Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


15. Partying and Clubbin'

Im looking at the bags on the shelters it's very very gorgeous, we are here by the way at the Prada store. Im checking out this white bag with a fairy design on it. It's cute and elegant "Im going to take this please." I said to the saleslady and she take it and lead me to the cashier "that's $2490 ma'am" said the girl with a italian accent she smiles at me while I handing her the money "I like your accent" I said and she smiles shyly at me "qual è il tuo nome ?" (What is your name?) i asked her in italian language and she smiles brightly at me "Sofia, grazie, non sapevo che tu stia parlando italiano ." (Sofia, thank you. I didn't know you're speaking italian) she said a little bit shocked and surprised p. she handed me the paper bag with the bag in it. "Thank you." I said and she nodded at me and waved. I wave bck and walk towards the door. Oh I forgot something I walk back again to Sofia and gave her a $500 tip. "For you seniorita" i said and she gasp and look at me. "Thank you ma'am" she said and I nodded I walk o the front door while putting back my wallet inside my bag. Then I got bump by someone I look up "Im sorry, i was not paying attention." And you'll not gonna believe who I saw. "Hey, you are the new VS angel. Right? Im Candice, Candice Swanepoel. I saw your picture this earlier the founder of the VS sent us your photo. " i was shocked my mouth hang open. "Ciara, Ciara Hayes. Nice to meet you. " I said and took out my hand for her to shake. We shook hands "so do you mind if I join you? I like welcoming new models by joining them everywhere." She said and I just nodded Om speechless. She's gorgeous in personal "you really are Gorgeous" i said and laugh awkward "oh thank you, you too darling. Miranda Kerr and I will attend a party somewhere, would you like to go with us?" She invites me while we walk at the parking lot "yeah sure, I'll say to my guard." I said oh god she is tall, Im turning to lesbian now. (Just kiddin') "it's a secret place so many celebrities go there, Tonight at 10 pm" she said while I unlock my car. "This is your car? How amazing." She said I was like standing there 'yes, yes it is. Fall in love with me.' Haha 


"hop in now it's okay." I said and hop inside my car. "This is awesome." She said looking around. I turn on the engine and turn the GPS on and there a green dot near us it means that is Peter. "What is that?" She asked me pointing to the dot "it's my guard he turn on his GPS so I know where he is. " i said and I turn on something and it clicked like *PLOCK* and I heard Peter on the speaker and my earpiece "wait, what is that? Is that a sound of like "Making out" " said Candice and I listen to it gesturing to her to be silent. And "Yes it is." I said and Start driving where he is. "Don't mind him, it's just your guard. Let's go to Starbucks shall we? Miranda is there waiting for us." She said and smiled at me I smiled back and ask her where is the Starbucks "the nearest Starbucks" she said and I noddd. 




we walk in the starbucks all I hear is just people talking there. Then some waved at us "that's Miranda." Candice said and we walk towards her. I turn off my earpiece because I can. 

"Hey girls" said Miranda smiling at us with her famous dimples showing. "Hey girl" said Candice and they do the thingy cheek to cheek "hey" i said kinda shy and smile "hey Ciara, welcome to Vistoria's Secret. " said Miranda standing and do the cheek to cheek thingy. "Thank you" i said and smile at her.


"so are you going to join us? At the Club? Later." Said Miranda sipping her drink "yes, yeah I am. " i said confident "good " said Candice and smiles "you girls, you want to go to my Hotel? Let's get ready together." I said smiling at them they smile widely and "hell yes." They exclaimed and we high five. 





"is this a Birthday party or something?" I ask Candice while Peter parked the Range rover Evoque. "Yes it is. The owner of this club. Well his club is always full of celebrities." She said and she open the door for us to go out. But before I got out Peter grab my hand and I just shook his hand off me and I got out the car. "I saw that. Really Ciara. I have something to tell you." Said Candice "I k-" Candice got cut off by Miranda shouting "wait." She drove by herself so she kinda late. 'Later I'll talk to you about it.' Candice mouthed it and I nodded. "Hey"I said to Miranda and smile. "Let's go in." Candice said. We just said to the guards Victoria's Secret Angels. And they let us through "wish the others are already here." Said Candice and we walk to the Hall way with a dim violet lights and a neon green light. 


Then we reached the door and I open it. And a loud music blaring all around and I saw P!NK singing on the stage singing Here comes the weekend. "Ooo I LOVE THIS SONG" I scream and we cheered. "Let's go and dance" Said Miranda and we walk going to the dance floor full of people. Other are celebrities and others are non-celebrities. 


"Hey angels" A british sweet voice said behind us. We turn around and saw "Cara Delevingne" said the two girls and they hug her. "Hi Ciara, I heard that you're new?" She said talking to me "Yes, how did you know my name? Am I popular already?" I said in a british accent and jokingly. "What a strong british accent dear, where are you?" She asked me while we shook hands.  "Well I used to live in England. Im from Ireland. " i said and smile "ohh I love irish, and their accent too." Said Miranda and we walk out the dance floor and find a table for us. "Oh thank you. " I said and amile widely "you have strong american accent too  " said Cara "Oh Ciara I want you to meet someone."   Said Cara and look around finding someone "wait here I'll find them"



sorry such a short chapter. 

Who are them? What do you think? Who are 'them' that Cara is talking about?

and what will Candice would like to say to her? Can't wait to write more.


that's all 


it's good to be nice and It's good to be good. Forget the haters I Love You

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