Open Land - a Harry Styles fanfiction

A story about a Danish girl and a British boyband member, who are two of the hundreds of thousands of people who got chosen by society to test out a new global experiment, after choosing to participate. A experiment experts think can prevent war and prejudice, and create world peace and understanding between different countries and cultures. The two of them have to spend 30 days in the open, outside civilization. Alone.


4. The search


- "Don't know about you, but I'm starving!"  Harry stood with his back against a tree, slightly slouching. His curls were ruffled, and he had dirt on both his cheeks from sleeping on the ground, only with our humble homemade beds. To be honest it didn't look too bad on him, so I didn't point it out.

- "Lets take a look around?" As there aren't many berries and water sources around in England  the organizers had hid water tanks and "food" stocks all around the place. Powder food that you mix with water - food that the wild animals wont even touch. Better than nothing. 

- "Found anything?" I yelled, walking through the headers, while Harry looked under a dead fallen tree. He shaked his head. 

He joined me again, as we walked through the open landscape, with growling stomachs. 
"If you were an organizer, where would you hide it?" Harry asked with his deep slow voice, in his British accent.  I thought about it, searching the area. It would have to be a place well hidden, but no ttoo well hidden - still easy enough for us to find. 

I could feel a slight sunburn on my shoulders already, so I lead us into the shadow of the trees again. That was when Harry stumpled over a thick branch, that stood right up from the ground. He almost feel, and in my attempt to awkwardly catch him, I had grabbed his left bicep. It ended up being more embarrassing for me. 

- "Woa," he made his eyes big, and looked at my arm still having a firm hold around his. "You were gonna catch me?" he looked at me and smirked at how ridicules that was. And I just raised my eyebrow at him. 
-"Reflex," I shrugged and kept going. 

Harry didn't follow, so I sighed and turned  around, to see him standing with the branch in his hand. 

- "Coming?" I asked and crossed my arms over my chest, but he didn't listen. He sat down to touch the ground, and frowned.

- "They wouldn't bury it would they?" He asked, trying to dig with his big hands. 
They probably would.

I sat down beside him, and joined him. The earth was loose, in comparison the the dry enviroment - clearly somebody had been doing some digging there. 

When we finally had dug a small but deep hole, Harry rolled up his sleeve and reached down the darkness with his arm, liying flat on him stomach. 

- "This is it," he said, a satisfying smile playing over his lips. He started removing some more earth from the entrance of the little underground food stock, and soon his entire arm was covered in dirt. 


We made soup of the powder, using the lukewarm water. It was asparagus soup, which none of us really enjoyed, but we didn't have anything else and we were hungry. There were 20 bags of the soup - along with two handy metal bottles, 4 bigger tanks of water, a white plastic bowl, two smaller bowls and two spoons. 

We both had no idea how long the stock would going to last, so we decided to keep an eye open for the other hidden stocks, just in case we ran out. 

We moved our camp to sleep near the stock, that we hid under a fallen tree so that it wouldn't rain too much on it. 



- "So, your umm.. Band mates? They aren't chosen as well are they?" I asked just to make conversation. I sat leaned back, putting my weight onto my arms, with my legs stretched out in front of me, while Harry lied on his left side on the ground with his left hand holding his head. He played with a small rock, carving symbols into the hard ground. Restless.

- "Nah, just me," he shrugged, and studied my now dusty Vans. 

- "So you can just take a month off? I'd imagine you having almost no days off at all," 
My question got his attention, and he put down the rock and smirked at me.

- "Because we're the biggest boy band in the world?" He looked pleased with himself saying it. "Yea we took a break, already recorded the new album and stuff... Just finished our latest tour. Gonna be busy when I get back though," 

- "Right," I rolled my eyes at his arrogant smirk, but couldn't help but smile. "Take that smirk off, I'm not gonna fangirl and jump you," That's what my sister and her friends would have done, I thought.

He added a cheeky smile instead. 
- "So you're saying you don't fancy me? Not even a tiny bit?" He blinked making puppy eyes, and I tried to roll my eyes, but instead we both laughed.

- "Realize how diva you sound?" I copied his smirk, and Harry shrugged biting his lips, shooting me a teasing look. 

I got up, and brushed my hands in my jeans.
- "Let's go find that beach,"


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