Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


17. Sober? Me? You are the sober.

"Yes sure" I said a little confused I don't know why Im confused tho. But I was gonna say no, because Im here to protect them not to flirt with them. But theres something in his eyes that makes me say yes. He holds my left hand while staring into my eyes. I stand uo and we walk to the dance floor.

  We walk to the dance floor, there are people and couples dancing. I focused for a minute to listen what song is PiNK is singing. It's beam me up, Harry and I are on the middle of the dance floor and Harry put his hands on my hips and mine put on his shoulders and we sway flowing with the song. "Why me?" I ask him not looking into his eyes but on his lips, I look up and saw him looking down on my eyes, he is way more taller than me. Im just 5'8 "theres a lot of pretty girls around here." I said and look into his eyes he smiles and pull me closer 'don't forget the mission' I reminded my self.    "Just enjoy the moment, love" he said it with a grin and pull me more closer. Our bodies nearly touch. I smile and in hale his perfume and his perfume made me calm and think.    The song ends and now the song is Applause by Lady Gaga. Pink is now chatting with some other celebrities. And Lady gaga singing and performing on the stage.   We are now at the bar ordering drinks."I'll order a tequila, please." I said to the bartender while we sat on the high chair. "I'll have what she have." Harry said smirking at me. "Let's play a game." I said to him smirking mischievously. "What kind of ?" He ask and face his body at me "I don't know what is it called, but I called it Drink the Drink." I said and grinning. "What's the rules? And How do you play it?" He ask confused but at the same time grinning.  "I'll ask you a question about me. You need to guess what is the right answer. If I said false you need to drink 2 shots of tequila. If I said true Im gon' drink 2 shots of tequila" i explained smiling devilish.    "GAME.ON" he said smirking and the bartender gave us just one shot. "I'll order 11 more of the tequila. With sliced lemon please." I said and the bartender nods. Minute later he came back with a tray of tequila and lemon. "Game?" I said raising my eyebrows and he nodded smirking. 

"how old am I?" I ask looking at him and and smirking "90" he said jokingly and i made an 'O' face and I playfully smack his arms "just kiddin' 19" he said and I got amused "Very good." I said and drink straight up the 2 shot glass full of tequila and sip the juice of lemon. "your turn ask me" I said covering my face because of the sour taste of lemon. "My height now." he said smirking and he call the bartender "Water and beer please" He said while Im thinking. "You are way taller than me. and Im just 5'8 feet and you are 6." I said proudly and he smirk and frown "false babe." He said while fake frowning "Oh bloody pie." I said widening my eyes and I drink the 2 shot glass full of tequila and sip again the lemon. and I forgot to cover my face and I heard Harry laughing out loud. "y-y-your face." he said between laughs and holding his stomach I giggle and yelled "My turn!" I said and he calm down a bit. "your still the same." He mumbled a little too loud that I can hear it. "foot size." I said and the waiter gave the water and beer. Harry passed me the water and I mouthed thank you. I sip a little and "9" he said grinning and I smile "false" I said and chuckled and he drink the tequila. 

and he didn't even just made a expression, his expression is still the same. "wow, you got used to it don't you?" I ask nudging him and he nods. "My turn now." he said and smirk devilish "everyone knows who's my sister, and that means you know her too. so what is her name?" He asked smirking and drink his beer. "you are gonna be sober, sooner. you drunk tequila with beer? nu uh." I said that with my finger thingy NU UH thing. haha 

"No, Im not trust me." He said and his eyes sparkle. "hey you two, I think you two guys are having fun. don't ya?" said a Irish male voice behind Harry I look at his back and saw Niall. with some girl. 

"hey Nialler, who is this lovely lady you are with?" Ask Harry and the girl smiles she waved at me and I waved back too. "she's Sheryl." Niall said and his cheeks are red and you can tell that is he is drunk now. "Im here to check you guys." Sheryl mouthed and my eyes widen "are you wearing mask?" I ask and she nods. I smile and Harry turn to me. "Niall is already drunk." Harry said while Sheryl and Niall walking away dancing and Irish dance. "you can tell it by his cheeks." I said and laugh. "let's continue?" he ask and I nodded. 


after few more questions I feel dizzy "I need to find the Angels." I said trying to step my feet on the ground "here let me help you." Harry said and he holds my arms. 



I hold her arms she's a little bit tipsy now. I can tell it by the red on her neck and her ears are pinkish. "I need to go there." Ciara said pulling me towards the stage where LAdy Gaga and PInk performed. there'S no performing now the DJ is playing some music. "No, Let's take a seat. you are a tipsy." I said but no she pulls me more. that is interesting she is wearing heels. "Sober? me? you are the sober" She said and laugh and pull me more "I said Tipsy not Sober." I said and giggle. this girl is strong, stronger than before. uh I meant stronger that others. "yeah we are here." she exclaimed through the blarring loud music and she shook off my grip.

she climb up to the stage and the spotlight is on her now. and she gesture to stop the music. "Hi" she said shyly and the people got quite. I stand there infront of her. "WE RUN THE WORLD!" she shouts and Beyonce came out from no where and sang who run the world. they duet while Ciara dancing with Beyonce on the stage. and the people cheered. 


It's already 5 in the morning and Ciara is now drunk and me here is now a sober. you know why? because Ciara is not much a alcoholic drinker before, I i mean that's what I know. and I don't drink too much. she got drunk really fast and she is now here beside me sitting playing with her phone. "I wanna sleep. let's go home." she said turning off her phone. "where is your house?" I ask her "I don't have a house here, for a while. Drive me at my hotel. where you guys checked in." she said and chuckled. "Okay, let's get the other lads and the angels." i said and we stood up looking for them.


after we all find them we drive back to the hotel and I carry Ciara back to her hotel room. there's a lot of laptops and many more gadgets. 

I lay her down on her bed and take off her shoes, I even removed her make up. using a wet towel. she still not changed don't she?



whoooooo another chapter. Finally :) 

what is gonna happen? what does Harry means about 'she still not changed don't she? and where is Peter? 


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don't mind the haters you are PERFECT !

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