Open Land - a Harry Styles fanfiction

A story about a Danish girl and a British boyband member, who are two of the hundreds of thousands of people who got chosen by society to test out a new global experiment, after choosing to participate. A experiment experts think can prevent war and prejudice, and create world peace and understanding between different countries and cultures. The two of them have to spend 30 days in the open, outside civilization. Alone.


3. First night

We walked in an slightly awkward silence toward the trees, to find shelter from the strong wind. I guess we were both tired from the trip. We would need a place to sleep, so we went to the biggest tree we could find, and sat down under it, with out backs against the rough stem. 

Both of us woke up at the sound of a branch cracking. We must have slept for hours, because it was already completely dark. Surprisingly dark since it's summer.

- "What was that?" he said with his raspy voice, as I rubbed my eyes. I couldn't see where Harry sat, but I could hear his breathing. 

- "I don't know, I haven't got a flashlight have I?" I snap back, and could almost hear him smirk in the dark. I didn't mean to be rude, but I was never the nicest person in the morning.

 - "Guess you haven't". We weren't supposed to bring anything of our own out here.
He got up and wandered about a bit, stretching his long legs. I joined him, and had to admit that my back hurt a bid from sitting up sleeping. Good start. 

- "Don't know about you, but I could really use a bed right now," 

- "Don't be such a diva," I joke laughing this time, and he grabs my arm and squezzes it, giving me a chock. "Ok I agree," 

We walked around for a while, collecting small branches and dry grass, to make us each a bed. Though the ground still felt hard as a rock. I couldn't sleep, so I just lay and looked up at the dark sky behind all the branches and leaves, slowly turning a lighter and lighter blue as we got closer to a new day. 

I could hear Harry turn uncomfortably on his new build bed, to my right. I could see him now, and we locked eyes for a moment. 

- "So, why does somebody like you agree to this?" I ask him, curiously.

- "What do you mean?" 

- "This whole thing," 

- "You mean because I'm famous?" I nod. "Because, why not. Besides, sometimes it's nice to get away from everything and everybody you know? To get real ground under your feet," he sounded distant and we didn't say anything for a while. I must admit I couldn't even imagine how much stress and pressure must under on a daily basis. 

- "So how is it? Being famous?" I have never met someone really famous before, but I have always wanted to know. You always hear how stressed they are, and how the fame slowly changes them, untill they have their breakdown.

Harry laughed  a little at the question, but didn't answer. Instead he asked about me. 
- "What about you? Why not just refuse?" he looks at me with his green eyes, sparkling in the dim light.

- "My dad's a politician. He would have never let me," I shrugged.  Maybe I would have refused if it wasn't for him. Though I'm not sure.

- "And when you found out that I was your GP14?" he flashed me a big warm smile, and I noticed his deep dimples. He is beautiful, I thought. 

I rolled my eyes at him and he put on his sexy smirk again. Could he stop doing that?

Then we dazed off again and woke up at lunch time - though we didn't have any lunch.


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And sorry the chapter is so short, but I don't have much time to write at the moment :/

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