Billie is an orphan, a super smart detective girl (known by about all of London), shes the one almost every one calls to investigate. But her past is the only mystery she cant solve...


2. A Plot

Chapter Two

A Plot

"We must get that Jade Buddha. The grand opening is in a week and it must be mine!" whispered an angry voice down the alleyway Billie just happened to be walking past, she quickly ducked out of sight and listened on:

"Don't you mean ours?"said a slightly squeaky voice 

"Yes, sure."the first voice said untruthfully, Billie could now see the men plotting, The first was tall and lean and the other was short and and chubby and quite resembled a big fat mouse. They were plotting to steal the Jade Buddha, that jade statue of the Buddha that was due to arrive at the museum the following Monday.

The two figures walked through the open door into  the building next to them. Billie knew what she had to do.

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