Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


6. How long do I need to keep this secret?


"yeah I need Sheryl, I need to talk to her now!" I said inpatient to the girl from the other Line. "But Louis she-" I cut her off "I. Need. To. Talk to. Her RIGHT NOW!" I exclaimed "Okay Louis." Then the phone rings. After 3 rings she answered the phone "what now?" Sheryl ask "I need you to search Maria Hayes and Ciara Hayes." I said to her looking out the window. "You don't need to search for her. I know her, Her partner is my ex." She said in her teasinh voice "I need to know who she really is." I said seriously "she works at IMFE, as Agent Ciara Hayes and that's her true name. She have sister her name is Maria Hayes. And she's on mission now, with Peter." She said I knew it. "Track her please I need to talk to her. " I said as I play with my fingers. "Actually she is in the building where you at." She said and I just this is a clever girl. "And she is pretnding to be Mark Smith as your new guard. And she's with Peter at the Living room." She said and I thanked her. 

She have a mission I have a mission to, Talk to her and- "hey Louis want to join us? We are going to swim." Said Niall inviting me. "Yeah sure." I said "i'll just change." I said and stand up. He closed the doors and I change my clothes. 



"Harry, wanna join us?" Niall asked me while he walk in the room. "Where?" I asked while drinking and Apple juice and looking out the window. "Swimming. " he said and sat on the other single chairs. "Sure, Niall. How long do I need to keep this secret?" I ask him thinking how can I keep this more if Im Falling to her more and more. "Until the she gets the message from Louis." He said and stood up and leave the room. 



the boys are getting ready for swimming in the pool. "Goddamn it. It's so hot I need to go to the room." I mouthed Peter "699969" he mouthed it smirking I just smirked back at him. And walk away. 

I reached the room without anyone asking me where am I going. But Louis and Harry is just stared at me weird when I walk past at them "goddamn it" I whispered to my self and take off the mask and the security shirt. I hate wearing these things and take off the fake muscles too. 

I grab the towel and wipe off my sweats around my whole body.  

I wear my plainwhite tee shirt and my gym shorts . And I walk towards the windows, i got a nice view I can see up here Niall ,Liam and  Zayn in the pool. Niall and Liam racing around and Zayn jist sitting there just looking around while he take a hit on his cigarette.  But this is just our secret don't tell anyone huh. I smoke too, just when Im alone. So I walk beside the table beside my bed and grab the Marlboro Black, I don't like those non menthol it irritates me I don't know why thou. I open the box and get one stick, i pick up the lighter and light up my cigarette. I grab my Iphone and open the music and play the 'Boy is a Bottom' By willam belli, detox and Vicky they call their band as DWV these drag queens are awesome go listen to them. Im just watching them swim aroun the pool and take a hit on my cigarette. And-

"I didn't know, you were smoking."  Said a Male brittish accent and My eyes widen and shocked, as I turn around there's a little gap between my lips. And I face the one and only the swag masta, the queen Tommo Tomlinson. "Close your mouth please." He said and sat on the single chair infront of me. "H-how? Why?  How did you know that there's a secret room?" I asked him as my hands got sweaty and shaking I take a hits on my cigarette. "Easy, it's just a piece of cake. I think you might know Agent Sheryl? " he asked me I think and think Ex girlfriend ni Peter. A hint of confusion showed on my face. 



i feel like Im too devil to talk like this, okay I, going to just use my ordinary voice and expression. God it's hard to be a bad guy but I love acting. "So here she helped me to track you. i didn't know that you were here." I said as she hits her cigarette. Im just sitting here looking out the window. "I can hacked the locked outside this room, don't worry Im not gonna hurt you. I have a Important words for you." I say that as I stood up and walk infront of her our face is just inches away, I bring up my right hand and strokeher hair gently. "There's a trouble approaching ahead of us agents here. Liam and Zayn don't know about this , because they are not like us." I said and stop stroking her hair and walk towards the window. "So you are telling me that you are Agent too?" She said as he blow out her mouth the smoke.

"No, we are assasins we are here to kill yo" I said sarcastically. 

