Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


7. What was that? (Part 1)

"RISE AND SHINE!" Maybe about three people jumping on my bed and a girl giggling.  I just pulled my warmer up to my face. "GET UP! Get UPPPPPP! RISE AND SHINE!" They shouting again jumping around. "BLOODY FREAKING PIE!" I yelled but no they don't stop jumping around, and someone pulled my warmer. "THAT'S IT" I yelled and Get up and open my eyes and see who these people are. I opened my eyes and "RISE AND SHINE!" Shouted the three boys infront of my face you know who thes three boys is? "HARRY, NIALL AND LOUIS!" I moved inches away and yelled their names. "REALLY?" I yelled again and they are just smirking and Eleanor is just giggling there. "BREAKFAST IN BED" Shouted Peter coming in and the three boys get off me and I meet these grey eyes smiling at me "Good Morning babe." Said Peter and put down the small table with a tray on it with pancakes and salad. "Thank you." I said and he kissed me on the cheek. 

Then I heard fake coughing "aheem,m urhh. PDAAAAAAAAA." Said Harry and Louis "That's not a PDA mister Tomlinson, cause we are in a bedroom." I said in a matter of fact tone. "No it does not, when Im in that place or in this place it is called PDA." Explained Louis while I just nodded. I looked at Harry his back is just facing me. "If you only knew." I whispered and eat my breakfast. "When you are done in here we will wait at Harry and Niall's bedroom get ready. You and Eleanor are going to buy dresses in Gucck store." Said Louis "Yeah, okay. " I replied and they walk out the room. 



"So how long you and Ciara been working as a partner?" Ask Harry while we play the Billiard. "About 2 years, how about you how long when you got this job in Headquarters 2?" I asked him and hit the white ball. "About 5 years. I really worked at IMFE but they transport me to IMFE2 because they have too much Agents." He said and hit the white ball and the white ball hits the number 5 "you pretty good at Billiard huh?" I comment and he just smirk. 

And we played till the end of the game. (Hahaha I lol'd *facepalm* Im so corny am I?) 



"Eleanor, Eleanor. Call the boys." I said and continue playing FiFA. "Yeah, wait a minute." She responsed and walk out Harry and Niall's bedroom. Why I didn't saw it first I like it here it's very comfy and calming. 

"Bam gurl." A female Irish accent exclaims behind me. I turn around and saw Ciara, the one and only Ciara. Sometimes I really forgot that I have a Girlfriend when I look at those eyes and lips. 

What the f Tommo! Stop you have a girl. Said a voice inside me thank you for reminding me. 

"So hows the headquarters 2? I haven't visited there. For awhile." She said and she walk beside the couch where Im sitting and just cross her arms. "Good, perfect. Everything is fine. No bad guys. Just perfect at all." I said smiling sarcastically (is the spelling is right? Please tell me is I have wrong spelling. Thank you.)  "I really didn't expect that you are working on that building." She said and sat on the other couch. "By the way where is Liam and Zayn?" She asked me while she is playing with her phone. "Shopping somewhere else there outside. So just half of the guards are here and half are with those two lads." I said and yelled "YEAHHHH GOT YA! MY TEAM WINNN! " I yelled that and fist pumping. Then we heard a glass shattered "what is that?" Ciara and me said in unison wide eyes and looking at the door. "Let's check." She oredered and we run outside the room and find where was that.


"Stop you two." I yelled at Harry and Peter "don't you dare touch her again or I will freaking break your hands." Yelled Harry at Peter I was at the stairs and just saw them beating up their slves. "I SAID STOP!" I yelled Again and Peter escaped from Harry's grip and ran away. Harry chased him , and I run down staor and chase these two then I saw Them on the Living room beating up each pther again Harry is on the top beating the shot out of him. "I said stop." I approach them and Hold harry's shoulders pulling him off him but I cant. 

"SHIT" I said and Peter kicked the glass table and the table turn into pieces. 


"What is Hapenning here?" Yelled Ciara with Louis "oh SHIT! " they yelled and Im trying to pull Harry off him but Really I can't. Louis help me to pull Harry off him. "Mate stop." Said Louis to Harry. Ciara helps Peter to stand up. "What is wrong with you guys?" Yelled Ciara between Peter and us "He don't deserve you Ciara. He is a freaking shit." Harry yelled. 

"ATLEAST IM NOT A MANWHORE!" Yelled Peter from the other side and Ciara pull out her two guns and point it to their heads. 


"If you two don't stop, I will FUCKING BLOW YOUR HEADS OFF. PULL YOUR SHITS TOGETHER, you TWO ARE NOT KIDS THAT IS FIGHTING FOR THEIR MOM WHO IS GONNA CARRY HIM UP AND YOU TWO ARE NOT KIDS THAT IS FIGHTING FOR A ONE CANDY. YOU TWO ARE GROWN UP MEN. " yelled Ciara this girl is on fire. Her face is turning into red  and she is fast god. "ATLEAST IM NOT THE ONE WHO LE-" Peter got cut off by "SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP PETER" yelled Ciara to Peter and Harry is struggling to get out of our grips "calm yo tits Harry" Whispered  Louis and whe he got calm we let go off him. And he raise his middle finger to Peter. "STOP!" Ciara said and aim at Peter the other one gun and before Peter move. He just kicked the chair beside him and sat.  "I need to go outside." Ciara said in calm tone and walk out. "Please follow her, don't talk to her just watch her." Harry said and I nodded. And walk where she walks.




this is just part one. God I got distracted when I played the take me home album. It's just keep playing and I got more distracted and I need to save it as a draft. And the Internet got some abnormal illness and it restarted where I save it. Goddamn it. So when I published this I'm going to write ASAP the part two. Sorry it's kinda late. 


Always smile lovelies you are perfect! Remember that I LOVE YOU !

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