Just Can't Let Her Go

This is a one direction fanfic, writin by me :)
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i don't feel like i should give a description to this but,
Alexandra Hunt absoluletly can not stand liars, assholes, and backstabbers and her full name. But one thing she really hates is one direction.
She has one friend named Stephanie Wilson who also has gotten into alot of trouble in her past.
These to girl's lives change into something they would have never imagined.
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8. Ch. 7

 Alex's P.O.V

I pulled out of the kiss and looked into Zayn's dark brown eyes. He stared back into mine then crashed our lips together once more while cupping my face in his hands. I moved my hand to the back of his head and deepend the kiss. I could feel a slight smile spread across his lips as we sat on the park bench just kissing. 

Oh no, we were in a public park kissing. I quickly pulled out of the kiss and opened my eyes to see papperatzi everywhere surrounding us. All i could think about was Harry and how it would affect him when he saw these pictures. But that doesn't matter, whatever me and Harry could have had is gone now.  The flashes continued. Zayn grabbed my hand and quickly lead me threw the crowd of camera men and to his Bently. We hopped in.


'I'm so sorry..." He whispered looking at me.

'It's my fault, i forgot about us being in public, and how things are differen't since you are who you are" I admitted. I couldn't help but smile at him. I watched as he grinned and sped off down the road.


'So do you have to go home, Or are you going to come back to my flat and watch a movie with me?" he said as we stopped in a red light.

"A movie sounds lovely" 


Harry's P.O.V

I clicked threw the channels on the television. Nothing was on. These past two days I haven't really found anything useful for myself to do. I couldn't help but think of Alex and how much I must have hurt her. She wasn't supposed to know. I didn't know that me and her would have gotten as close as we did so fast. I clicked threw the channels on the televsion one more time and came across one of the 3 pictures of Zayn kissing Alex. My jaw dopped. A sudden pain hit my heart. I was mad. Raging with anger. How could she? How could he? Jelously ran through my veins. I quickly stood up from the couch, my head in my hands, and paced back and forth.

'Are you fucking serious!!!!" I yelled in frusteration. I took a couch cusion in my right hand and slammed it against the wall with a punch from my left fist. It dropped to the floor. I turned around and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Never had i seen myself this mad before. But underneath all of the anger and jelously, was heart ache. 

"Harry! Mate, calm down" I heard Louis' voice speak softly. I didn't even look at him. I knew when i did i would break down. He slowly approached me. 

"Louis' just back off, I can't do this right now' I warned. My fists clenched. I looked directly at him in the mirror. He gulped. I really hated when the boys seen me like this. They didn't know what i was capable of. Neither did I.


"Harry, let's just try and talk it out, i'd rather see you cry your eyes out into a pillow rather than you punching it" He said it with a slight grin. I loved louis' jokes. But this wasn't the time. It really pissed me off. I tunred around with my fists still clenched by my sides. I grabbed him ruffly and slammed him up agains the wall and looked him dead in the eyes. I looked into his. Fear filled them. I let go of the collar on his shirt and his feet met the ground. I fell the the floor, tears rushing down my face.


"Louis, I am so sorry!" I sobbed out.


"It's okay Harry" He said as he sat down beside me. 


Zayn's P.O.V

"Which movie would you like to watch" I smiled handing her the xbox controller for her to handle Netflix.


"Hmm, I could go for anything really, but how about some popcorn" she smirked. 


"Yes Ma'am" I winked and headed off into the kitchen to make the popcorn. As it was cooking in the microwave i checked my phone and noticed i had an unread message from Louis'. It was probably just some corny joke so i decided to leave it. I walked back out to the sitting area and placed the popcorn on Alex's lap and sat beside her while placing my arm around her shoulders.


"Definatly, Maybe" She said.


"Definatly, Maybe, What?" I asked confused.


"The Movie!" She laughed. 


"Oh!" I smiled. Through the movie i couldn't help but study her. I watched her as she watched the movie. She was perfect. She had her dark brown hair up into a messy bun. Her eyes fixed to the screen, and her lips opening to let the popcorn into the mouth. She was absolutly stunning.

I noticed as tears began to fill her eyes. I took her chin in my hand and directed her head to face me. She tried to hold back the tears in her eyes. I could tell it wasn't just the movie causing these tears it was something else. I can always tell when something is wrong with her. She act's like she is tuff and strong. But really, she is so fragile and easy to break. I smiled down to her and softly pecked her on the lips, which brought a smile to her lips.


"I missed this" She whispered.


"I missed you" 

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