School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


4. First day at the daycare : part two


I still stood there , I couldn't speak ! No way was this going to work , if people saw us hanging out they would beat her up , obviously they can't beat me up , I'm Justin Bieber ! But I'm worried about her , wait why am I worried about her ? She's a wildcat that I hardly even know .

"Earth too new employee" I was pulled out of my thoughts by Roxy waving her hand infront of my face.


"Oh yeah sorry , I was lost in my thoughts"


"Okay , so should we get started on that tour"




She lead out of the room and I followed. She acted like she didn't know who I was , but I can tell that she recognizes me , because she doesn't wanna be seen close to me, which is good since I'm a lion, but it was kinda bothering me. 


"And this is the staff room , you can make yourself coffee or something on breaks" she said and showed me the staff room .


"Thanks for the tour"


"No prob , but we have to go back to the kids"


I nodded and we made our way back to the room with the five year olds. She walked away from me though . It started bothering me that she acted like she didn't know who I was , so I without even thinking I walked up to her.


"Why are you acting like you don't know me ?" I said , I didn't mean for it to sound rude or anything . 


"Because you're a lion"


"So ? That doesn't mean you have to ac like this is the first time you've ever seen me"


"Why are you making such a big deal about this anyway"


"Sorry it was just bothering me"


"And by the way , I don't know you . Yeah sure I've seen you once and I know you're a lion ! But I don't know YOU . I don't even know your name"


"The names Bieber , Justin Bieber"


"Okay , James Bond wannabee"


"I don't wanna be like James Bond , I'm already better than him"


"Keep dreaming Bieber"


"But hey , we have the same annitials"


"True true, well I gotta go help the kids. Bye Bieber" she winked at me then walked away.


I don't know why but I was staring at her , until I felt someone tugging my sleeve. I looked down too see a little girl with black hair and huge blue eyes looking up at me


"Hello sweetie" I said and it made her smile 


"Hello mister"


"What can I do for you?"


"Can you help me color this butterfly ?" She held up a picture of a butterfly. I smiled at her and nodded.


She led me to a small table , I had to sit on the floor , because the table was so small. The girl brought crayons with her. We colored the butterfly all sorts of different colors.


"Thank you for helping me" she said when we were done.


"No problem , what's your name sweetie?"




"Well nice too meet you Lucy , my name is Justin" she gave me a hug and ran off to join her friends. She ran past Roxy , who was smiling, so I decided to go talk to her again , I know it's dangerous too talk too her , but I can't help myself.


"Why so smiley?" I said when I reached her , I started smirking as well.


"I just think it's sweet of you to be so kind to Lucy"


"So you think I can't be sweet ?"


"Well, you are Justin Bieber"


"Oh , so you've heard of me ?" I said while sitting down next to her


"Well of course , you are the star player of the lions and you punched our star player in the face just before the big game , so yeah I have heard of you" she said while still smiling .


"Just because I punched a guy in the face doesn't mean I can't be sweet"


"Yeah I guess so, well i've gotta go" she got up too walk away but I grabbed her wrist and made her sit down again . I looked into her eyes and she stared straight back into mine, but then she turned the other way.


"Hey , what's wrong?" I asked her .


"Oh nothing , I just can't be seen talking to you"


"Why not ?"


"Because if anyone sees us , we'll get expelled and maybe beaten up" 


"They won't know what school we go to just by looking at us"


"But everyone at my school knows who you are , and some of them even know me"


"Oh , are you one of those popular girls?" I said , I kinda felt a bit sad , because all popular girls are sluts.


"Nope , but I am one of those girls who has no friends at the school and sits at the back of the class"


"Oh that's great" I said excitedly


"How's that great ?" She asked with a confused look on her face.


"Because I'm glad you not one if those popular sluts" she just smiled and turned away.


 "Thanks , and they can't expel us if we talk to each other at work , I mean we have too work together"


"And If we see anyone from any of our school , we'll pretend like we can't stand each other"


"That won't be hard" when she said that my heart just dropped. But then she started laughing and she said she was only kidding. 


"You're not what I expected a wildcat too be like"


"Is that a good thing?"


"Yup, normally if I meet a wildcat we end up in and argument or fight , but you're said deferent... You're .... Special" when I said that I saw her cheeks turn a bright red color.


"Aww look who's blushing" I said and pinched her cheeks, she hit my hand away.


"I'm so not"


" you so are " then I felt a pair of soft lips on my cheek . Did she just kiss me on my cheek ? I felt butterflies in my stomach , my cheeks were burning.


"Thanks Justin"


"For what ?"


"Calling me special"


"Oh no prob"


"Oh , and you're cute when you blush" then she walked away and out of the door.


I guess our shift is over , I grabbed my jacket and ran after her. 


"Need a ride home ?"


"No it's fine , I'll walk. That's kind of the reason I left my car at home"


"A girl can't be walking alone in these dangerous streets"


"I'll be fine , thanks for the offer though"


"Then I'll walk with you"


"What about your car?"


"I'll walk back too fetch it later"


"We can't risk anyone seeing us together, since we not at work at the moment"


"Then let me drive you"


"You not gonna give up , are you?"


"Nope" I replied   Popping the P




We made our way to my car and got in. She showed me the way to her house , surprisingly I live opposite her.


"Thanks for the ride"


"No problem"


"Do you wanna come inside ?"


"Sure , let me just drop my car at home , then I'll walk here"


"How far do you live?"


"Opposite you" I pointed to the house opposite her.


"How come I never saw you?"


"Because I'm never outside"


She got out of the car , then I parked the car in the drive way at my house. I quickly ran inside and told my mom that I'll be at a friends house . Then I made my way back too Roxy , who was waiting for me outside.



So there's the next chapter.

Sorry if it was boring an short, I didn't know what to write. 

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