Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


5. A approaching trouble.


"yea Paul, we are in our postion." I said through the phone but in my manly voice. The best thing in this sticker is just a tiny machine but you can use Iphone to change your voice by bluetooth. And yes Im wearing my mask and face muscles. My physical appearance now is Brown hair, green eyes, thin lips and a not too pointy but pointy nose. 

"Good Keep and eye to the boys. They can get cheeky in all times." Paul said and hung up. We are at the Bel Air Villa Titanic looking around before they rent it our cars are already parked at the parking lot. They didn't know that it's mine because I said it was the owner's cars. It's pretty big, but we need again to connect again the laptops and the emergency mask maker. If we need a disguise when you know. "You can choose your own rooms these are the keys, Enjoy" said the Owner wearing violet tux and he looks like a gay but a bisexual gay. And leave us standing here at this big living room. "Go let's choose our room." Said Louis and ran upstairs.



"Im going to pick this bedroom." I said to my self and flopped down on the bed. "It's soft" I said while my face is buried on the bed. This is a nice bedroom. But this bedroom is kinda big for me. It has a Tv and couches there and the bed facing the big windows. This is too much I think "Niall come here." I Yelled "yes Hazz?" Niall said peeking his head at the door. "You want to share with me this room?" I asked him he smiles and nodded "Hell yea." He said and walked in carrying his suitcase. "It's nice isn't it?" I compliment looking out the window. "Yeah, Louis and Zayn picked the second big one that's leave Liam picking the third big one. And the three rooms are available. We have the first big one with a deck outside cool" Said Niall joining me looking out the window. "Yeah we have the biggest room. But I like the second big one because it's kinda modern but I like the color of this room. It's all white and calming." I said and sat on the chair facing the windows. "Go try the bed it's so comfy" I said and Niall jump to the bed "yeah it sooo soft" he said.



I remember this place, there's a secret room her. I know that because we had missions almost of the rich drug dealers rent this to hide. "Ciara, I know where we can put our bag follow me." I mouthed to her and she nodded. We past the bar, and kitchen and we reached the gym it's just small room theres a two big mirrors and beside the mirrors there's a painting I put down our bags and I mode to the side the painting but you all can see is just a cream painting wall but no. There a small square middle of this where th painting hang, theres a black square you'll not push it it's just a mark so you can remember where the lock is placed there. I type the 6 numbers to unlockd the room and the mirrors moved. You can't see that theres a typing pad becaus it's transparent. The mirrors moved and I pick up our bags and we walk in the room. The paintinh automatically back to it's original place and the mirrors automatically closed. I switch on the lights and here we are at the biggest bed room in this building. It has two king size beds black and red, three couches , a 50 inches L E D sharp TV, and windows around don't worry outside this house they will not saw us, outside it's just mirrors. And they will think that this room is the gym room. Half of this room is windows and half are walls.the walls are in dark dark brown colour, and theres dim lights on the walls.

we put down our bags and I bring out the laptops and the other gadgets that can contact the headquarters and put it down on the table. "Wow, I didn't know this place have secret room." Said Ciara and take off her mask. "Sheryl and me last 2 years ago had a mission at this place, and the drug dealers hid here and the drugs. We found this room by breaking the mirror doors outside this room." I said connecting the wires and plugging in the USB and the memory on the three laptops. "Im gonna call Paul, go hack the cameras." I said and she nodded taking off her clothes and the fake muscles. I dial Paul's number and it rings after two rings he answered.

"hey Paul, the boys are in their rooms, and the house is okay. You can go now here. You can choose rooms. The boys chose three rooms, three more rooms are available." I said looking at the laptops, looking at the cctv cameras around the house. "Good, we are on our way, the guards are around the building." Said Paul and hung up. I take off my shirt and and walk towards the window. "Ciara, please bring out the extra laptop." i said as I check my watch. 

"Okay, so what's the plan now?" Ciara said walking closer to me "This" I said and grab her waist and pull her closer to me. And I place my free hand to her face and we slowly lean in.

A/N ( Okay this part right here is 15+ now. if you are not 15 and above, you are not allowed to read this kind of part okay? just skip it. but if you are 15 plus go on have fun. I wanred ya.) and our lips finally touched and we move in sync, we kiss passionately and the kiss is getting deepper. I walk forward while she walk backwards I pushed her back gently at the glass window deepening our kiss.


I slowly lift up her tanktop and rub circles on her stomach. 

Her hands roaming my abs inide my tanktop. The room is getting hot in here now, I grab her hair gently while I let go the kiss and kiss her neck. I walk backwards and carry her and walk towards the bed and drop her there wild but gently and I position above her.


and started kissing her neck.


I grab his hair and pulling it but not too hard. He is kissing my neck and I moan he kissed my weak soft spot and he looked up at me and place his face above mine and kissed me passionately. I sat up and he help me take off my tank top Im just wearing now my simple black bra. And he layed me down again roaming my upper body while his free hand unclasping my bra at the back so Im arching my back . I pulled his top up and he take his top off, He grab my breast then he kiss my neck I moan while he massage my breast and his free hand unbuttoned my pants and slip on his hand inside my panty. Making me more moan louder.

then he- *Phone rings* we quickly stopped and he looked up and "goddamn it" he said and he grab his phone in his pockets. "It's Paul." He said and my eyes got wide and I buttoned my pants and he stand up beside the bed so I can stand up too.

I jog where I dropped the face mask and wear it and patting the skin around the eyes area, so it does 't look that it's just a mask. Im rushing wearing the muscles and the shirt.

"are you ready?" He asked me I nodded and he type the code on the wall where the key pad was and the mirrors are now open. 




"Louis , what are you doing?" I ask him while I check my hair on the mirror. "Nothing just texting Eleanor?" He said while sitting on the bed. "Oh what do you think about Ciara Louis?" I ask him again  while I sit on the couch "she's nice, I saw her yesterday with Harry at the gym, Laughing and talking. " he said calmly no expression "oh why he didn't tell us." I said to myself "maybe he forgot." He said and wear his earphones. How did he hear it? I asked my self. "Because I can hear you." He replied again. Woah woah woah, what the F is that? He can hear me with his earphones on? 


I stood up and just walk out the room with confused face Im thinking why Harry didn't tell us that he talk with her? And why am I acting like this?


Ciara is such a smart Agent, she does have a twitter but she is using another name and is acting as our fan. Really clever agent. 

But there is a approaching trouble to us.




hey guys here's a update for you all. Hope you all like it and again it's another boring snd messy and dirty chapter ;) 

ipI really sucked at ending forgive me. So what kind of trouble is Harry talking about? Is Louis an agent too or? Why is Zayn acting like that? Can't handle it, is it true? That Zayn is engaged ? If true Im soo Happy for them. So that's all ILOVEYOU

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