Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


3. What did I do?


The new securities are weird but the girl is hot tho. "Hey can you hear that?" I asked Harry as we drink our pepsi at the bar. "What?" He asked and the room went silent and we heard what's the noise "are they making out?" I said as I stood up and put my ear closer to the door. "Hey Zayn, what are you doing? Don't disturb them." Harry said as he smack my arm playfully "Im not disturbing them, Im just checking." I said as I walk away the door. "Go knock on the door Harry" I said and push him forward the door. "What?" Said Harry wide eye "just knock they are too long in there." I said a little annoyed I don't know why. "Okay just stop pushing me." He said annoyed I just smirk and step back. First knock no one answers second knock no one answers, "say something." I said and act frustrated "okay, okay be patient." He said and knock "hey you okey there?" He asked the two and I just heard mur mur mur mur. "Oh okay." Harry replied and and walked away the door and sat beside me. "What did they said?" I asked "she's just checking is there's any broken bones or something." He said and drink his water. "This is boring let's get some beer." I said we smirk and open the kinda cooler thing that harry posted on Vine that the cover of it slides. 


"Cheers" I said and we drink our beer.




I was watching these two lads talking and drinking at the bar. These lads I forgot their names what is that uhmmm ahh. Got it Harry and Zayn yeah Im watching them and reading their lips "yeah the girl is hot, yeah what is her name again? Maria yeah she's fit." Said Zayn while drinking his beer. "Mate you have a girlfriend, she's perfect she's lovely and she's nice. And she really love you" said Harry while he face his body to Zayn. "I know that but I just can't stop looking at her, there's something about her that I can't tell but amazing." Zayn response and patting Harry like a brother giving him a advice about girls. "Hey." A female voice said behind me and poke me on my shoulder. "Yeah?" I asked her "you kinda quite right now, what are you thinking?" She asked and while her palm is on my shoulder. I turn around facing her "wish you could be mine." I said and hug her 5 seconds later she hugged me back and we let go and I walk away leaving her there standing. 



I just stood here motionless, the two members of one direction is just staring at me like they've seen a ghost. Did they just saw us hugged? I-i don't know what to- "hey we are here!" Said the driver and I got snapped out my thoughts "get ready." I whispered to myself and I walk to the bus door waiting for the boys. 


*Hotel elevator*

Peter is not talking to me, he just stares at me and look away what did I do? 

"So quite." Said Niall as we wait to reach the boys floor. "Yeah!" Said Louis and smile "why don't we invite these guards later and let's play something?" Suggest Louis while grinning. "Oh no, It's okay. You boys need to rest, you've been singing and making your fans feel happy whole day. You need to rest." Said Peter as he stands there like a soldier. "Oh okay how about tomorrow? We don't have a concert tomorrow and it's a 2 days day off." Said Zayn looking at me. "I-Im not sure if I can go. Because I have work tomorrow and the new real guard is on duty. Right?" I said standing firmly behind them. "Oh yeah. How about next time if we see each other again" said Harry looking at me "oookay if we see each other again." I said and the elevator stopped and the doors opened the guards are waiting for them to lead them to their room. "Goodbye Peter and Maria hope to see you soon." Yelled the boys in unison and the doors closed. 


"Why are you so quite? What did I do?" I said to Peter not facing him. "You did nothing." He said and it went silent.


Minutes later my wrist watch beep and I pushed the answer button. "The cars are now parked at the parking lot. Good luck" said the female agent and Hung up. 


*parking area*


"really they just really park it here? Beside the boys tour bus? Goddamn it" I said as I unlock the Rang Rover Evoque Dynamic and open the back and grab the 4 suitcase where my mask and the men's wear and my ladies clothes folded nicely. And the gadgets laptops and guns organize nicely and the machines that makes the masks and those face muscles. That's why I hate to be Unknown I need to wear those fake muscles and those big shirts. They are hot so I hate it. We close the trunk of our cars by the way his car is Hummer H2 i like that car it's so cool and more handy than the others but I like this car too. We pulled our four suitcase yeah I know it's possible to roll a four suitcase because you have 2 hands but we can, but if you can you are wise. We reached the elevator and pushed he button up and go in and pushed the button floor 24 finally the elevator moved. 



Is that Maria grabing suitcases from a Range Rover Evoque? And its a Dynamic. She have a taste on cars huh. 

Is that her car? And is that Peter grabbing suitcases too in Hummer H2? They are rich guys don't they?

I saw her tattoo at her wrist and it say Ciara, what is the meaning of it? "Niall, Niall come here!" I yelled calling Niall as I watching Peter and Maria checking their bags. "Yes? Lou." Said Niall "what does Ciara means? " I asked him because I know that its a Irish name and she said she's an Irish. " Ciara means the feminine form of Ciaran, from the Irish ciar meaning 'Dark' and Implies 'dark hair and brown eyes'." Said Niall while chewing his chips. Maria does have dark hair and brown eyes. 


"What does Hayes means?" I asked once again looking at the big window. "Fire." He response and walked away. Leaving me standing here thinking and looking at Maria while holding my white wine. But I like her personalities she's nice I can say that, the way she smiles. 

I unlocked my Iphone and open my twitter and searched Ciara Hayes soo many person showed but no one is matching her face. I search Maria Hayes and I saw one and I tap it and the picture I looked at it, it does look like her but no it's not her. She doesn't have twitter account, what if I search her name on google. 


I type her name Maria Hayes but no Ciara Hayes but no. What if I just leave it but there's something about her that she hides.




hey lovelies :D here's the update. Hope you like it. Sorry Im really sucked at endings so what do you think? Will Louis will find out about Ciara or not? Does really Zayn like Ciara? Or he it's just his opinion? And oh do you want the Payzer back? I'll do it in this story if you want the Payzer in a relationship again. 


Soon Im going to make a contest :). That's all  don't forget, don't mind the haters ILOVEYOU ! Byee cupcakes :D smile always 

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