Just Can't Let Her Go

This is a one direction fanfic, writin by me :)
I also have it posted onto my tumblr account which is www.megan.hiebear.tumblr.com
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i don't feel like i should give a description to this but,
Alexandra Hunt absoluletly can not stand liars, assholes, and backstabbers and her full name. But one thing she really hates is one direction.
She has one friend named Stephanie Wilson who also has gotten into alot of trouble in her past.
These to girl's lives change into something they would have never imagined.
Stay tuned for updated chapters and if you have any ideas for the story feel free to leave it in the comments below. But i woul rather have you go to http://meganhiebear.tumblr.com/ask


6. Ch. 5

Harry’s P.O.V



Alex and Zayn. Zayn and Alex. I couldn’t believe the words that escaped their mouths. I could feel it in the air, and see it in the way they stared at each other. They had something. But when Alex looked at me I could still see the sparkle in her eyes, the same sparkle she had when she saw Zayn. So I know that there is still hope. I really am starting to feel for her and I am not going to let Zayn ruin that.

 “I can’t be here” Alex whispered to her self, not thinking that anyone of us could hear her, but I did. She looked at me with pleading in her eyes. She wanted to leave.

 “We really should be going, I have to get Alex home, Ill help you tomorrow” I spoke, and saw the relief lift from Alex’s shoulders.

 “It was good to see you Alex” Zayn smiled.


Alex’s P.O.V



Standing in front of him after all this time felt so wrong. I couldn’t be here, I can’t face him. I have to show him I’m strong. This means I must go. Harry lead me out the door to his car.

 “Are u sure you want to go home?” Harry asked.

 “I just don’t want to be here” I said sharply.

 “Do you want to go grab some drinks, I mean, U look like you need one” He said with a sense of kindness in his eyes.

 “Yeah” I nodded “Yeah lets go”

What was I getting myself into?

I don’t have feelings for Harry; I can’t have feelings for Harry. It is wrong on so many levels.

Harry drove us to a pub, a pub I have never seen or heard of. It must be an old pub because hardly anyone was in there. We walked in the old wooden doors and took a seat at the bar. Harry ordered us both a beer and each a fair share of shots.

We sat at the bar laughing and telling story’s from our childhood. After the first two shots he was already starting to get a bit drunk, but I wasn’t going to judge him on that.

 “Dance with me” He smiled as the song Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond sang through the radio.

 “No! I won’t dance with you!’ I giggled.

 “Please” He said sticking out his bottom lip.

 “I can’t dance!” I snorted.

 ”We can just sway!” he said with his eyes wide.

 “I can’t I’ll…”  He cut me off by pulling me onto the floor and taking my hands. We swayed along to the song. Harry spun me around and began to sing the lyrics in my ear. And I hummed along with him.


Was in the spring

and spring became the summer

Who’d believe you’d come along

Hands, touching hands

Reaching out, touching me, touching you.


He looked down at me and smiled. I hated how short I was compared to him. But I loved to look up at him. In this dance and in this moment I knew I was falling for Harry Styles.


Harry’s P.O.V



As we danced, I couldn’t help but sing along. It was one of my favourites. Sweet Caroline. I could hear the hum in the back of her throat, and whispered for her to sing with me. And she did so. Her voice was beautiful.

When the song ended we didn’t pull away from each other. I could see the blush fill her cheeks as she looked up to me. And I smiled.


“Do you want to come back with me to the hotel?” I stammered, nervously waiting for her reply.


“Um, sure” She hesitated.


Not knowing what was coming next; we pulled way for each other and headed for the door of the pub. About 30 minutes later we arrived to the hotel and headed up to me and Niall’s room. Before I unlocked the door Alex pushed me against it and kissed me. I could taste the alcohol on her lips. In shock I pulled away and she looked confused. I unlocked the door, took her hand and lead her in. Pushing her hard against the kitchen counter she let out a small moan. I pushed the loose hair behind her ear and looked deep into her eyes. Crashing my lips to hers, she ran her fingers through my curls. She jumped up onto the countertop and wrapped her legs around my waist kicking off her runners.

I place my right hand on her bum to hold her while I carried her to the couch never breaking the kiss. I crawled onto the couch laying her back onto it and let my tongue slip in her mouth. Our tongues played and massaged each other. A smile grew on my lips as she removed the shirt from my body.


Alex’s P.O.V



As our tongues danced, I unbuttoned his shirt and felt his toned abs. His hand felt up my shirt and rubbed my lower back, not sure to unhook the bra straps or not. I lifted my shirt over my head and he began sucking on my neck. I moaned as he gently stroked my arm, it tickled. We were both half naked and having a heated make out session on his couch. I kicked off my sweats as fast as I could. Harry was grinding on stop of me. I could feel his little friend begin to perk up. He began unzipping his pants but I slapped his hands away and did it myself. As he kicked off his jeans I was the one sucking on his neck. Now we only had our undergarments on.


“Alex…” He said panting.


“Hmm” I moaned in his neck.


“What about a condom…” He said whispering into my left ear sending a rush of chills down my spine.


“I take the pill” I spoke threw his curls.


We continued to make out. His hand was resting on my stomach and I began to feel it go lower. He started to take off my laced undies while I tugged at his boxes. I stopped what I was doing for a moment and admired his body. He was beautiful.

Just before we continued what we were doing the hotel door swung open. I quickly covered myself up with a pillow.

 “WHAT THE FUCK HARRY!?” Niall yelled.

 “Niall why are you here?” Harry spoke suddenly annoyed by the interruption.

 “It’s my hotel too, who the hell is that?” Niall spat.

 “No one” Harry said putting on his boxers. Wow I was ‘no one’ to him.

 “I’m Alex” I said.

 “What happened to Jessica Harry?” Niall said. Who was Jessica?

 “Jessica?” I said turing my attention over to Harry.

 “The girl Harry has over every night…” Niall said. Hold up. Are you fucking serious. I quickly threw my shirt over my head and pulled up my sweats.

 “No Alex don’t do this!!” Harry said as he watched me head towards the door. I held back my tears.

 “Go fuck yourself Harry, Don’t ever call, text, or come to my house ever again! I never want to see you or hear your voice, I HATE YOU!” I said as I looked coldly and directly into his eyes. “It was nice meeting you Niall” and I walked out slamming the door behind me.


YAY CHAPTER FIVE <3 This chapter was really hard„ i didnt know what to do with it!

But please let me know how u think of the story so far and what you think should happen next.



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