Its the Doctor!

Martha and Mickey run through an empty building for their lives. A Sontaran blast shots right past Mickeys left ear. They huddle behind a cement planning a diversion to shoot the Sontaran. Mickey looks up suddenly and tells Martha to look up as well. It was the Doctor.


1. Duck!

"Duck!".  Mickey yelled as a blast flew right past Martha's ear.  "That was to close, lets get to some cover and make a plan" Martha yelled.  They ducked behind a cement wall  to quickly discuss their plan.  Mickey looked up to see if they were in the clear.  "Martha, look up, now"  The firm voice of Mickey caught Martha's attention.  She looked up.  The Doctor stood on a balcony with a mallet and a knocked out Sontaran at his feet.  He looked at them with a longing face, turned slowly and walked away.  

Martha watched his silent retreat.  "He's going to regenerate.  Isn't he?" Mickey could only stare at the vacated spot where the Doctor stood.  "I don't know" was Mickey's quiet answer.  



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