Billie is an orphan, a super smart detective girl (known by about all of London), shes the one almost every one calls to investigate. But her past is the only mystery she cant solve...


1. Billie

Chapter One


Billie got out of bed, got dressed in the usual T-shirt and jeans, ran to the Lounge room and turned on her TV. Billie was an orphan, a super smart detective girl and the girl almost every one called to investigate. she lived by herself (that is if you don't count her cat Meg, which no one seemed to do), her (adopted)mum was the famous author Millie Winghart, and anyone who didn't know her had to be living in the north pole or wish they were. Billie had a golden-blond, messy pony tail on top of her head, focused, ocean-blue eyes and sometimes a concentrating frown. it was exactly 8:00 when the news started there wasn't any thing too interesting, so she went to get breakfast, a grey tabby cat with a missing leg hopped up onto the table tilted its head and gave out a questioning meow.

"Hey, meg." she said

"BREAKING NEWS" the reporter on the TV said

Billie walked into the lounge room. there was something happening between a police man and a 16 year old boy. Billie didn't see what was so interesting about that.

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