The Endless Chain

This story is a romantic short story/play. It's about love, the dangers of it and how it can effect everyone. Oh, and it's in reverse order (There are 10 chapters). I used this as a final project for my English class and received an A on it. Apparently it was one of the best stories my teacher had ever read. Let's see if he's right...


6. Chapter 6

Kelly Hall, 4th Floor, Room 404, May 10th, 2013


            Ashley and Keith are in Ashley’s room studying biology together. It’s about one o’clock in the afternoon.


“Why must it rain on a day like today?” Ashley said, looking out her window.


It was storming out. Rain was drizzling down from the grey clouds hanging above Philadelphia. It was comfortably warm though, so Ashley had left her window open. The rain made a nice pitter-patter sound as it hit the ground. A cool breeze occasionally entered the room, giving the two the chills.


 “I’m not sure. I usually find it’s fitting for some reason. That and it’s rarely ever sunny in Philadelphia.” Keith said as he looked down at his biology book. “You should probably get back to studying with me, considering we have a quiz in about two hours.”


“I don’t even bio, so it doesn’t matter. I’ll probably fail this quiz.” Ashley said. Giving up easily was usually in her nature, she also tended to be very stubborn at times.


“Oh come on, I’m trying to help you here. And don’t say that. Every time you say that you’re going to fail something I end up doing poorly on it and you end up getting an A. Now let’s get back to studying. It’ll only help in the long run; I mean we’re going to need to know this stuff for the final in a couple of weeks anyway.” Keith said as he tried to persuade her.


“I’m not feeling it right now.” Ashley started to twirl her hair around her finger.


“Fine. How about we get some food at 7-Eleven. Then we’ll come back to bio.” Keith said as he stood up from his seat.


“Okay…” Ashley said as she stared out the window.


They both left Kelly Hall for the convince store. They didn’t bother bringing an umbrella with the walk there being so short. However, by time they got they were dripping wet.


“Hey, there’s Tony.” Keith pointed in the direction of the cash register line next to the take three station.


They walked up to Tony. He gave them a soft wave with his left hand. “Hey Keith, Ashley. How are you guys doing?” He sounded a little nervous.


“Were just here getting some food and taking a break from studying bio.” Said Ashley as she looked at how long the line was.


“You biomeds and your bio 122.” Tony smiled a little. “Sucks to suck. Go general biology!” He moved up the line a little.


“It’s for 126 actually.” Keith said correcting him.


“Oh it’s all the same to me.” Tony said getting his dragon card out of his leather wallet.


“Well, I’m getting a sub.” Ashley told Keith as she started walking towards the counter at the back of 7-Eleven.


“I probably will too.” Keith said as he started to follow Ashley.


“See you later.” Tony said as he did his signature goodbye salute.


Keith and Ashley both got their sandwiches, paid for them and then headed back outside in the rain to go back to Kelly. Ashley signed Keith in and they went up to her room.


Ashley tossed Keith a towel. “Here, dry off. I don’t want my stuff completely soaked.”


Keith dried his short blond hair and took his wet shirt off. “Is this better?”


“Fine with me.” Ashley said as she daydreamed while drying her dirty blonde hair. She took both of the towels to her laundry bin and stuffed them in.


They began to eat their sandwiches. Keith simultaneously read the bio book while eating. While Ashley, who had her laptop out to make it look like she was doing something productive, ate and simultaneously watched Keith.


Ashley noticed that Keith would occasionally chew with his mouth open. That was a pet peeve of hers. But she didn’t really mind as much because it was Keith who was doing it. She looked at his long arms. They weren’t very muscular, but they did have some definition to them. He had fantastic legs, mostly from his years of playing soccer, which she also found attractive. Tall, blond and handsome; it was a triple threat for her.


She took a bite of her Veggie sub and swallowed. “Keith, I need to tell you something.”


Keith looked up from his book and turned towards Ashley. He was still chewing with his mouth open.


“First, chew with your mouth closed, honey. Second,  I have a crush on you.” She was unfazed by the words that had just left her mouth, made their way through the air and into Keith’s ear.


Keith nearly choked on his sub. He was completely surprised by this announcement and was in a state of shock. He regurgitated the part he almost choked on into a napkin and took a long swig from his Sprite. “What?” he said after regaining his breath.


“Do I have to spell it out for you?” She smiled her fun-loving smile.


“I was not expecting that.” Keith wanted to say to himself, but ended up saying aloud. “Look, Ashley. You’re a great girl and all. But there’s someone else I like.”


Ashley quickly put a look of disappointment on her face. “Who?”


“Rebecca.” Keith said awkwardly.


“Oh.” Ashley said, sitting in disbelief. This didn’t go the way she had thought it would have.


“Yeah. I’m really sorry this didn’t go the way you wanted it to. If it makes you feel better, me asking Rebecca out probably won’t go any better. Not to mention there are plenty of other guys that are more compatible with you than myself.” Keith said trying to comfort Ashley.


Ashley started to cry. She ran out of the room as Keith just sat and watched. He knew going after her would be a bad idea. So he just let her go where she needed to go.


Ashley ran to the girls’ bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. “Am I too social with everyone? If I did this a different way, would it have gone better? Am I not good enough for him?” Were all thoughts that crossed her mind.


She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She texted her best friend from home about it went and then texted Tony asking if he could sign her in to Robert Hall because she wanted hugs from all of her friends in the building.


She reached into her other pocket and took out a plastic bag with a white pill. She put the pill in her mouth and swallowed. The pills were designed to help with her anxiety and depression which she had suffered from since she was in middle school.


Keith knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you ok Ashley?”


“Go away!” she cried. She was faking just to get Keith to go away and she could escape.


“Look, I’m coming in.” Keith shouted through the wooden door.


“No! There are other girls in here.” That was a lie. “Just go wait in my room; I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Another lie that Ashley was willing to tell.


“Fine. I’ll be there.” Keith walked away from the door and headed back to room 404.


            Ashley waited about thirty seconds before dashing out of the bathroom, down four flights of stairs and into Robert Hall. Keith walked back to the bathroom. “Uhh, Ashley. I locked myself out of your room.”

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