Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


13. W-what? Me?

 Till Im wearing my clothes all I can think about my dream. It was all now blurry, The Harry boy his face is blurry in my dream but all I can see his green eyes, tattoos and his curly hair. 

Peter is now ready out side my room. "Let's go?" He ask me and  offer my hand I hold to his arms and we walk to the elevator and press down. We are at the 87th floor and the building has 95 floors, the other floors are for training and gyms. Every agents who retires there is always a new one. The doors finally opened and we walk in I pressed the number 69 because Bob choses that floor for managers,president, and leader of every group office. And Im the leader of the Group C01211EO for short LEO. It's a secret code name so I don't need to explain it.


The elevator stops and the doors opened. There is a scanner, it will scan your eyes,your veins and your heart too. You'll just stand there like 10 seconds and the bullet proof glass doors automatically opened saying "welcome Agent Ciara, Agent Peter"  said the female robot voice. We walk in the hallway every walls have doors every doors are office of who ever it is don't care. 


But Bob Office is beside the meeting room. We reached his door a d scan us the doors automatically open and let us in. "Rise and shine agents." Said Bob turning around us. "Go have seat" he gesture to us to sit in front of his desk. "What's your important words that you want to say?" I ask sitting back straight. "New Mission. About celebrities again. But you two needs to be Unknown. Unknown Agent." Bob said looking at us. "You will gonna pretend that you are a American Model, and you Peter will be pretending to be a Ciara's guard. "What? Me a Model?" I exclaimed "No way." I said  not buying the plan. "I just can sneak up to their hotel rooms or I can be their,her or his guard. But why Model?" I ask him fast. "You are fit, you are tall, charming and suitable for modeling. I already said that you'll be Victoria's Secret Angel tomorrow when you get there. " Bob said looking at me I don't suitable for that modeling "w-what? The VS? Are you kidding me Im gonna walk there almost showing my soul or giving my soul to all Audience there. Walking in just lingering and those wings. OH GOD" i said not Approving. "Don't let your insecurity get over you, you have a perfect body, the celebrity that you two will protect will be there watching you walk on that stage, on that show." Said Bob I hate modeling. "No way, I hate modeling" i said looking away. "But you need too. You need to do this." Bob said trying to convince me. "It's not just those lingerings that they wear when they are walking that stage, almost of the, wearing short dress flowy dress." Bob said trying to convince me. "I'll try" i said not sure. I have stage fright really. I hate to be infront of many people I felt judged and harmed I saw his face light ups and he claps his hands. "So here's the celebrities" he said a TV came out from ceiling and our chairs move back wards Peter is now beside me and the Tv is now in front of us. 



The Tv turns on and its on YouTube and automatically typed One Direction. And Millions of videos showed up but first video was Best song ever it Automatically opened and the volume down and a British female voice speaks "One Direction British-Irish Boyband, lost at X factor but won the world. They have lots of fans drooling over them, lots of fans crying, spending time sitting infront of a computer,laptop,Iphone,Ipad and Poster, few of their fans 10 out of 100 is crazy for them just to have their babies, hold them,marry them or anything that is related to the boys. And a video comes up the TV it says crazy about One Direction. I watched it these girls are really need some boyfriends really. Then another video comes us "this video is made by a Directioner, it shows the other side of Fandom." And the tittle is 'This is us ' by MyplasticFeeling. I watched it a tears building up in my eyes (but really when I was reading and listening to this video I was crying so much. ) a tear rolled down my cheeks and wipe it away. And the british female voice spoke again. "Larry shippers committed suicide after they watched that documentary that channel 4 aired. The Fandom broke but it starts healing up again Liam posted tweets that they should be proud, they are the best fans, and many more. Just to make their girls to calm down and to make them sure that no matter what happen that they will be there for their girls." And a meet and greets videos came up and concerts Up all night and Take me Home tour too. "The Boys are now on tour and they are going to U.S to attend their Movie Premiere. They'll be releasing a movie called This is us in just few more days." And a Trailer of their movie show up. 


