Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


14. New YorK !

8 hours of flight got my legs numb from sitting. we have our own airplane and we are now driving to a hotel that the boys are stayin' at. Peter is driving the other car, and me driving this Toyota 86  we need to separate cars because I have lots of clothes. I gotta turn on my New York city Accent now. Usually I always talk in British and Irish accent when I talk to others but I'm a American MODEL note the sarcasm. 

I turn on my earpiece while driving and the tiny green light, lights up and I started talking to Peter. "Hey!" I said a little louder I heard a groan "that was loud Ciara" he said and I just chuckled "so what's the date today?" I ask as the traffic light turns red and I stopped the car slowly. "you don't know? August 23. are you a cave man" he said jokingly "shut it Peter Pan" I said and giggled "Im just asking, when is the VS show?" I asked "August 27 and their movie premiere is August 26. " he said, then the traffic light turns green and I drive. "IM HUNGRY PETER PAN" I exclaimed because I'm alone in this car hehe. "Okay just few more minutes, if we saw mcdonalds or restaurant we will stop. OH! let's use the GPS" he said realizing that, that'S the use of GPS. and I laugh. 


*at the hotel*

I walk in the hotel and greeted with a girl receptionist smiling at me. Peter and I go straight ahead to the front desk. "Good afternoon Ma'am, what can I help you?" the receptionist ask me while I look around "Im going to check in, I want the Suite." I said and she just nodded "do you have some luggage or suit case that you need to bring up to your room?" she ask again and a bellboy jog beside the desk "yes I have in my car 6 suitcases plus 6 more. " I said and she gave me the key to my room and I said "Peter, guide him where our luggage is." I said the acting is gonna start now. whoop

he nod and they walk out "your room number is 569, 40th floor. enjoy your stay" she said with a smile and I just nodded and walk to the elevator. 

I take off my sunglass and press the button number 40.


*hotel room*

"that was a long flight." I said and unpacking my things and Peter unpacking the gadgets,laptops, and other dangerous things. sneaky.

"yeah I know, we got to do something did you research about One direction? while we are in the plane?" he asked me connecting the plugs and wires "nope, I just sleep and nothing. " I said and hang the clothes to the cabinet "when we are done let's go shopping. I've never done it in a while." I said zipping the two luggage. "yeah, sure" he said "that's why I like you. you like riding on my trip. you are a every girls dream." I said pinching his cheek and smiling "yeah and that's why Im here with you." He said and kissed my forehead "so sweet babe." I said and he kissed me again. and we continue unpacking. 


"that's all, I think" I said looking around we just finished unpacking. "Im gonna go for a shower" I said and leave Peter playing there with his Iphone. 


*30 minutes later* 

"hey sexy lady" said Peter with a whistle "I know, I know. thank ya thank ya" I said flipping my wet hair "hey stop, Im getting wet here" he said and I walk to the cabinet "go take a shower while I fix my self " I said pushing him up while the bathrobe is on me. "come on, please." I said pushing him but I can't because he is so heavy he just chuckled "but I've seen it before." he said I got confused what he is talking about then I saw him smirking "OH HELL NO PETER! GO TAKE A SHOWER! NOW! OR I'LL KICK YOUR BUM OUT HERE!" I said yelling at him he just laughing there and he gets up "okay, okay just. Silence is beauty" he said and walk to the bathroom. 


I walk to the cabinet and open it. Im going to wear a white jeans by Gucci and a plain white V neck button up shirt it's kinda loose not like fit. and a pair of pumps by Brian Atwood and it's called B Brian Atwood fortasa and its a double platform with plugging top line and its a leopard print. my bag is By ZARA and its a structured bowling bag with pocket and it'S color white and black. Im not gonna wear jewelries and Im going to wear a wig after I dry my hair. 


I put on already my make up and I already wearing my clothes Im gonna put on now my wig. Im lazy to do my Hair. Peter is now already dressed and waiting for me and of course he is acting my guard. I grab the wig beside me and it's curled and its a dark brown color. I look down and wear it like that me looking down and fast look to the mirror that's the proper way how to wear a wigs. that'S what the drag queens says :) and I fix it the wig to be a perfect hair and put on the black fedora.  now Im ready to go. 




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