Just Can't Let Her Go

This is a one direction fanfic, writin by me :)
I also have it posted onto my tumblr account which is www.megan.hiebear.tumblr.com
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i don't feel like i should give a description to this but,
Alexandra Hunt absoluletly can not stand liars, assholes, and backstabbers and her full name. But one thing she really hates is one direction.
She has one friend named Stephanie Wilson who also has gotten into alot of trouble in her past.
These to girl's lives change into something they would have never imagined.
Stay tuned for updated chapters and if you have any ideas for the story feel free to leave it in the comments below. But i woul rather have you go to http://meganhiebear.tumblr.com/ask


2. Ch.1


Alex’s P.O.V

The colored lights were flashing, the beat of the music vibrated the crowded room of people .It was perfect, but the best part is that nobody here knows my name, where i’ve been or what i’ve done. 

  I scanned the crowd of sweating dancing bodys for my best friend Stephanie. We snuck into this club tonight, god knows how much trouble we would be in if we were caught, but who gives a fuck right?  

"Steph!" I yelled over the booming music while grabbing her arm to face me.

"What!" She yelled yanking her arm away, She hates to be touched.

"Lets get out of here! The Security has been eyeing me like hawk!" I said looking in the direction of the door. We are underaged. me being 17 and steph being 16.

"No you party pooper! have some fun" she said threw giggles, i could smell the heavy dose of alochol on her breath, she was drunk.

"How did you get alcohol without getting caught?!" I laughed at her, she was a mess.

"Some old guy! I don’t remember his name but he said i was a good dancer." She said as she pointed to the hickey on her neck, she is basically a slut when she’s drunk. How am i going to get her out of here?

Harry’s P.O.V

I sat at the end of the bar scanning the room for a girl to take home.I came alone tonight, the other lads don’t know that i left. But i told them if i was out not to wait up. Alot of woman have approached me tonight, but i didn’t have a liking to any of them. They were all beautiful woman, but it gets boring when all they talk about is me and my music.

 ”would you like anouther drink sir?” The blonde waittress said twirling her hair. I looked up at her and nodded, her eyes went wide.

 ”You’re Harry Styles from One Direction!” she exlmaided and i rolled my eyes.

Alex’s P.O.V

An hour had past and i had my fair share of drinks, alot of men take a liking to you when you’re breast are practically out of Your dress and its above your knees. I was tipsy and dancing infront of the DJ’s table. He kept watching me so i looked up at him and winked. To my amusement he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to his equipment.

"My names Andy!" he yelled. I decided to use a differn’t name so if i was thrown out he wouldn’t be able to get my ‘real’ name.

"Im Sam!" I giggled.

"Do you want to spin?" He said placing his headphones on my ears.

I nodded spinning the table while he placed his hands on my hips swaying them from side to side. Before He thought he was ‘getting some’, i could see he was also wasted so i pushed him off of me to the floor and continued what i was doing. I had fun, jumping around on the stage and switching the music till the security gaurd grabbed me.

"How old are you young lady?"

Harry’s P.O.V

Just as i thought my night wouldn’t get any more boring, the waitress wouln’t stop talking. I decided to scan the crowd one more time before bringing her home.  and there, stood a girl working the DJ stand in a short and tight black dress. Hot. She had dark brown eyes and dark dark hair. I laughed as she started jumping up and down. I shooed the waitress off of me and started squeezing my way threw the crowd of dancing people. Never taking my eyes off her, a security guard grabbed her and threw her out the back door. 


HEY GUYS :) so this is the first chapter!

Remember to write, and reblog :3 Shoutout goes to my friend Shannen for helping me put this all together. Don’t be shy to ask me questions or give me suggestions about the story :)

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