School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


2. I can't talk too you


So I'm Justin Drew Bieber . My friends call me Biebs , Bieber or J-Biebs . I'm eighteen tears old and the star football player for the lions . If you don't know who the lions are , it's the students. at West High .


This town totally sucks . Like wtf ? We not allowed to hang out with kids from other schools . Especially not a wildcat , but who would wanna hang out with them . This rivalry between our schools have been going on forever .


"Justin , you're gonna be in shit on Friday" my best friend Ryn said .


"Chill bro , I'm not scared of those wimpcats"


"It's wildcats" said Chaz


"I meant what I said"


" anyway , they probably planning something . You did knock out there star player "


"With only one punch . It was too easy"


Yes I knocked out those people's star quarter back yesterday . It's the big game tonight , whoever wins makes it too the championships .


Ryan and Chaz waited for me to close my locker , we had math next period . I may be popular , but I'm also really smart .


As the three of us walked down the corridors , a couple of girls winked at me . That made me sick , like every single girl in this school is a slut , there isn't a nicer word for them . Can't I just meet a normal girl that doesn't throw herself at anybody she meets . 


-end of day-

School was boring as usual , but tonight is the big game . I have too admit , I am kinda nervous . It's about an hour till the game starts, the stadium was starting too get full .


The other players and I were joking around in the locker room , while getting ready for the match .


"Lets show these wildcats who's boss" Chaz Said . The players and I all spoke in agreement . You're going down wildcats .


The guys and I came on to the field . The lion supporters started too cheer , I waved too them . Then I looked over to the wildcats , they were ... smirking at me ? Wtf ? Why were they smirking . I like knocked out their star player , do they not remember !


The game had started , I just passed the ball to Ryan . A wildcat guy game over too me and tripped me , on purpose I think . But someone pulled me away , or a bunch of people .


"Well well well , if it isn't Bieber" John said with a s,irk on his face .


"Oakley" I smirked back at him . Then turned to his teammates .


"You're gonna pay Bieber , for what you did too Todd" one of the others said .


"Oh you meAn knock him unconscious ?" I said confidently .


John threw his fist at me but I blocked It by grabbing his hand . I small evil smile spread across my face ,


"Think you're so tough Bieber?" 


"I don't think , I know I am" I said as I shoved him hard in the chest . 


He caught me by surprise and punch me in my stomach , it didn't really hurt but I fell to the floor .mi saw them running away .


Then I felt a hand on my shoulder .


"Are you okay?"


I looked up too see a beautiful air of hazel brown eyes





I was watching the game , we were t a stadium I didn't recognize .  I needed the bathroom so I decided too walk around and hope that I would find It .


I was walking then I saw a couple of guys surrounding a guy . They hit him in his stomach and ran away . 


When I knew they were out of sight , I walked over to the guy . I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was okay .


He looked up , into my eyes , I stared back . He has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen . I actually got lost in them.


"Yeah I'm okay" he said 


"Huh?...oh yeah... Sorry" I said , forgetting that I asked him a question .


I offered my hand he took it as I helped him up .


When he was up, my eyes travelled down too his chest , I rest his jersey it said 'lions' , SHIT! 
He's eyes travelled down too my t-shirt that said 'go wildcats' , I watched as his eyes grew wide .


"You're a wildcat?" He asked .


I sighed , " yeah and you're a lion . I'm sorry , I can't be talking too you" I turned around too run away before someone sees me , but then I felt someone gripping my wrist . 


"Why not ?"


"Because my school will kill me"


"They'd have too get through me first "


" I'm sorry , bye"


I ran before he could pull me back . Was I actually talking too a lion , I wonder what is name us . Urge .. Why am I wondering that ! His a lion . You could never be friends with him . 


Deep down I kinda wanted too be more than friends , I mean you have to admit , he is cute .. Actually his BLADY sexy ! His BLADY sexier than Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner put together. What are you thinking Roxy , his a lion, remember ? Plus you don't even know him .


I didn't bother watching the rest of the game , I just wanted to go home , that's all . Just stay at home and sleep . It's Friday night , but I got to bed early . Not like I have any plans right ?


When I closed my eyes ,I had the best dream that suddenly tuned into the worst nightmare ...


There's the second chapter .

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