"Let me introduce the boys Individually" said the computer and a picture come up "this is Liam Payne, full name is Liam James Payne, (Happy Birthday to him :) ) turning 20 , in a relationship with Sophia Smith." And another picture of a guy with a really good bum with A girl "this is Lpuis Tomlinson, full name Louis William Tomlinson, 21 years old turning 22 this year. In a relationship with Eleanor Calder." And another picture comes up a boy with a jet black hair with a girl beside him they are lovely "this is Zayn Malik, Zayn Jawaad Malik 100% Muslim, 20 years old and is engaged with Perrie Edwards" and a blonde haired boy picture come up. " this is Niall Horan, Niall James Horan, 19 turning 20 years old this year. Play guitar loves to eat and is engaged with FOOD" I giggle a little and a Picture of curly haird boy shows up. "This is Harry Styles, Harry Edward Styles, they call them Hazza. The youngest member he is 19 years old, he loves posting Vines and photo on instagram. " said the computer. "They are here today in England, they will be heading back soon in America." Said the computer. "Heres you two gonna do, Protect them with those who is targeting them, who wants to take em down, etc. but you need to stay Unknown, don't ever tell what you are and who you are." Said the computer I just nodding. 


"They have guards, so many guards. If they are in hotel. The guards are in the hall way of the floor of their on. All rooms in that floor is not available the guards are securing the stairs too. For their protection."  "No falling inlove enjoy the game." Said the computer and the Tv turns off. 


After that we stood up and just walk away, because Bob is not in there any more. The Harry one his eyes are familiar. 


*Tomorrow morning*

The alarm is ringing and I quickly open my eyes and get up. I turn it off it irritates me its so loud "curtains" I said and the curtains automatically opened. "What time is it?" I asked nobody "its 4 in the morning Agent" said the robot voice. I walk to my kitchen and Im gonna make some pancakes and hot chocolate. "It cold what is the temperature?" I ask "22 c , do you want to put it at 28 c?" Ask the robot voice. "Yes please." I said  and I bring out the ingredients that I need. 


1 hour later. ( Time flies ;D)


the elevator dings and the doors opened. Im carrying a bag I need a lot of water maybe about 3 liters I need to stay dehydrated and I need 2 face towel and a extra gym short. but Im wearing a sweat pants. I tie my hear on pony tail and redefine my brows, I can go out this building without eyeshadows or mascara i just need to redefine my brows and DONE! Im floor number 45 where I'll be training. need to stay flexible and fit this floor is all about gymnastic this room is about 200 meters wide and 150 long. I open the one door in front of me and close it and drop my bag. the things are complete and nicely organized here and I think I don't need this sweat pants. Im gonna wear my gym short and start training. I wear my earpiece and turn it on "Agent Peter" I said as Im doing my warm up, "yes Agent?" he response "nothing just testing." I said and do the wall split for 1 minute. "oh okay, whatcha doing? IM here at Taekwondo room" he said and I can here him shouts ' haa, haa, haa , HIYAAAAAA' you need to shout while you kick so you don't get tired easily, the louder the better. "here at Gymnastic floor may I say. doing my wall split. hey Mind your own business there and I'll mind mine. need to concentrate" I said and and slowly put down my leg. "Okay boss" he said and I heard him again saying haa haa haa haa HIYAAAAA. 


1 hour of training.


I walk out the door breathing heavily. now "Hey see you at the Lobby in 120minutes, dress like a model love." said Peter on the earpiece "oh shut up Peter, you know I hate modeling" I said jokingly and he just laughs. I wait the elevator doors open and *ding* and the elevator are now open. 

I click the floor where my room is and It started going up.  


