School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


3. First day at the daycare : part one



"JUSTIIN WAKE UP" I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming at the top of her lungs for my too wake up . I just covered my face with a pillow and tried too block out the sound .


"JUSTIN YOU GONNA BE LATE FOR YOUR FIRST DAY OF WORK" , oh I forgot I was starting my new job at a daycare today . Hey , if I have o get a job it might as well be around something I love , and I love kids .


I forced myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom . Since I only slept in boxers thats the only thing I had to take off . 


I stepped into the shower, allowing the hot water to hit my skin and relax me . I don't know why but everytime I'm in the shower , I always start,to think about my life . This time the images of the girl from last night popped into my head . 


I continued too think about her and everything else that's happening so much that I didn't realize the water turned cold . 


I switched off the tap and wrapped a towel around me . I put on some underwear and my uniform , it's nothing fancy just a yellow shirt that has the company name and a baige pants . I wore my black supra's .


I grabbed day phone and car keys then put it in my pocket . I gelled my hair , took one last glance in the mirror and made my way downstairs .


My mom, Pattie, is busy making two stacks of pancakes. I walked over too her and kissed her on the cheek .


"Morning mom"


"Good morning Justin , now c'mon you only have about five minutes too eat then you have to leave for work"


I nodded and grabbed a stack of pancakes . I could only finish about half of it , because I only had five minutes.


"Bye mom"


"Bye Justin , have a good first day"


She made it sound like it was my first day of pretty school. I got into my car and drove off . 


It took about twenty minutes to get to the daycare . Yes I was just in time .


"Aah mister Bieber" I turned around too see a guy that round about my dads age looking at me . He ha she same uniform just his shirt is blue , I guess his the manager ?


"Yup that's me" I said popping the P


"You're just in time . Walk down that corridor , then first door to the right . That's where you'll be taking care of children at the age of five . Roxy will be helping you , I've asked her to show you around , so she knows you coming . She's round about your age . Good luck on your first day"




With that I made my way down the corridor and found the room . I walked in and saw kids running everywhere just having fun . They so lucky , they're free , no stupid rules about not being able to hang out with kids from other schools or in this case , daycares .


I spotted a girl in the same uniform as me , that must be Roxy . Her back was faced towards me so I couldn't see her face . I walked up to her and cleared my throat , "hi I'm Justin , I'm new here . I think it was the manager , but he said you'll show me around . Are you Roxy ?"


"Yes" she said , her voice sounded so familiar . I know we've met because she didn't wanna turn around . I guess she recognizes my voice as well .


"So could you show me around ?"


"Of course" she stood up then turned to face me . I gasped when I saw her , it's the girl from the big game . I wanted to say something but nothing could leave my mouth . I never thought I'd see her again .






Will Justin and Roxy be able too talk to each other ?

Will kids from their schools find out ?

What will they do ?

Will they just act as co-workers or become friends even though its dangerous? 

What do you think they gonna say to each other ?

Keep reading to find out ! 

Don't forget too fav , like and comment .

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