"We have a mission protect Zayn and Liam from Sophia Roberts. Remember Mr. Roberts?" I said watching the boys swim "yeah" She said no expression "Sophia is targeting the boys even me. Because sophia saw you that you are our guard. So she is targeting us the boys." I said arms crossed


" wait, wait, wait. You know me now. It means my mission is failed. Goddamn it." She said and she put her cigarette in the ashtray. "No, you are not. I know you need to be unknown to us, but not to me just Liam and Zayn. I have girlfriend Eleanor and she is going to arrived here now." I said and we heard the mirrors been moved. "Hey babe." Said a female sweet brittish voice. I turn around and saw my beautiful girlfriend. "Hey, babe. This is Ciara, Agent Ciara Hayes. She is our new guard with her partner Peter. " I said as I introduce to Eleanor Ciara. They both shake hands and smiled to each other. "You work at IMFE right? I need you to contact Bob" I said and she just give me a smirk "why? Would I do that? It's like you are asking me to get fired." She said and Light up again a cigarette. "Stop smoking it's not good for your health." I said and she just leer at me. 


Clever girl but stubborn .

"okay fine, if you can't." I said dialing Sheryl's number. 3 rings after she answers. "Hey, I need you to connect meto IMFE headquarters. Now." I said looking at Eleanor and Ciara. "Okay here we go." And it rings. After 2 rings someone answered. "Hi this is Miranda, what can I do for you.?" Said a American accent girl "Can I talk to Bob, it's Important." I said and she just said "sure." 


"Bob, This is Agent Tomlinson from IMFE headquarters2." I said seriously Ciara is just smoking her cigarette while watching the boys. "Im Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, And Im with Agent Ciara Hayes now. And No she didn't failed her Mission, please I had receive a new mission and Agent Ciara is in it and even Agent Peter too. We have the same mission now Protect the boys and Stop Sophia." I said holding Eleanor's hands. "We have another 2 Agents here you don't need to send more. It's only targeting us, Thank you sir." I said and he hung up. 





"Hey Hazza" said a female voice at my back. I turn around and saw Ciara smiling widely "you are in mood today huh." I said as I mess her hair. "Don't you dare mess again my hair, Styles or I'll straighten up your hair." She said pointing to my hair. "Don't you dare too." I said and smirk. "You cheeky boy." She said and laugh. "What's the date today?" I asked her while I eat my tacos "January 9, 2010" she said while he take a big bite on her taco. "Im going to audition." I said and while looking at at the stars above. "Where? And why?" She asked me and a confusion emotion and expression showed on her face. "I need too, I need to complete my Mission. I know it's hard to leave you out here and while Im there." I said and finished my tacos. "But what if you forgot me? What if we don't see each other again? I can't take that." She said and her eyes starting to water by her tears. "Oh babe don't cry. We will see each other again, I will never forget you. If I win I'll come back for you and I will take you everywhere. You and I will resign to IMFE and live our lives together." I said and hug her tight and stroking her hair gently. Then- 


"Hazza, hey!" Someone shaking me I snapped out of my flashback "why?" I asked Niall "Louis called us in." He mouthed and I grab my towel. I never forget but she does.  

"This is the biggest bedroom isn't it?" I said to Niall and he nodded. "Louis you called us in?" I asked and  Louis, and the two girls turn around. "Yes I am." Said Louis but my eyes stared at Ciara it's just felt like this is the first time I saw her. But at the gym she is just, she didn't know me now at all. " Hey Eleanor." I greet Eleanor and she nodded and smile. 


"We didn't know you were smoking." Niall and me said in unison to Ciara. "Because you don't know me. That's why." She said and threw her cigarette in the ashtray. "They erase her memory to focus on job." Mouthed Eleanor and I just looked down on my feet. "Focus now, Ciara you might want to change first your clothes it makes us uncomfortable." Said Louis. "Why? It's comfortable." Said Ciara "no does not." Louis said "yes it is" Ciara protest "No its not." Louis fight back "yes it is!" Ciara protest again. "Okay stop. Louis mean it's not comfortable for us boys to see you wearing shorts." I said to Ciara. And she just leer and go to the walk in closet. 


