School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


15. Truth or dare ?

Justin hesitantly opened the door then stepped out "are you guys going to fight ?" Rox, Chaz & Ryan shook their heads, this caused Justin to smile . "Okay so I know none of you wanna sit at a little girl's party and watch them run around, so what do you wanna do ?" 

"You guys can figure out what you wanna do, but I'm not spending my day with you three" Roxy rolled her eyes, when she said that 

"Why not ? We promised Justin we won't fight" Ryan said , with confusion written all over his face 

"Yeah and we did promise that, but that doesn't mean I have to hang out with you guys" Roxy rolled her eyes for the second time that day

"So you wanna sit in a room filled with a bunch of little girls running around ?" Chaz asked 

"Yeah, besides Sarah is coming over" 

"Then you and Sarah can hang out with us " Justin said with hope that she'll stay with them. Roxy let out a long sigh that was filled with annoyance. Annoyance because she knows these guys won't give up and she knows that she'll have to stay in their company "fine" she muttered, hardly audible but the three guys heard it and a smile appeared on their faces. Yes , even on Ryan's and Chaz's , but their smiles were fake.

"So do you play video games ?" Ryan asked 

"Yes , I'll beat your ass Butler" Roxy had confidence in her voice.

"How'd you know my last name ?" Ryan had confusion written all over his face. His face expression made Roxy let out a small giggle, her giggle made Justin's smile grow even bigger ." You have to know the player to win the game , right ?" Roxy said, then smirked and that was followed b a wink. Ryan was still confused, but he shook it off.

The three headed inside Justin's room and plopped GTA 5 into the play station "we'll go easy on you, since you're a girl" Chaz said 

"Whatever because I'm still gonna beat you guys"


"And I win again ! Now can we please do something else ?" Roxy said , clearly annoyed. They've been playing for 2 hours, Sarah arrived about an hour ago and she was just watching the 4 of them play GTA.

"No. One of us have to beat you" Ryan said 

Roxy rolled her eyes "I've beaten you guys 7 times already, and none of you beat me. So what makes you think that you'll beat me anytime soon ?"

"It will take time but we have to beat you, to get back our manliness"

"You can't get back what you never had" Sarah winked at them, and the 2 girls erupted into a fit of laughter. The boys stared at the girls with looks that could kill. Justin stood up and turned off the game and television, then he plopped onto the bed next to Sarah, Chaz & Ryan followed his actions, but Roxy stayed on the floor. By this time their laughter had cooled down

"Hey Rox , aren't you gonna lay on the bed ?" Justin raised his eyebrow 

"Nope" she replied , popping the P

"Why not ?" A slight frown appeared on Justin's lips 

"Because there's no place" Roxy stated matter of factually.

"Just come her, we'll make place" Roxy sighed then got up and made her way over to Justin. Before she could say anything, Justin pulled her down, and she landed on his chest. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. They got lost in each others eyes. Justin started to lean in, and so did Roxy. When their lips were inches apart, Sarah awkwardly coughed, which caused Justin and Roxy to turn their gaze towards her and Roxy stumbled when she got off Justin. 

"Sorry to interrupt your little love fest , but the rest of us are bored and we not wanna watch the two of you make out "

"Lets play spin the bottle then" Ryan asked.


"Okay Sarah, truth or dare ?" Chaz asked


"Do you have feelings for Justin ?"

"Nope" Sarah smiled "okay Ryan , truth or dare ?"


"I dare you to make out with Roxy" Justin tensed up when those words left Sarah's mouth. He was angry , and it was clear. Ryan started to lean in and so did Roxy, when their lips touched, Justin's face turned crimson , he's teeth were clenched.

After what seemed like forever, Ryan and Roxy finally pulled apart "okay Chaz, truth or dare ?" 


"If you could bang any girl in this room , who would it be ?"

"Durh , Sarah" Chaz smirked at Sarah , and a shade of pink overtook her cheeks.

"I'm offended , yet relieved" Roxy said 

"The only reason I didn't pick you if because I knew Sarah for longer and besides Justin would kill me if I picked you"

"First, we knew each other since we were young and second why would Justin kill you ?"

"Wait what ? You guys knew each other since you were you younger" Ryan asked

"Since when did we know each other ?" Chaz asked, ignoring the second question she asked.

"Yeah it's true, my mom told me . I didn't believe her until she showed me pictures of the four of us when we were younger " Roxy said

"Oh my garden ! That means you're the mystery girl that's in our pictures that's in our photo album from when we were younger "

"Yeah , and I have a picture with the four of us, and a different boy and girl, I don't remember who they are though" Chaz nor Ryan could believe their ears "the six of us were best friends."

"Okay guys .. Urhm back to the game please" sarah awakwardly said.

Ryan nodded, then turned towards Roxy "truth or dare , Rox ?"


"I dare you to make out with Justin for ten minutes , it has to be a hardcore make out" Justin's anger disappeared and it was replaced with a smirk. A light shade of pink appeared on Roxy's cheeks. She turned towards Justin , their lips were only a centimeter apart and then the door flew open , interrupting them once again "are you kidding me?" Justin muttered under his breath.

The five if them turned towards the door , and there stood a boy that looked about 2 years younger than them and a girl about their age . The girl and boy locked eyes with Roxy "Roxy ?" The said in unison , but it came out like a whisper, due to shock.

Roxy was confused at first , but then she realized who they were. Memories came flooding back. It's the girl and boy from the picture.

Caitlin and Christian Beadles.


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