School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


11. Ryan and Chaz


Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber

Roxy Graden- Selena Gomez

Sarah Swift - Taylor Swift

Emma Grande - Ariana Grande

Sophia Lovato - Demi Lovato

I guess you guys would know who the rest are. But sorry if I already gave the people surnames, I just forgot it , lol. Anyway back to the story 



"Oh that's a relief"

"Why's it a relief"

"Because Sarah's my girlfriend "

"Wait what? How can she be your girlfriend if you to just met?" No I'm not jealous, I'm just shocked and confused. I mean they only met each other about three hours ago and they already bf and gf.

"Actually we met two years ago. She came to my country once and I knocked into her at a store. We kept in touch and became really good friends, then when she came back to Britain to visit me last year, I asked her out. We don't act like a couple , but we never broke up either. When she walked through the door today I was shocked. When I saw you kiss her and when you told me she's your wife,I started getting jealous and thats another reason why I tried to make you jealous" Harry explained.  Why hasn't Sarah ever told me about him.  

Then as if on que Sarah walked in "hey justy" she said ,then turned to Harry "Harry , is it ?"

"No need to pretend,Justin already knows that we know each other" Harry said

"Yup I do, so now I can be with Roxy and you two can be together. But we first need to explain that to our parents"

"Or we could still pretend we're married, SoWeDontHaveToBreakOurParentsHeart" she added that last part in pretty fast. Is it just me , or does it seem like Sarah actually abs feelings for me. Nope I doubt it's that, I shouldn't jump to conclusions, should I ?

"So how do you feel about that Justin ?" Harry asked. Wait how do I feel about what ?

"Sorry I wasn't listening"

"I said that Sarah and you should rather tell your parents that you two don't have feelings for each other. Like take them to a restaurant or something, then tell them. Sarah took a while to agree, but she did eventually" 

"Yeah okay" I shrugged my shoulders "can I go now?" I asked and they nodded. I made my way to the living room and sat on the couch next to Roxy, I wrapped my one arm around her waist and she nuzzled up closer to me.

"Wait, I'm confused. Is Roxy with Justin or Harry. And is Justin with Roxy or Sarah ?" Emma asked 

"It's complicated, but we'll explain everything soon" Sarah said while walking into the living room pulling Harry along with her and sitting on a separate couch together.

"Wait , so now Harry and Sarah are together. Damn, you left Sophia and I hanging" Emma said.

"Emma chi-" I got cut off in mid sentence by the door bell ringing. "I'll get it" I said and jumped up to open the door. I opened it to find Ryan and Chaz standing there with a confused look on their face, Shit. "Hey guys" 

"What the actual hell Justin ? What are you doing here. We went over to your house and your mom said you're here. Who's house is this anyw-" Ryan got cut off when he saw Roxy coming towards me, double shit ! Justin Drew Bieber, get ready for a billion questions.

"Oh, so it's your new hoes house. How much does she charge cause I want a piece of that action" Chaz said, while eyeing Roxy hungrily

"Excuse me?" Roxy said, giving Chaz that what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say look. That made me chuckle a bit "did you just call me a hoe?"

"Yup" Chaz popped the P, but still eyeing Roxy. Okay enough jokes now , he better tear his eyes away from Roxy or I'll kill him. Ryan saw me getting angry so he nudged Chaz in the ribs, causing him to break his eyes from Roxy.

"Dude are you that blind, this is obviously Justin's girlfriend" Ryan said in a stating-the-obvious voice.

"I'm not his girlfriend" Roxy retorted

"Not yet anyway" I said , giving Roxy a wink causing her to blush a bright shade of pink. "Do you two want to come in ? If it's ok with Roxy " I turned to her and she nodded. Ryan and Chaz follow Roxy and Into the living room. 

"Okay Ryan and Chaz this is Roxy " I said pointing to Roxy "and Harry, Sarah, Emma and Sophia" I pointed to them as well. They gave each other handshakes and sat down on the couches. Oh that reminds me, Ryan and Chaz don't know that I am married to Sarah and I guess they don't know who Roxy is. If they did , then they'll beat Roxy and Sarah up.

"I'll get soda's and snacks" Roxy said.

Ten minutes later , Roxy came in carrying a tray full of soda's and snacks. She put it on the coffee table, allowing each of us to take anything we want.

"So how did you and Roxy meet?" Ryan asked then bringing the soda to his mouth. Chaz , being his copy cat self, did exactly what Ryan did.

"Well we met at the big game . Actually she's a ..." I know that if I tel, them that she's a lion, they'll get angry. But I can't keep it from them, but maybe if they see how much I like her then they'll leave her alone . Well that's what I'm hoping for "wildcat"

Chaz and Ryan spat their soda's out, it looked like a hose pipe gone crazy. Ryan s face started turning red with anger, I glanced at Roxy and she had a scared look on her face. Well this isn't gonna go the way I expected. Ryan and Chaz walked towards Roxy and I ...



What do you think Ryan and Chaz are gonna do ?

Opinions on Sarah and Harry being together?

Do you think Sarah has feelings for Justin ?

Will Chaz and Ryan beat Roxy up?


The shoutout today goes to Project_MeetJB. Thank you for the support.

I'm so sorry for taking so long to update, it's just that I don't know what to write and school gets in the way. 

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