School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


8. Tired of his lies


I waited and waited in my room . Justin still didn't return and it's been an hour, does it take him that long to shower and get dressed ? I wonder if something happened to him , nothing could've happened since he only went across the street right? 

I couldn't wait for him any longer , I need too check if his okay . I quickly homered then put on underwear, clothes and shoes, nothing fancy , just something decent and casual . I locked the door then made my way to Justin's house .

I could hear music playing, I guess he has family over ? Or friends. The front door was slightly opened , but I knocked anyway, no one came so I guess they couldn't hear me. I walked inside , I know it's rude but I needed to see if Justin was okay. I didn't close the door behind me because I'm not planning on sitting long and besides this side of Stratford is safe, unless you seen hanging out with someone from a different school, then you're dead.

I followed the music, turns out it was coming from the living room. Sitting on the couch I saw Pattie, my principal and I'm guessing the other lady is his wife, they were watching Sarah and Justin slow dance to the music, no one noticed me. I guess they were only dancing as friends ? That's what I thought until I saw Justin lean in to kiss her. My heart dropped as I watched their lips connect. 

I ran out of the house , but quietly so no one heard me. I dud Pattie a favor by closing the front door for her. Then I ran back home , tears threatening to fall . Once I reached my house , I jumped on my bed and buried my head in the pillow. I couldn't keep it in anymore , I started crying my eyes out, I was in the exact same position as two nights ago, when Sarah  told me she is his wife. Why is it , that everytime Justin and I kiss , he ends up breaking my heart ?

I guess Justin also lied to me. He said he and Sarah have never kissed since he was sixteen, but I bet they've kissed everytime they saw each other. He didn't seem to hesitate when he kissed her. I sat on my bed crying for an hour. Bu why m I crying over him ? Roxy you better than this ! Just clean yourself up and forget about him . 

I made my way to the bathroom to lean my face up . When I finished I looked a the clock and it's one in the afternoon , my stomach starts making a noise which made me realize that I didn't eat yet .

I made myself a brunch , consisting of egg and a cheese sandwich . I poured myself a glass of orange juice then made my way to the tv. I flipped through the channels , dammit nothing interesting to watch, so I settled for Violetta. I swear if this tv show was in English then it would've been interesting . 

Ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and saw Justin , urgh what I he doing here ? . I don't want that whole fight agin, where he dies anything he can to make me forgive him , so I'll just pretend like nothing happened .. If I can even do that! I opened the door to find a smiling Justin, he lean in to kiss me but I dodge his lips and gave him a hug instead.

"Is something wrong ?" He asked . Yes Justin something is wrong , you kissed me to you go ahead kissing Sarah , wtf ? Then you wanna come over here and act like everything's okay ! Well news for you Bieber , it's not okay ! .. That's what was going through my head at the moment. I closed the door then sat on the couch , focusing on the tv . "You didn't answer my question, is something wrong ?"

"Nope"I lied and popped the 'p'. He didn't seem to believe me , but he let go . Then we just sat there , watching endless episodes of Violetta.

"Want something to drink ?" I asked, trying to be polite .

"Yes please , but I can get it myself"

"No it's fine , I'll get it" I got up and disappeared into the kitchen . Minutes later I appeared back in the living room with two glasses of juice. I gave a glass to him.

"Thank you"

"No problem" I replied , not eleven looking at him. He put put his arm around me but I shrugged it off . He then grabbed the remote , turned the tv off and made me look at him.

"Roxy , I know something's wrong , please tell me"

"There's nothing wrong Justin"

"Is it the fact that I was about two hours late?"

"That's half of the reason" I mumbled , but he could make out what I said.

"I'm sorry Roxy, I just got home then Sarah and her parents were there. I didn't wanna be rude , so I couldn't just leave . Besides her parents think we're married an it makes them happy. So I had to spend time with them , but I promise you , all I want to do is come over o your house and just be with you" LIES lies lies, is he like seriously lying to me right now? My blood was boiling and I was damn angry , i don't need some jerk face lion to lie to me !


"I-I'm sorry, I didn't want you to be hurt. We did it for our parents" it was almost like a whisper when he said it. So I calmed down a bit . 

"It's okay Justin , lets just forget about today , okay ?"

"I can't forget about today, what about our kiss ?"

"The kiss meant absolutely nothing . Since you go around kissing several girls , so it meant nothing. It was just a simple kiss ! Nothing special." I lied, it meant so much to me and it was definitely special . I flash of hurt showed on Justin's face and I felt guilty .

"It was special to me"

"Don't talk bull to me Justin . Now end of conversation, we're forgetting today happened" he nodded then turned away from me. I turned the tv on and switched over to 'Springbreakers' .

When Springbreakers finished , it was around 4pm . Justin and I hardly spoke to each other . But I decided to finally break the ice "Justin, I think you need to leave , I have a ton of homework" I lied

"Can I come back when you done ?"

"Sorry that won't be possible , I'll finish late. Then I'll have to sleep. It's school tomorrow"

"Okay do you wanna come over tomorrow ?"

"No thank you . But I'll see you at the daycare ,okay?"

"But that's only on Saturday , can't we hang out before that ?"

"I'm afraid not Justin, we not suppose to be hanging out with each other anyway" he nodded sadly then made his way back home. I watched him from behind the curtain like some creepy stalker . Once he was inside his house I closed the curtain and locked the door.

I walks into the kitchen and began making spaghetti . Once it was done , I filled a bowl , grabbed a fork and my phone then made my way up to my bedroom . 

I sat on my bed and started digging into my spaghetti , I checked my phone. '3 new text messages' . I checked who the messages were from : Justin , Emma and Sofia . Emma and Sofia are my best friends , the one that moved away and the other one thats homeschooled.

From Emma
Hey girl , I'm visiting Canada for about two weeks. Could I come stay with you ? I miss you and Sofia like hell. 

To Emma
Of course you can stay :) eep I'm excited . When are you arriving ?

From Emma 
Tomorrow , pick me up at the airport at 4 .

To Emma 
Okay bye, see you tomorrow .

Then I went over to Sofia's text message .

From Sofia 
Hey girl . Words can't describe how much I miss you !  Anyway Emma got in contact with me , she's coming to visit eep. The three of us have got to hang out .

To Sofia 
Miss you to . Yeah I heard she's visiting . How about a sleep over ? She's staying by me for two weeks, you are welcomed to stay if you want to . Night x

From Sofia 
OMB are you serious ? Okay yes ! Of course I want to stay . I'll be by your house at 3:30 pm tomorrow , so that we can pick Emma up. Night x

Then I wen over too Justin's text, I was hesitant to open it at first . 

From Justin 
Hey Roxy , I know you're probably pissed at me right now. But I really need to see you ;( . I can't wait till Saturday , you might not even talk to me . I hate myself for kissing Sarah , but I can assure you that it meant absolutely nothing . Please reply xoxoxoxo

To Justin 
Hey Justin , I'm sorry but you gonna have to wait till Saturday . But I'm gonna be with my friends for two weeks , so I don't have time to be with other people . Night .

From Justin 
:( night 


Sorry for the short, really boring chapter .

I'm thinking of doing this thing where I just give a random shout out to someone .

I'm gonna randomly pick someone who commented and give that person a shoutout , I'm doing this everytime I update. 

This time it's a shout out too , His Boo, thank you for all the support.


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