Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


1. They need you.

"we got the suspect" I said as we walk in the plane heading back to the headquarters. "good now , when you get back you have another mission. so get ready" said the our manager through phone and he just hung up. "this phone is going to self distract in 5 seconds" said the phone and I threw it just 20 meters and the smoke came out the phone and the phone turn into pieces.

" walk goddamit." I said to Mr. ROberts the suspect, he is a drug dealer he sells around the world using stuff toys. "don't be harsh, he is just getting used to it." said Peter my co worker we just chuckled and we are finally flying up in the sky.


"welcome back agent Ciara Hayes (the name Ciara pronounce it Keera) " said the other agents at the airport leading and securing the suspect because maybe theres another person here who rescue the suspect. 

finally we reached the car and now we are driving back to the headquarters. "congratulations Agent Peter" I said to him while me driving the van "congrats to you too Agent Ciara , you know teamwork always works." he said and we high five. by the way we live in London, England. and Im Irish you can say it by my name. "so we have another mission coming by." I said to him focusing on the road "yeah I heard it by my earpiece while you are talking to Bob." he said looking out the window.


"welcome back Agent Ciara and Agent Peter, Bob is now ready to talk with you." Said the secretary standing near the door. we follow her while the other agents bringing Mr. Roberts to other room. 


we stand there just seconds till the doors automatically open "welcome back agents, sit here please. you two have new mission." said Bob in his American accent "so what is the mission?" I ask calm like it's just a simple mission. "this mission is called 'Protect them' " said Bob looking at the papers. Peter and I looked at each other stopping ourselves to chuckle. "here you can see and here you can know what kind of mission you right now." Said Bob giving us the two Ipads "okay, so is this about celebrities again?" said Peter in his deep voice. "you can find it out in that Ipad." said Bob and sat down. we put the head phones and open the Ipad and Automatically play the video.


"Hello, Agent Ciara this is your mission. These five boys need guards everywhere they go, they need a professional and trained spies and agents like you. let me introduce them individually this is Niall Horan, he is from Ireland. 19 years old turning 20 and he love nandos and he loves to eat. he is kinda sensitive so you need to check every directioners using the contact lenses that we are going to give to you after this video. This curly haired boy is Harry Styles, From Holmes Chapel, England. 19 years old the youngest lad in their band, He is a cheeky boy and he is a every girls dream even the other boys too so be aware of the crazy fangirls around. This sexy lad here is Zayn Malik, 20 years old and his girlfriend is Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. this lad is quite one and keep eye on the posters the directioners bringing in the concerts because some are may hurt the boys feelings. If you saw some posters that you know that will hurt the boys feelings just get the posters and threw the posters. this is Louis Tomlinson , known as the funny,goofy, and the sarcasm one. 21 years old and the oldest member in their band, some said he is kinda childish one but he is serious too he is with Eleanor Calder. this lad here is Liam Payne, this lad is known as Daddy Direction. 19 years old turning 20, he is afraid of public spoons. he is with Danielle Peazer but they broke up 2 months ago. don't worry he is a nice lad. you and Agent Peter needs to keep eye on them and their fans. You need to wear disguise like wearing masks, men's wear etc. you need to be Unknown to them, don't get fall inlove with them or the mission is failed. The main mission here is to be UNKNOWN and protect them from crazy fangirls and the other people who wants to get them down. Bob will give your passports and the face masks,hands, clothes, make ups that you'll need, and the car that you will use. They are in America doing their concert. after Bob gave the things you'll need, you are going straight to the airport from London to L.A . good luck Agent Ciara Hayes, Self distract in 5 seconds."


I put down the Ipad and the smoke came out the gadget and the screen broke. "that was long." I said widening my eyes. "yeah.and what is the Band name?" Asked Peter "One Direction! " said Bob smiling. "let me just introduce to you two the 'Scanner contact lenses'. this contact lenses are the trickiest gadget for humans but no for us actually anyone can use this. you'll just wear it and just look at the person's bag posters and you'll see what is written there and what's inside." Said Bob smirking and holding the contact lenses inside the case. he Passes it to us "let's go to the secret room for the other things you'll need." BOb said leading us to the secret room.


"good luck Agents, I'll see you there next week." said Bob waving at us. we wave back and me and Peter walk in the plane. "so here's the plan when we land in the airport we are going to the boys hotel. the cars are ready and safe to drive they are already parked at the airport." Said Peter by the way he is my bestfriend and he is a fit guy "then when we reached the boys hotel we are going to check in just 2 floors away from them, so they can't hear us moaning." looking at me seriously and said it in serious tone. "you cheeky boy, and no we are not doing that." I said and smack him. "aw what was that for?" he said pouting "oh what a baby." I said teasing him and we laughed.


we just discussed what we are gonna do we research more about the five boys.

their family and I learned that Harry is a member of White Eskimo his voice is for the rock music. I like the summer of '69 they way his voice really flow the music. I bought from the Itunes store their albums the Up All Night and the Take Me Home. Their voice are sexy tho specially Zayn Malik, and their Best song ever I watched it. and their X factor days and their auditions too. I open my twitter but my name on Twitter is not my real name. My sister's name is Maria I use her name on Twitter because I need to be Unknown to all the people. Just my parents and work now my true name the suspects don't even know my name. it's for our safety thou. it's 8 hours flight so I just spent my time searching every members name should I really wear mask? and why would I fall inlove with those boys? I can say that they are lovely and kind. we Agents are never gonna fall inlove and if we do we need to retire and stay away from the other Agents for the safety of others.

"you kinda deep in thought Ciara." Said Peter and sat beside me. "it's just you know we are here again protecting another celebrities and we need to stay UNKNOWN. I mean me to stay UNKNOWN. I don't know why I need to stay unknown to them ." I said as I looking out the window he hug me from my back I can feel his hot breath on my neck his hands rubbing my arms gently. " because it's for your protection babe, it's for our protection." Said Peter teasing me kissing my neck. Im just wearing a tank top and a sweatpants because later on Im going to wear my uniform. "why? but our other mission I don't need to stay Unknown. I just can't understand." I said looking out at the window and a hint of tiredness as I said those sentences. "you are just tired babe, let's go to the bedroom and sleep." said Peter slowly and calmly we stood up and we walk as we reached the bedroom he opened the door and there is a two single beds for us to sleep. he closed the door and I walk to reach the bed so I can sleep. 

"do you mind if I share bed with you? I know you are lonely right now." he ask me and I just nodded and lie on the bed he lie on the bed at my left side and hugged me "wish I can just ask you to be mine and live happily ever after. But I can't." he said and kissed my forehead. I slowly close my eyes because this day is very exhausting "they need you" the last word I heard and it all went out.



hey another new book. so how you like it thou? is she gonna fall to Harry,Zayn,Niall,Liam or Louis? what do you think? don't forget to like,favorite and comment so if I updated you will get notice :D that's all for now. bye Iloveyou Cupcakes



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