Learning To Live

In the year 2086, infection has broken out all over the world. There is believed to be only three percent of humanity scattered across the globe. This young girl has lost everything; her parents her best friends, her siblings, almost everything! But she refuses to give up--for if she gives up, she will lose all hope, and never see her Aunt Maryann again; her last chance for something to save herself, and her sanity. Will she ever find her Aunt Maryann? Or will she spend the rest of her life in Base Camp 1, waiting for a cure?

Cover made by: Broken Inside and meg1


1. Chapter 1

"Help!" I screamed.

I was in one of the infected bases fighting against them with a chainsaw.

I cut an opening threw them and ran.

I'm a pretty fast runner, so I had that to my advantage. They don't run very fast so I had that to my advantage as well.

Once I was a good fifty feet away from them, I slowed to a stop.

Take in your surroundings.

I sighed. I'm in a desert. Forty feet away from me are the infected. I turn and see a semi-cylinder shaped building.

"Oh, crap," I mumbled.

Screeching, I heard screeching all around me.

Instinctively, my hand went to the handle of my knives, in the loops of my belt.

Stay strong!

I looked around and saw them closing in on me.

If you die, you die fighting!

I unsheathed my knives and readied myself.

One had grabbed onto my shoulder. I back-kicked it and sent it flying.

I stabbed one in the throat and decapitated its head.

I kicked, slashed, stabbed until I found an opening toward the building I saw earlier. I started running again.

I took a precious second and glanced back.

"Crap!" I yelled.

It was a runner. Runners run just as fast as me.

But this one scared me so much I almost dropped my knife. This one looked like my Aunt Maryann.

Its not her, keep running or fight!

This one had latched her hand onto my neck and almost bit me before I cut her hand off and kicked her five feet away from me.

Almost there!

I grabbed the handle to the nearest door I could find.

Crap! It was locked!

Don't panic, don't panic.

I ran over to the door next to it.

It's locked too!

I pounded on the door screaming "Help! Help! Let me in!"

I could sense the infected getting close. I turned around and kicked blindly. It didn't fall this time. With the last swipe of my lucky knife, I decapitated it.

"Good job, miss!"

I didn't care who was behind me. I elbowed him in the gut, turned around and kicked him in the chest, sending him sailing.

I threw my knives down on the ground, I didn't want them anymore, too much infected blood on them.

I walked over to the man and offered a hand.

He stared at me in bewilderment, as if he were shocked that I could knock him down.

Finally he took my hand and regained his composure. I took a look at him, he was in a military uniform, from what branch, I'm not sure. He was about six inches taller than me, and had graying hairs on his head.

He cleared his throat. "My name is Chief Masterson, I am the leader of the base we are currently standing infront of."

I looked at the building again, there were four doors on this side I'm pretty sure there were four doors on the other side.

"If you don't mind, perhaps we go inside before the infected get here," He gestured to the door at the end of the building.

I nodded and followed him inside.

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