Mystery Boy

Jacklynn hates one direction. She is talking to this boy on an anonymous website . What will she do when she finds out the boy is the Harry Styles? First fanfic so no hate.

1. online

                                                                                 1 year ago:

          I  woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. At least I don't have to go to school. Oh yeah my name is Jacklynn Buck. I'm 18 and live alone. I am out of school. I hate One Direction. Ok I go on Facebook. Oh look "new messages" "You are fat" "ugly". Same old stuff. Ugh. I Looked to the left on the screen and saw an add for meeting people. I might give it a try. So I signed up and my username is dodo123. What it was to first thing that popped in my head. We can't use our real names. So first person, Me: hi. Star: hi pretty lady. I disconnected right away. Lets try again. Me: Hello. Mysteryboy94: Hello. Finally someone who is not hitting on me. Me: ASL Mysteryboy94:19 M Everywhere you? Everywhere hmm. Me: 18 F London. So what's up. Harry's POV: I woke up to The boys screaming the wake up song. "WHAT THE HECK IT IS 7 IN THE MORNING" I screamed. " We were bored" Louis said. Ugh these boys can really annoy me. They left the bedroom and went on (The meeting people website) Right now we are in London. So I went on my account Mysteryboy94.    A/N: what do you think of my story please comment what you think. I can only write when I go to the library so adios till next time Buh-bye my Jumbo Marshmallows :)~Britney

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