Its the Doctor!

Martha and Mickey run through an empty building for their lives. A Sontaran blast shots right past Mickeys left ear. They huddle behind a cement planning a diversion to shoot the Sontaran. Mickey looks up suddenly and tells Martha to look up as well. It was the Doctor.


3. The log

"Let's enter the attack into the log.  Captain Jack will want to know what happened today".  

"I wonder if the Doctor visited Jack too" Mickey wondered out loud.  "Right, back to business.  Start log, date  17/7/2008, Commander Jask, a Sontaran attacked today at 1300 in an empty warehouse. Unknown if more are to follow.  Doctor knocked sontaran out with mallet.  We put the unconscious Commander back into space pod and sent the pod back to Sontar.  End log entry.  

Mickey and Martha's mind was swimming.  The Doctor and a Sontaran Commander in one day, at home!  If they were traveling with the Doctor that would be different.  They wouldn't be traveling with him any more though. 

Mickey's alarm blared.  "Martha! We have to go. The alarm is going off! "


"Torch Wood HQ"

"Lets go!" Martha yelled.  

As they ran out the door into their car, Martha could have sworn she heard the TARDIS zipping off an another adventure.  

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