Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


18. HARRY?!



I open my eyes and look around. there's a weight laying on my chest, I look down and saw a brunette haired girl. "babe, wake up I gotta go now." I said shaking Nina to wake up. but she just hold me more tight. "let go babe, I need to show up. I need her. I need to get her all attention, her money,all she have that I don't have." I said a little bit convincing tone. she just lay there like nothing happens. I remove her hands and her head on my chest and lay her head. I need to get all she have that I don't have, IF I need to act that I love her, then that is. I wear my clothes. "babe where are you going?" ask Nina covering her naked body. "going to Ciara" I said and kiss her goodbye kiss. 



my thigs and legs are heavy. And there's someone sleeping beside me. And he or she is hugging me. I raise my free hand and shake the person beside me, but my eyes still close. "Hey wake up" I whisper bacause if I say it loud my voice will crack and my throat is kinda not better. I shake the person again "wake up" i said I little louder and my voice is a little bit raspy. The person just groans, i tried to move my legs but no. I cant. "Wake up" i said a little more louder and the person groans again and and moved a little closer to me hugging me more tight "what? Its early." The person said huskily. I open my eyes Im facing the lamp and i can't see her or him face. And Headache strikes me, "oh god. Wake up." I said louder a use my free hand to push the person. Instead of him or her fall on the ground, It's me who fell on the floor. "Ow!" I groan holding my hips. I stand up to see who is this unknown person who sleeping on my bed.

I saw the person's face "-"



I got woke up by the loud *Thump* In ciara's room. Im here in the other bedroom, Miranda is here too. She is very asleep.  "HARRY!?" I heard Ciara yelled and I run to her room.



what? What is Harry doing in here? "WAHHH!" Harry yelled when he saw me standing and yelled at him, I just make a face. "What are you doing here?" I ask him in yelled whisper voice. Then Candice burst in, we look at her and she just back out the room and yelled "I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING" . I just shake my head. I look up and saw Harry smirking "what are you smirking at? And what are you doing in here?" I ask again but more calmly "Sleeping? And look at your clothes love. " he said and look away. "Wearing just a boxer?" I ask widening my eyes and I look at my clothes. "FAKE!" (That's Fuck, really but I , in real life when I want to yell Fuck I always change it to Fake word. Because even Japanese people know what Fuck means.) i yelled and cover my upper body. Im just wearing a bra and my skirt from yesterday. "What did you do? Di we?" I ask him in frustration yone way. "I didn't do Anything. And yes Im just wearing a boxer, but it can be worse than that you know. And NO, we didn't you are drunk and Im a kinda tipsy yesterday. And Im not taking advantage of you, Ciara. Im not that kind of man." He explained calm. 


"Oh sorry, Now look away Im going to dress." I said and he cover his face with the warmer and I turn around to find a top. I walk to the cabinet where my clothes are hangging and fold nicely. I grab a coca cola tee shirt top and wear it. And some sweat pants. 

"May I ask you, why are you sleeping on my bed?" I ask him again closing the cabinet and turn to him. "Can I look now?" He ask and i said 'yeah' "well, I was just gonna lay here and play with my phone. And minutes later I fell asleep." He said and smiles. "Oh okay, sorry again. And thank you." I said and smiles a little. And headache strikes again. "Let's go, let's eat some breakfast. And oh wear this." I said handing him the white tank top and a sweatpants. 


"Thank you." He said and smiles at me "just go to the small kitchen, i'll just cook some food." I said and walk out the room and close the door. 




I look around me and saw wigs beside the cabinet. "Wow" i whisper amaze. Why is she using wigs tho. I wear the clothes that she gave me and when I finished wearing those clothes I walk to the other cabinet. It's weird though. Because there's 2 cabinets i open the cabinet and a layer of kinda curtain or something covering the inside and I stretch my arms and move aside the curtain and there's another curtain I move it again and there's one again and move it. And I saw "Ha-"



sorry I have too, cliff hanger sorry for not updating I got busy and stuff like that. And I have 3 book running this one, All about Ami's life and vampires vs werewolves. Actually once a week I only update the book about vampires. Whoops sorry for my bad english tho. 

And I think I saw now a new Agent coz she is the only one who joined :) so Congrats to 

Anna yeah? Congarts to you girl. 

And oh watch The Piano Guys on youtube they are amazing. When I said Amazing it means A-MAZ-ING !


that's all thank you for reading liking and favoriting this book and see you on the next chapter! Good bye :)

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