You Can't Break Whats Already Broken

Cassidy is a 15 year old girl who lives in sunny Florida, her parents divorced when she was 8 and her father left to move to Pennsylvania while Cassidy and her older brother Dean lived with their mom. On one of their bi-yearly visits with their dad, something happens that will forever change Cassidy. She can't even look at her dad anymore with crying and she blames him. She will never be the same.


1. Intro

Cassidy was only 8 when her parents announced they were getting a divorce, neither her nor her brother saw it coming. Sure Cassidy would hear them fight occasionally but she figured that was normal. It’s been 6 years since the divorce was finalized, Cassidy was now 15 and in high school with plenty of friends and she lived with her mom and brother, Dean, who was 18. Cassidy never saw her dad much, every other year she would go visit him at his house in Pennsylvania for two weeks. This year was one of the years she would have to go see him, after the divorce she never cared for her father much. He never really contacted her, but every Wednesday night she would hear her mother on the phone in her office talking in a hushed voice. Normally her mom would be very angry during the calls, which made Cassidy assume that it was her father. 
    Cassidy was in her room packing her things to spend the night at a friend’s house, Cassidy had pretty much free range to do anything. She could have people over when she wanted without asking, she could go out anywhere within 5 miles of the house as long as she left a note. She felt pretty mature; of course every time she would go out she would get drilled by Dean if he was home. Telling her that he didn’t like the people she hung out with, to be careful, and to be home by a certain time. She never really listened to her brother; he had always been overprotective of his little sister. Cassidy zipped up her backpack that contained all the necessities to spend the night with the girls, and she slipped her shoes on and headed down the stairs of her three story townhouse. The second she reached the front door Dean magically came swooping out of the kitchen and placed himself between the door and his younger sister.
    “Where are you going? It’s 10 o’clock.” He asked as he folded his arms across his chest. Cassidy rolled her eyes at her brother trying to be intimidating. To others he was, but Cassidy knew what a softy he was.
    “Out.” She huffed, trying to reach around her older brother and open the door.
    Dean grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, “No, where are you going? You’re not leaving this house until you tell me.” 
    Cassidy scoffed at him, “What are you my mother? Move, I’m going to Jenny’s.” But Dean didn’t move, he stayed planted to the spot, his eyes narrowing at Cassidy.
    “I don’t like Jenny, so I don’t think I will let you leave.” He said smugly. Cassidy tried shoving her brother out of the way, but he was a good 50 lbs. heavier than her and he didn’t budge. 
    “Move! Mom said I could go!” She tried moving him again but he still stood in his spot.
    “Call me when you get there, before you go to sleep, when you wake up, and when you are on your way back. Okay?” Cassidy groaned, but agreed. Dean moved out of her way and Cassidy slipped out the door and headed towards her new car, that she got on her 15 birthday. She climbed into her red Ford Focus and started the engine and drove off down the street towards Jenny’s house.






** Just a short Intro to get you eased into this. This will hopefully pick up soon**


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