Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


2. Make out scene. 13+

" hey we are here." said Peter while shaking me. I open my eyes and saw this blonde hair boy "oh yeah, oh goddamit I forgot to wear the mask and the uniform. Im going to start without a mask." I said wearing the security uniform for girls. yeah I have two uniforms for emergencies if I forgot to put on the disguise. "starting without a mask?" Peter said shocked "yeah what's the problem? " I said taking my clothes off "oh okay, just stay away from cameras when we got there." he said and turn around wearing his uniform. I just smiled and wear the uniform.

"good luck Agents." said the pilot while we walk down the airplane's stairs. I saw the cars parking just 50 meters away from us. That's our car? I like the yesterday's car that's is more nice than these cars. I said to Peter while we walk "no this much nicer car." said Peter checking it out. "what ever you say big guy." I said and wink at him. we turn on the engine and we drive where the boys concert. we arrived here earlier before their concert starts so we have about 30 minutes to arrive there.


*at the concert*

"Agent Ciara and Agent Peter from IMFL" I said as we walk pass the guards at the entrance we stand on our position and we wear our contact lenses. loads of fans starting to fall in line. we finally open the gates and we started scanning using the lenses. at first it's now comfortable but you'll get used to it. when the square is green means they can past when red they cant. the girls is just passing by but then I spotted a girl blonde hair wearing tanktop and a skinny jeans with black wedge heels carrying a bag and a poster. I stopped her from going in. 1 more hour till the concert starts. the fans stop walking because I stopped this girls with a brunette girl. "what is your name miss?" I asked her seriously "Amanda and this is my friend Kyliee, why? are you going to give us back passes?" said the girls cheerly and jumping "NO!" I said harshly "let me take a look at your bag first." I said and she gave to me her bag. I open it and I saw nothing. "poster" I said and she gave me her poster. I unfold it and there it is "this poster is not allowed in there. may I just check you" I said and check her "you may go in but not this poster" said as I fold the poster it says 'Harry you are a Manwhore' I can't just imagine.


the concert is going well just 2 posters we threw away and the boys are singing happily just 1 more hour and the show is done. "Los Angeles make some noise" Liam shouted on the mic and the directioners shouts "the next song is beat please" said Niall and the drummer start the beat "do you remember summer 09" started Harry and they just sang the whole song while me looking around checking the whole center. "you okay there, Ciara?" said Peter we are wearing earpiece so we can hear each other. "this is boring" I said and pout even tho he can see me. "this is just the beginning don't worry." said Peter I can see him smirk.





"this is our last song." I said to the mic and the intro in what makes you beautiful played. "you're insecure, don't know what for. you're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or." Liam sang his part "don't need make up, to cover up being the way that you are is eno-o-ough" Liam sang again his part and I came in. "every one elese in the room can see it, every one else but you-ou" as I sang the lyrics Im looking at the crowd pointing at them. and we all sing the chorus "baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell. You don't know Oh, Oh. you don't know you're beautiful.

if only you saw what I can see you'll understand why I want you so desperately, right now Im looking at you and I can't believe you don't know oh,Oh you don't know you're beautiful Oh, Oh that's what makes you beautiful" as we sang the chorus we were looking at our fans eyes so they will realize that they don't need those make ups to be beautiful. we were pointing at them so they know that we all love them. but then I saw this girl with a brunette hair checking the crowd is she a security? I don't know maybe later I will know.



"Ciara Harry is looking at you, look up." Said Peter I can say that there's a hint of jealousy at his voice. I look up at the stage and saw Harry looking at me "I'll make sure next time Im going to wear the mask." I said as I look away "I need to be Unknown." I said again as I walk away near the stage. "Im going at the back stage." I said to Peter as I walk away. 


"get ready uhh uhmm. what is your name?" Asked Paul I know you know who is Paul is don't you? "Maria, Maria Hayes" I said as I stand on my place "get ready Maria the boys are going to exit the center. please lead them back at their bus. and stay with them." he said patting my back I just nodded this is my job protect and follow where they are. "they boys are coming out now." yelled the guard. then the screaming outside got louder. the fans are waiting the boys outside. "Peter am I the only one who needs to follow these boys?" I ask him through my earpiece that Im wearing "no, stay where you are Im coming." he said and I saw him walking towards me.

