Just Can't Let Her Go

This is a one direction fanfic, writin by me :)
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i don't feel like i should give a description to this but,
Alexandra Hunt absoluletly can not stand liars, assholes, and backstabbers and her full name. But one thing she really hates is one direction.
She has one friend named Stephanie Wilson who also has gotten into alot of trouble in her past.
These to girl's lives change into something they would have never imagined.
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5. Ch.4


Alex’s P.O.V


He passionately crashed his lips onto mine. At first I relaxed a little, I could feel our lips move in illusion against each other. Every kiss set off different emotions, every touch set off more sparks. I realized what was happening. Panicking I pushed him away from me and started to walk away. I was shocked at what just happened.


I hardly even know him. But now my lips crave for his. This isn’t good. I’m not supposed to be falling for Harry Styles.

 “Alex!!! C-come back!!” He yelled after me, but I kept walking. Terrified to look back into his green eyes.


Harry’s P.O.V


“Alex! C-come back!” I yelled after her. She didn’t turn around to look back, she just continued to walk. I shouldn’t have taken her by surprise like that. Especially, by kissing her so soon. I don’t know what set me off. It just kind of happened. A few seconds went by and I decided to run after her.

 ‘Alex, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.’ I spoke as I grabbed her arm forcing her to face me. She looked scared and shocked.

 ‘I-Its fine’ She stuttered out, she was nervous.

 ‘Can I atleast take you home, it’s a long walk’ I said and she nodded. We headed back to the vehicle in silence. I could tell she was thinking about the situation and how it made everything awkward. I made everything awkward. As we reached the Audi, I opened the passenger door for her and she got in closing the door. I took my seat and started the engine. We were half way down the block when my phone went off and Zayn’s picture showed up on the screen.

 “Hey lad” I spoke, I could feel Alex’s stare. “Right now… Okay I’m on my way” I ended the call.

 “Where are we going?” She asked.

 “Zayn needs my help, we’re going to his flat” I spoke.

 “Zayn…” By the sound of her voice I could tell there was something she wasn’t telling me.


Alex’s P.O.V


It has been 5 years since me and Zayn last spoke. Before he was famous, we were inseparable. We were a couple. After the whole X-factor thing happened, we stopped talking and ended what we had. He was the first boy I loved. Facing him now, I wasn’t ready but here I am on my way to his flat. That is the reason why I hate one direction, Because of Zayn and what he became. Harry stopped the vehicle and let me out. I was still shaken up about the kiss and hadn’t really had time to process it so everything was awkward. As we walked up the steps to zayn’s flat and opened the door I paused before stepping inside.

And there he was, after five years. He stopped talking to harry and stared at me.

 ‘Alex?’ He whispered.


Zayn’s P.O.V


I couldn’t believe my eyes. After 5 years, here she stood in my home. I studied her up and down, Her dark brown hair fell to her shoulders and her caramel eyes sparkled as she stared into mine. I could feel Harry’s eyes traveling back and fourth between me and Alex as our eyes were locked. Seeing her after all this time brought a rush of old feelings back.It was like I was in high school all over again.

 ‘You two know each other!?’ Harry asked, he was confused as fuck. We both nodded slightly. ‘What… How is that possible?’ he continued.

 ‘We have a past together’ Alex answered him.

 ‘How is that possible?” he continued.

 ‘We dated’ I spoke.

And the room fell silent.




Hello Lovey’s  :* So this is the fourth chapter, I just want to thank everyone who has liked these chapter and so on. So as you can see the plot has been twisted. 

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