Just Can't Let Her Go

This is a one direction fanfic, writin by me :)
I also have it posted onto my tumblr account which is www.megan.hiebear.tumblr.com
click the link that says fanfic and it will take you there,
i don't feel like i should give a description to this but,
Alexandra Hunt absoluletly can not stand liars, assholes, and backstabbers and her full name. But one thing she really hates is one direction.
She has one friend named Stephanie Wilson who also has gotten into alot of trouble in her past.
These to girl's lives change into something they would have never imagined.
Stay tuned for updated chapters and if you have any ideas for the story feel free to leave it in the comments below. But i woul rather have you go to http://meganhiebear.tumblr.com/ask


4. Ch. 3


Alex's P.O.V



It had now been about a week since Harry drove me home.
I'm surprised he didn't call me. I honestly thought he would.
So he forgot about me. I brushed off the feeling of dissapointment.
My number would be completly washed off of his arm. I don't exist to him
and he shouldn't to me. Why do i care that he didnt call?
Just as i was pondering in my thoughts about harry my phone speakers blew 
up into the ringtone of 'We can't stop' by miley cyrus. I checked the
caller I.D and didn't recodnize the number.
 'Uh hi?'I spoke into the speaker.
'hey, i would say your name but i didn't catch it that night' I heard his husky british accent
speak and suddenly got chills down my spine.
'Who is this?' i asked acting like i forgot.
'Its Harry!" he exlaimed.
'Harry who?' I smirked.
'Harry Styles' he laughed.
'Oh you,' I fell silent.
'Listen i can't stop thinking about that night, and guessing your name.
im driving to your house right now to pick you up, go out with me' i was suprised by the words
that i was hearing.
'No, i'm not going anywhere' i spoke. i kind of wanted to but at the same time
i didn't want to be anouther one of those girls.
'Please, I'm almost there'
'Then turn around'

Harry's P.O.V

She hung up the phone, no way was i going to turn around. I needed to see her.
There is something about her. I just need to know her name.
I pulled up infront of her house and honked the horn. 
She didn't come out. This was the right house I'm positive.
I saw her peek out of the curtains in her front window and she rolled her eyes.
which made me smile. She walked out her house with slippers, sweatpants and a baggy sweater with her hair up.
I found it attractive how she didn't even bother to get ready for me.

'Where are you taking me.' She spoke as the got in the vehicle.

"Its a surprise' I said glancing at her in the corner of my eye.

'I hate surprises Harry' She look annoyed.  

'Good' I laughed.

'Do you know how many girls would die to be me right now?' She laughed.

'Alot?' I was the one rolling my eyes now.

'Why me and not them?" she said pointing to a group of fans standing outside of the hotel
me and the lads were staying in.

'Your special' i said looking deep into her brown eyes. she burst out laughing. why was 
she laughing?

'Harry you know nothing about me or what i have done' She was serious now.

'Oh like what?' I asked.

'Last week I wanted to be a stripper' She said it with a straight face. I almost slammed 
on the breaks causing a clision of cars to crash. 

'You what?' I spat out.

'I was going to try out and everything, i even had a stage name in mind'She was dead serious.

'Your kidding! why would you want to do that' I couldn't believe the words
she spoke. this girl is full of surprises.

'because i woke up one morning and decided that's what i want to do with my life,
be an exotic dancer' she was acting positive now. Is she even serious?

'Did you actually?' I questioned her now as we pulled up infront of starbucks.

'Of course not, im kidding, I respect myself Harry, I'm not stupid'
Now she was all pissy, which didn't make sense. Was she testing me?

'Whats that supposed to mean?' I was starting to wonder if this was a bad idea.

'I'm not like the girls you prance around with.' She said stepping out of the car and walked straight into starbucks.
what a bitch.

Alex's P.O.v

I walked straight out of the vehicle and placed myself to stand in line of  starbucks.
Harry actually believed me, which pissed me off. I was testing him. He believed that id
stip for money. He came in and stood beside me. I didn't even glance at him.

'What may i get for you two?' The lady asked. Harry was about to speak
but i cut him off.

'Java Chip Frappicino, with two pumps of toffee nut' I smirked. 
Harry didn't expect me to order something like that. I knew exactly
what i wanted, which confused him.
He ordered a grande coffee.
'And what names should i put on this?' 
'Alex' I spoke aloud. And walked away leaving harry to pay. I sat at a table in the back.
I could hear whispers from other girls. 'I can't believe harry is with that stubborn bitch'I heard one of them speak.
Harry heard it too because it was pretty loud. He was about to scold them but i cut him off once again.
i'm old enough to stand up for myself.
'Excuse me? yeah hi, I am a stubborn bitch. Maybe you should say it 
to my face next time instead of whispering it behind my back.' The two girls 
looked at me in disbelief, and so did harry. I took my seat and harry just stared.

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what happened. I loved how she just stood up for herself,
she also just assume i was paying. which made me like her even more.
everything she did made me more and more attracted to her. And better yet, now i know
her name.

'So your name is Alex?' I was smiling like a fool now.

'That's what they call me'She said taking a sip of her drink.

'Is it short for anything' I asked curious now. She just nodded. And
she wasn't going to tell me.

'I'm not going to tell you, i hate my full name' she just looked out of the window.

'Okay, but about what u were saying in the car, even if u were an 'exotic dancer' what would your stage name be?

'Lexi' She spoke it with a seductive tone which sent chills down my neck. She could tell to.
which made her smirk. 

'Thanks' she laughed.

'Did you just thank me again?' I laughed back trying to flirt.

'I most certainly did Mr. Styles' and now i got her flirting back. We just looked at eachother.
I studied her very carefully. Her eyes were beautiful, a dark and light shade of brown. Her lips looked so
amazing, so kissable. I wanted to kiss her so bad right there. She noticed the way i looked at her.

Alex's P.O.V

Harry was staring at me, and I was staring at him. I watched him as he watched me.
The smile that appreard on his lips, the way his green eyes sparkle, and how every one of
his curls are perfect. Was i falling for this boy? He was staring at my lips.
Which made me nervous. He wanted to kiss me. Suddenly i started to panick alittle.
Butterflies filling my tummy. So i just smiled. I stood up signaling to him i was ready to leave and
we walked out of the cafe. I made my way to his car but he held me back.
He pushed me up against the side of starbucks.

And passionatly placed his lips onto mine.


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