost. A few minutes later he arrived and I stopped him.

“Louis, I like—” he cut me off h his lips against mine. I kissed back until he pulled away grabbing my hand. We walked in a pleasant silence back to the kitchen, and I could Feel my face burning bright red, as everyone stared.

I looked at Louis and the corners of my lips perked up. Mia and the guys who like her were smiling at us.

The cheeky green eyed cutie was frowning and looking away. Niall put down his food and sighed sadly. “I'm not hungry…” he said getting up and stomped away from Louis, and went up to his room. Everyone looked astonished.

"I'll go find him." I said, hurriedly walking after him.

I found him strumming his guitar as he sang More Than This, his soft voice bouncing off the walls and echoing through the room.

"Niall... What's wrong?

"Nothing. Why do you think something is wrong?" he mumbled quietly, avoiding eye contact.

"Niall." I said sternly, sitting on his bed.

"Look, Bella. I really like you but I realize you Like Louis but--" I cut him off quickly.

"Niall, I like you too. I really do."

"But Lou--"

"No buts. I like you and that's it."

"Then Will You be my Princess?" I stared at him.


"Will you... be my... Princess?" He said slowly as I just gawked at him.

"Oh... Niall..." I paused for a moment, thinking. "We just met.."

"All the more reason to get to know each other?"

"Isn't this a little too fast?"

"I'm taking that as a no?..."

I sigh. "Its a maybe. C'mon. Lets go finish dinner?" He nodded and I grabbed his hand puling him along.

"That really was a nice view of your ass yesterday." I said, smirking. He sputtered and went red, laughing. "I knew you'd enjoy it." He said, winking. I rolled my eyes and returned to my seat.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Chappy Two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is Bella btw:

And this is Mia:

And I'm sure you know what the boys look like. cx Let me know if you can't see the pictures. and I don't own either of the pictures. they came from Google. c;


Tanks for reading, Bugaboos!


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