20 minutes later.

the elevator dings and doors open, I walk to reach my door. the agents greeting me good mornings and saying good lucks. I greet them back while I walk past them and smiling. maybe few of them i don't know. Im talking about the agents, maybe the new ones or some. but I know they knew me because I'm face is plastered on the wall of the youngest agent, youngest female agent, most cooperative female agent, youngest professional female agent ' but I considered my self a basic agent like a starter, Im not really professional', first Irish agent in this headquarters and the outstanding female Agent. really I don't know what did I do to have those tittles, one is enough. Im pretty popular in other Headquarters too inside this country and in Ireland too. we have about 3 Headquarters IMFE, IMFE2 , IMFE3 and in Ireland they have about 2 buildings IMFI and IMFI2. so back what am I doing. 

I dropped the bag beside my bed and walk towards my walk In closet. I open the door and first the Im looking for is the suitcases, Maybe Im gonna bring 6 suitcases I know too much. 1 suitcase for dress,tee shirts, button up shirts, tank tops and blouses, 1 suitcase for my sweat pants,gym shorts,pants,jeans, shorts, skirts and bikini and swimsuit. because IM A MODEL note the sarcasm girl. 1 suitcase for my shoes high heels, pumps, stilettos ( is the spelling right?), sneakers, converse, sandals, slippers and gym shoes. 1 suitcase half of it is my bras and undies and half of it socks. 1 for my bags all kind of bags they are all branded because I'm a MODEL note the sarcasm, but these suitcases are not branded because I'm a REBEL (hehe) and 1 suitcase for my dark brown human hair wigs and Im gonna put under the wigs a small case theres Im gonna put my jewelries.. too much bags, I bring out the three bags and roll them beside the bed and open them. then the 3 suitcases too I bring them out then open them. 

my clothes that Im gonna bring are branded too because I'm a freaking MODEL note again the sarcasm. I'm going to bring one cosmetic case and the make up is already organized inside it.

Im going to use a Prada white Saffiano leather classic, and a plain black half sleeve button up shirt and pair it with a ripped style dark blue jeans. Im gonna straight my hair later whoop. first Im gonna pack. I have more 1 hour and 50 minutes I grab the tops and dress that is hanging there inside my closet. I like to separate things you know like non branded and branded *smiles* and throw them at the bed. my jeans,shorts,skirt, etc. is folded nicely inside that drawer and Im pointing to the drawer beside this opened cabinet. I opened the drawer and drop them slowly on the floor beside the bags. then my shoes,wigs, bras and undies, socks, bags and  jewelries. I hang the clothes that Im gonna wear and jewelries are the last that Im gonna pack. 

60 minutes of packing and folding them. now its time for my make up and shits.

I have only 50 minutes left whoop gonna rush.

first Im gonna do my make up. just simple make up. Im gonna put on a matte neutral eyeshadows, mascara, foundation, light peach blush, and then a lightly dab of a soft pink lipstick and spread it and then a little bit gloss. 

now clothes wear my top,jean, and my sliver casadei blade pump. I straighten my hair I have a naturally wavy hair (but the cover she is curled hehe) and put on my paper plane necklace its not branded but this one is very important to me. wear my silver chanel earring, ring and watch and and finish. Viola I present the lazy model. not funny. 


I check my room if theres things that i need. nothing I rolled the bag to the door and now Im carrying my bag and now wearing a paris miki sunglass. Sheryl is here to help me to bring these bags to lobby. "you look gorgeous" said Sheryl walking in the room "oh thank you, you too. " I said smiling at her. "let's go shall we?" she ask and I nodded following her. 



long chapter, does it :D 

it was all a dream, the Niall,Zayn, Louis, Eleanor and Liam thingy too. my bum hurts too much now need to shake it off. 6 hours sitting here, watching Rupaul's drag race season 4 where Willam Belli is. watch this drag queen on youtube search Willam'S beat down. she is hilarious watch her music videos too. maybe 3 hours watching those ru paul's drag race then 3 hours writing this.  woah I talk too much.

what's gonna happen? whoops Im excited to write more. I need co author thou, In my other book In Light To Dark book. so that's all byeee...

you are PERFECT !

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