Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


16. Would you like to dance?


Cara walk away looking for them. "Ciara, wait here we'll just get drinks." Said Miranda and Candice "would you like some?" Ask Candice I look her "yes please, just wine. " i said and she nodded and walk to the bar. Then I watch P!nk performing and singing Slut like you. 

And people dancing and singing with P!nk. There's really lot of celeb. here, theres Rihanna, Kanye, kim kardashian, Jay Z, Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez and Even Taylor Swift is here. 

"Hey Im back." A british accent said behind my back I turn around and saw Cara with 5 other boys. "Hey" I said and look at the 5 boys it's kinda dark in here the lights are open and out following and flowing with the beat of the drums. "These boys are my friends, they are from England. And they are One Direction." Said Cara and yes they are the One direction "ah Yes, I know them. I heard a lots of things about them. And they are the world biggest band, why would I never know them." I said smiling "yeah, hahaha. So boys introduce you selves." She said stepping aside and Louis came up infront of me smiling widely. "Hi Im Louis Tomlinson, you can call me Louis or Lou. Nice to meet you." He said grinning and offer his hand for me to shake "Name is Ciara, Ciara Hayes. You can call me Ciara or Kee. Nice to meet you too." I said and we shook hands and he winks at me and step aside and Niall with the blonde hair came up infront "hey Im Niall Horan, the Irish one. I love Nando's and color green. Nice too meet you what a lovely lady." Said Horan and smiles at me brightly I giggle and I blushed a little at his last sentence "Ciara Hayes." I said smiling at him and we shook hands "hi Im Liam Payne, call me Liam. Im the daddy directioner. And you have a beautiful accent my lady. Nice to meet you." Said Liam and kissing my hand. "Thank you Prince Liam, my name is Ciara Hayes." I said In british accent and he smiled at me and Harry came up "Hey Love, Harry Styles here. You have a nice eyes. You can call me Harry or Hazza. Nice to meet you love." Said Harry kissing my hand what like Liam did "oh my, thank you Mr. Styles my name is Ciara Hayes, nice to meet you too. "And Zayn the last one came up  " Zayn Malik, bradford badboi. Hope we can know each other. I would like to have a company with you. Call me Zayn and Nice to meet a lovely girl like you." He said and we shook hands. These boys are cool and hot " Ciara Hayes, Nice too meet you too lovely boy." I said and grin. "I think that's all we have there huh." Cara said grinning at me "these Boys are lovely." I said Looking at them and Louis making faces. I tried not to laugh "I have more wait here. Im going to find Rita Ora, you'll gonna like her." She said and look for Rita.


"We are back, oh Hi boys. " said Miranda holding my wine. "Hey" said the boys in unison. "Here's your wine princess. We will just go find the other girls." Said Miranda handing me my wine "uhhh, wait Mira-" but they already left. They leave me with these boys "hey so let's seat here." I said gesturing them to seat to the nearest table and chairs. I look at them and Louis is making faces again Im smiling trying not to laugh. "So Niall, I heard you are with someone?" I asked him using my Irish accent he shot up his head looking at me "uh no that's not true. She is just a friend and a crush. Just that." He said smiling and looking at me. "Oh okay. Sorry" i said and hide my face a little "that's okay don't worry." He said and smiles. "Congratulations Zayn by the way. To your Engagement." I said Patting him like a bro "thank you, so Where are you from by the way?" He ask looking at me "Im from Ireland then moved to London then Im currently live here." I said in british accent "You are from Ireland?" Said Louis half yelled "yes, you can say it by my surname Hayes. And my name Ciara, sometimes when I talk to a Irish friends I use my Irish accent but if you are british I'll use my British accent if you are american I'll use my american accent. " i said In british accent "cool" said Harry Looking at me and he is beside me. We are sitting in circle. "Thank you." I said  and smiles It feel awkward sitting here all by my self with these boys. "Hey Im gonna find Perrie." Zayn said and wave to us and stood up finding Perrie. "Yeah, Im gonna get some drinks come with me Niall and Liam." Said Louis and gins to us. "But-" Niall got cut off by Louis pulling Niall and walk to the bar. And it leave us I mean us means Me and Harry sitting here. And he is just beside me I move just few inches away and "so that leaves us, me and you."  Said Harry pointing at me. "Yeah" I said and look away awkardly .

"Harry" a girl yelled and we looked up and saw Taylor dancing and winking at Harry just 20 meters away form us. But Harry ignored her and look at me "pretend that we are talking." He said and then I smile at him "yeah sure." I said looking at Taylor. Taylor just raise his finger up at me and leer whoa. Can't believe that move girl (sorry about that swifties.) 

"she's gone." I said he moved closer to me our feet are just inched away. "So what is your Job by the way?" He ask me and I look at my glass of wine and drink it "A American Model, for almost 4 years from now. " I said sipping my drink. "Wow, where? May I ask." He said smirking "Before for Gucci but then I called my agency to call Vistoria's Secret." I said looking at him. He nodded "uhmm, I think we are too close." I said and move a little far away but then I realized his right hand is on my shoulder. "Can I ask you something?" He ask as he look away and a bit shy "yeah sure" I said and sip my glass of wine.  "Would you like to dance?" 



such a short chapter. Sorry if I didn't update. I got A little busy our summer vacations just got ended and we have lots of homeworks. :(((

what do you think will Ciara say or answers? 

That's all for today see you tomorrow :)

You are PERFECT ,

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