I saw the boys coming out their dressing room and walking towards here where I stand. I walk towards them and yelled at the guards "open the doors and secure the fence out side" I yelled as I leading them at their bus. "wait where is Paul?" asked the blonde one Niall "he needs to go at the hotel." I said as we Peter and I securing them and making sure that they can't get smack or pulled by the fans. the noise is getting louder as we walk between the fence and as the fans saw the boys.

we finally reached the bus we stand beside the door so they can get in the bus. "how about the cars?" I asked Peter as we walked in the bus. "someone will drive them at the Hotel." he said and I just nodded. 

"so you two are our new guards?" Ask Louis while sitting on the couch "uhmm yes, yes we are. But me Im just extra because the other new guard got late and they flew me here." I said as I try to be decently because sometimes when I talk I sound to harsh. "please sit and let's introduce ourselves." said LIam and me and Peter sat infront of them. while Harry,Zayn,Niall and Louis looking at me "what is your name?" Asked Harry "Maria, Maria Hayes" I said as I hold Peter's left hand. "you Irish?" asked Niall smiling "yeah" I said smiling I looked at Peter "how about you?" Zayn asked pointing at Peter "Peter Thompson" Said Peter smiling "are you two together?" Harry asked us looking at our hands we quickly let go and louis smack him playfully "no,no we are not." I said and looked at Peter. "You Look familiar Maria." Said Niall checking my face out "I think I saw you In a Awards with Mr.Roberts. When is that. yeah the Brits Awards" Said Niall I looked at Peter as my Eyes got big. "M-maybe it's not me. How can I go there Im just a guard." i said calmly but the question is how can he know Mr.Roberts "so How old are you two?"  Asked Zayn looking at Peter. "20" said Peter "19" I said and Harry smirk. Yup Im just 19 i started working at IMFE when I was 15 almost 5 years. I started my training when I was 10 "sorry if we sound kinda creepy but that's what we do when we have new guards and securities." Said Louis and smiled. I like his smile tho "so tomorrow you still here or the late guard will go replace you?" Asked Niall as he open the bag of chips. "Yeah tomorrow Im going to be replace by Jack he is just around 20 to 23 years old a little older to me." I said and smiled at them. I said "but how about you?" Asked Liam  "I have another job as a Agent in-" I got cut off by Peter smacking me . I smack him back  harder "aw what was that for" Peter mouthed to me "im sorry" I mouthed back and I looked at the boys looking at us wide eyes. "Wut?" I asked looking at them confused "you almost broke his arms" said Zayn looking at me wide eye "you have a strong hands." Said Niall chewing his chips "oh uh. It's just our - uhmm what was that? I dunno in english it was our." I said thinking "nevermind that. Just help me here" Mouthed Peter and I help him up "I really broke his arms" I said and laugh nervously. "Where is the  bathroom or comfort room here?" I asked as I help Peter " there" Said Liam and poited at the direction. "Thank you" I said and we walked at the direction where he pointed. 


"Im sorry, i didn't mean too." I apologize to him as I checked his arms. But he just laugh and smirking at me "im such a good actor." He said and pinned me at the wall "you cheeky boy" I said and smile at him. "I saw them looking at you that's why I made a move." He said and kissed my neck I just chuckled "but they are not going to see me again. You don't have to worry about it." I said and kissed his cheek "so can I do this?" He asked and kissed my lips at first Im shocked but then I kissed back. He started rubbing circles on my arms while my hands going up at his neck. The kiss is getting more passionately as he pull out the hair gom on my hair and my brown hair fall on my back. He started rubbing my waist while his right hand securing my upper back. He walk back and sit on the closed toilet and I sat above him. We stopped the kiss and we continue kissing but "hey you okay there?" Said a deep husky voice. "Uhh, yeah just Checking his arms if there's more any broken." I said as I trying to stop my laugh because Peter rubbing my stomach and kissing my neck. im ticklish at the stomach part. "Oh okay." Said the voice again and I stood up fixing my top. "We can continue it later." He said and I just smirk at him. I let my hair fall and comb it and my smudge matte nude lipstick I remove it and just put some lip balm. "Let's go" I said and we walked out the comfort room.




this chapter is more on Peter and Ciara. Soooooo who do you think will fall to Ciara? And which one of the boys will Ciara like? And who will she Love, like and fall? Stay tuned to find out more.


sorry the ending is sucks. Im not good at endings so that's all don't forget to Like and Favorite :) Don't mind the haters you are PERFECT ! 

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