"She does really forget about me? Does she." I said it hurts inside I mean we are still together when I left her. I called her when We passed the bootcamp.  "Yes she does. They erased her memory when she got shot, because she can't focus on her missions." Said Louis looking at me. 

"But they can't do that!" I yelled 

"But they already did." Said Niall 

"okay is this more comfortable to see?" Said Ciara coming out from the walk in closet. Wearing sweatpants and a tank top. "Yes it is" said Niall smiling to her Ciara just smile back. Then I look around I saw on the bed the red one there is a mask and fake muscles. "Yep I said it. You are the new guard." I said and points to the red bed. 

"Hey becaus my mission is to be Unknown not to know." She said and leer. "And you forgot to wear contact lenses" said Niall bringing out the case of her contact lens. And her mouth fell open. Niall smirk and "so Focus here ladies and gentlemen." Said Louis while snapping his fingers to get our attention.

"Sophia Roberts daugther of Robin Roberts, but we call him Mr.Roberts . Sophia is a trained spy like us, she worked at IMF. Worked not work. She got fired because the boss knew that her mother and father invovled in drinking illegal drugs, transporting Drugs, kidnapping kids and use them and make them look homeless and let them go to streets and go ask for money. And tried to assasinate Bill Gates." Louis explain all he knowns about Sophia. 


"We need to stop her, she is targeting the One direction. The boys even me even you and you." Said Louis pointing at me and Niall. 


"How can we stop her?" Asked Niall as he bit his finger nail. And I just mess my hair and whip it and fix it. "That's why Eleanor is here. Sophia owns a very famous dress shop here in L.A. Eleanor works at CIA if you all don't know. Eleanor and Ciara needs a disguise, not masks or those fake muscles." Said Louis holding Eleanor's waist. " you can only go in the shop if you are wearing a Gucci dresses, Or Prada. They only allow costumers who have cars that are expensives and they are really strict tho. " said Eleanor. "Eleanor and Ciara need to wear wigs and dresses so Tomorrow they are going to shop. While us boys-" Louis got cut off by Ciara "wait, how about Peter?" She asked as she drink her water. "Im gonna explain it to him later." Louis said smirking. "So boys tomorrow before the concert starts we are going to find on the internet where is this shop and we are gonna send it to girls." Said Louis and start walking. 


"You boys and you Ciara may now back in your bussineses. I, going to join the boys in the pool." Said louis and smile at us. Then walk out the room. Then Eleanor, Niall walk out too.



Harry is staring at me, really just stare at me. I look onto his eyes. 

Those eyes are beautiful like a heaven, he is an angel sent from above. Wait what the f is that?

I look away and sat on the bed. "Why are you not leaving yet.?" I ask him staring at my feet them to the wall. "I like the view here. I didn't know you were spying us." Said Harry I looked at him Looking at the laptops. " no, not really. Because my mission is to protect you all from bad guys. Protect from fans that wants to hurt you boys. I thought I can suceed this mission, but No. Because I thougt you all is just a normal boyband, that don't know about all of those spying and those agents headquarters thing. " I said a little louder but kinda angry tone. "You are suceeding this mission, didn't you know? The two boys didn't know you. You are Unknown to them" Harry said and I look up at him and saw his eyes are crying.

the heaven is crying. "Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" I said in a soothing voice and tone. He run to me and hug me "it's just I miss someone. And she can't even remember me." He said crying in my arms. "She can't even see that I love her. And she love someone else." Harry said sobbing and my sight started bluring and a tear fell down from my eyes. 


I stroke his curls and hughing him tight. How long do I need to keep this secret? He doesn't even know that I can remember him, I do love someone but he is still in my heart. 




boring and short chapter. Sorry I apologize for this chapter its kinda messy again :(

so what do you think will happen? And ohhh does she really love Peter? 


What what what do you think guys? And by the way Thank You for Liking, Favorites and Comments in this book. I so appriciate it that you all like and favorited my book. That's all for this A/N :) don't forget to smile Have a nice day Lovelies I LOVE YOU ! You are PERFECT ! 

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