Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


4. What?


I open my eyes while the warmer (or blankets that's how I call the blankets) covering my naked body. I sit up and it's kinda dark in here, so I open the dim light and I stand up and walked to my suitcase to wear a clean fresh brief boxer. I just wear it and pick up a white tank top and a grey sweatpants Im going to the gym today? 

I throw my clothes on the bed and in one room there a 2 rooms with 1 bed in it so Zayn and I is just in this room and Liam,Niall and Louis is just beside this room. 


"I need apple juice." I said and pick up my phone beside the lamp and turned it off and open the curtains. I walk out my room and directly to the kitchen.

I pour the apple juice in the glass with Ice. And call the hotel service "goodmorning can I have a waffles make sure that you don't spill some olive oil there or Im not going to eat it. Thank you." I said and put down the phone. I unlocked my phone and first look at the clock it says '8:30 am' what? Too early. Should I wake Zayn? Nope that's a bad Idea. Then I heard a knock if the guards are there they would open it they have the some keys. Then the I heard the doors opened "in the kitchen" I yelled in my morning voice. "Good morning sir here is your waffle here is some syrups we have honey,caramel,chocolate and maple syrup. Enjoy." He said putting down the syrups "oh Before I forgot, bring some pancakes or Pizza here around 10:30 am my mate will be up at that time thank you." I said and smile at him he just nodded and walk away. I started eating my waffles while checking my Instagram and Twitter and oh reading some fanfictions too. But I really like the Dark and the Stole my heart I think that's the tittle of that fanfiction it's number one on movellas. So I just checked my twitter while eating. 



"babe, babe wake up." Someone poking and shaking me. "If you don't wake up I will put ice oh no I will not put ice on you I will throw some ice on you." A female voice said and I quickly open my eyes and sit up. "Goodmorning" said Ciara while smiling at me. "Good morning." I response and kissed her on the cheeks "I made some pancakes for us and a bowl of salad. We need that we are going to gym today." She said while wearing her tank top, don't worry she's wearing a bra. "Okay, Im really sorry If I didn't talk to you yesterday. It's just I just got confused about something." I said wearing my tee shirt "don't worry it's okay. And we already talked about that last night no need to worry." She said wearing her gym shorts and her gym shoes. I move close to her and kiss her on her lips. 


*9:00 am at the gym* 

"Im going at the pool" I said and kissed her on the forehead "okay" she said and smile at me I smiled back and walk away.



I can tell Peter really loves me. And I can tell that I love him too but I need to wait, I need to wait him to ask me if he is going to ask me. I unlocked my Iphone and open the Ipod and play the Rupaulogize by Willam Belli (if you know him you are awesome, if you don't know him yet go watch him on youtube he's hillarious. By the way he is a Drag Queen) and jump on the treadmill and start running but staying where I am. 


Im already at the door and I looked up and saw Maria? What? What is she doing here? I-I thought she have a work? I walk in and go straight to her she's wearing some earphones guess she's not going to hear me. So I just slow down her speed and I can't believe what action she did. 


She nearly hit my neck. Her hands is just centimeters away to my neck so, I was just looking down at her hand sweating and can't move. 

"Oh Im sorry, I thought you were someone." She said a little suprised and a little shocked and remove. Her. Left hand.

I can move now and I swipe the sweat off my forehead and  "it's okay." But really bloddy pie she is fast like a Matrix you know that movie? I really love that movie but no one will really beat the notebook and Love Actually. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked me calm "just going to exercise, how about you I thought you have a job.?" I  asked her confused while she speed up again the speed. "Yeah I have a Job. But I can't tell you what kind of job, I will get fired." She said running. "Oh just give me a hint" I said drinking my water and turning on the tread mill on her right. . 


"Okay, it has to do with people entertaining them. But then you need them serve what they want, and what they deserve." She said and "are a waitress?" I asked but a hint of confussion showed on my face. "Maybe." She said grinning. I started running and Im just thinking about what she said. I looked at her and I saw on her left wrist she have a tattoo and It says 'Ciara'. What does that mean? I lower my speed and stop running. 


"By the way, it's just confusing me. But really wha are you doing here? I didn't know you were check in here." I ask her confused. 



what willI say? That I was here to protect them that Im a spy? That will sound crazy because Im a girl and they have already many guards. "Yeah I have a job today but I skip because, My sister's boss is going to married and they check her in here and the five more guests. Im here with my sister. You kno I have lots of works like guards,baker,sales lady, etc. I just love to work. " I said just continue running I really hate to lie but I need. 

"Oh, I think Im just going to work out yeah? See ya later." Harry said and go to the Boxing ring with the coach and they started their workout. That was close one that's why I hate to be Unknown. I need to stay away from them from being me, but I need to stay to them from being a Unknown guard. 



another Update sorry it's so short. And this chapter is kinda boring and Messy. So what do you think? Will Harry know that she was lying or he does really know who she was from the start? Or there's a feelings growing inside in this strange lady?

stay so you'll know. Sorry by the way because Im really sucked at endings. So don't forget to Like and favorite :)

I loveyou cupcakes :) smile always :*

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