The Endless Chain

This story is a romantic short story/play. It's about love, the dangers of it and how it can effect everyone. Oh, and it's in reverse order (There are 10 chapters). I used this as a final project for my English class and received an A on it. Apparently it was one of the best stories my teacher had ever read. Let's see if he's right...


4. Chapter 4

Robert Hall, 14th Floor, Room 1402, May 11th, 2013


            Keith and Rebecca sit in Rebecca’s room working on an Engineering project together.


“Do you want to work on the Creo model while I do some more research?” Keith asked.


“Not really.” Rebecca frowned. “I hate Creo. I don’t do that three dimensional modeling crap. I’d much rather do the researching.”


“Well, I guess we could make our other group member do the Creo design, while we both do some research. His name was Kyle right?” Keith asked unknowingly.


Rebecca shrugged, “Yeah. And I guess that works.” laughing at Kyle’s misfortune for not meeting with them.


“Nailed it! I guess we should get started on that research.” Keith said as he opened up a new tab on his Google Chrome browser window.


Both Keith and Rebecca ended up screwing around on Facebook for the next hour or so.


Keith looked at his screen, “We really haven’t gotten any work done have we?” His Word document titled “Research” was blank. “Do you want to get some Pizza and then come back and do some work?” asked Keith.


“Sure.” Rebecca got up from Keith’s desk and stretched her arms and cracked her knuckles.


            They walked together to the pizza place and walked inside. The televisions had on CNN, and the lady at the counter was on the phone with a customer. They both walked up to the counter and looked at the menu, while the lady at the counter held her pointer finger up, signaling that she would be with them in a moment.


“Do you want to split a Pizza?” Keith asked Rebecca.


Rebecca responded, “Not really, I’m more in the mood for some pasta or a cheesesteak.”


Keith scratched his head. “I think I’m going to get a hamburger. That sounds good right now.”


They both stood there and waited for the lady to get off the phone. This took about four minutes to occur, and both of them were growing impatient.


The lady behind the counter hung up the phone and wiped her forehead with her sleeve. “I apologize for the wait you two. That was my ex-calling about the divorce papers, so I needed to take it… I can’t believe he called me at work…”


The facial expression on both of them changed from being upset with her to pity for her.


“It’s alright… don’t worry about it.” Keith said apologetically.


“No, it’s not alright.” The lady said. “I’ll tell you what. Since you two are an adorable couple, I’ll give you five dollars off your order.”


“Thanks, but we’re…” Rebecca said before being interrupted.


“Sorry to hear about your ex.” Keith said, slapping his hand on Rebecca’s mouth.


“Thanks again. What can I get you two?” The nice lady asked.


“I’ll have a burger with no tomatoes, and my girlfriend will have a cheesesteak.” Keith said, placing emphasis on the word girlfriend.


“Hold the mushrooms and onions…” Rebecca added.


“Do you two want anything to drink?” The lady asked while writing down their order on the slip of paper.


Keith and Rebecca walked over to the refrigerated section to their left and both grabbed a Snapple iced tea from the shelf. They paid for the food and then sat down at a table in front of a big screen television.


“I remember the first time I came here.” Keith said recollecting the moment. “I was drunk with Paul and Sam and we had just come from a party down the street. We had stolen a canister of Kool-Aid and were dipping our fingers in it while we ate cheese fries. I was at a perfect level of drunkenness that night.”


“How long ago was this?” Rebecca asked.


“It was last term… week… six I believe.” answered Keith.


“Ah, okay. I think I was at my grandparents that weekend.” Rebecca said as she got up and grabbed the food.


As they ate Keith and Rebecca sat in silence as they both listened to Wolf Blitzer from the Situation Room on CNN talk about some Afghanistan stuff. “President Obama is not doing a good job here… the troops should be…”


Keith decided to go for the gold at this point. “Hey Rebecca, can I ask you something?” She looked up at him and nodded her head as she continued to eat.  


“Would you be interested in Dinner at Penne tomorrow night?” Keith asked, swallowing a lump afterwards.


“Well, this got real awkward, real fast…” She paused. “Keith, I need to tell you something.” Rebecca said putting her cheesesteak back down on the plate and wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Don’t get me wrong, you’re a great guy… but I have a crush on Tony.”


Keith stared at Rebecca, “Oh…” He looked down at his half eaten burger. “I was not expecting that…”


“Yeah… I mean, if I didn’t have crush on him, I would totally have said yes and gone out with you.” Rebecca said, trying to comfort Keith.


“Damn… It’s quite a shame. But I suppose it’s not the end of the world, I just thought we would have made a great couple… I mean we’re definitely compatible...wouldn’t you agree?” Keith asked, wondering what Rebecca would answer to that.


“Yeah… but as long as Tony is here, it’s not going to happen. I do like where we’re at now. I mean, it’s almost like we’re dating, just none of the physical stuff… there’s nothing wrong with an emotional support buddy.” Rebecca said, knowing that she just friend-zoned Keith.


“I suppose…” said Keith, trailing off.


The lady from behind the counter walked up to Keith. “You two aren’t together?”


“Not anymore…” Keith said, trying to keep the lie going.


“I heard you two… I’m going to want that five bucks I discounted you.” She said.


“Are you serious?” Rebecca asked.


“Do I look serious?” The lady said.


She looked completely serious. To the point where she looked scary serious, as in if they didn’t give her the money, she would probably beat them up.


“Uhh…Your grill is on fire.” Keith said pointing to the flaming grill in the back.


“I’m not going to fall for that one. If I turn around, you two are just going to run away.” She said pompously.


"No, your grill is on fire!” Rebecca screamed.


The lady turned around. “Shit! Stay here!” She ran to the fire extinguisher in the back.


As she did that, Rebecca and Keith escaped. But as they did, the five dollars in change Keith had received flew out of his shorts pocket. 

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