The Endless Chain

This story is a romantic short story/play. It's about love, the dangers of it and how it can effect everyone. Oh, and it's in reverse order (There are 10 chapters). I used this as a final project for my English class and received an A on it. Apparently it was one of the best stories my teacher had ever read. Let's see if he's right...


3. Chapter 3

Robert Hall, 7th Floor, Room 716, May 11th- 12th, 2013


            The music was pumping loudly from Keith’s new stereo system. Keith, Rebecca, Ashley, Sam, Paul, Steve (my friend from the floor) and I were in Keith’s room. We were playing King’s Cup, with the exception of Steve, who doesn’t drink and was waiting for us to leave for a party.


“You should probably lower the volume of the music a little.” Steve said.


I got up, since I was the closest to the computer and pressed the button that controlled the volume of the computer, lowering it down a few notches.


I sat back down in my crossed legged position in-between Keith and Ashley, on top of Keith’s crème colored rug.


“Ace. Waterfall!” Keith shouted, fist pumping the air.


Of course it was Keith who had picked that card. We all put our cups to our mouths and started drinking, waiting for the person to the right to stop drinking. But of course, Keith had to be a tool and drink the rest of his cup, which was about three-quarters full. So by time it was my turn to stop drinking, I had downed a whole cup full of Vodka and Cranberry.


I looked at the time on the microwave clock. It read 10:44. “I think we should get ready to go out now guys, if we want to get to the party before all of the beer and jungle juice is gone.” I said getting up from my spot and grabbing my shoes.


Steve, Ashley and Sam all got up and got their shoes on.


“Is it just us four?” I said, looking at the others in the room.


Keith spoke up. “I’m not really feeling a party right now; I’m in the mood for some more King’s cup. Let me know if the party’s good, maybe I’ll show up.”


“Will do.” I opened the door slightly, to make sure there were no RA’s outside in the hall. I didn’t see anyone so we walked out and headed to the elevator.


At this point, I was in between a buzz and being drunk. That perfect pre-gaming level. A few beers at the party and I would be perfect.


“So where are we going? Are we going to go to the house? Or are we going to try and go to a Penn party like we said we would?” I said as the elevator doors opened.


“I think we should try Penn. If it doesn’t work out we can always come back.” Ashley said. She was the most sober out of the people who had been drinking.


“Penn it shall be.” I said, pointing my finger in the air like I was about to lead a brigade into battle.

We walked outside of Robert Hall and then all the way down to about 42nd and Spruce. The night air was crisp and refreshing. There were very few clouds and the temperature was perfect to the point where a long sleeved shirt would keep you warm, and not make you too hot.


We walked up to the house. The owners of the house were sitting outside of the porch yelling at people to leave if they weren’t going to go in to the party. We walked up behind a group of Penn kids and followed them up the steps to where the owners were.


“Penn I.D.’s?” One owner said to the Penn kids in front of us.


“Shit. We’re not getting in.” Sam said reluctantly.


I started walking back down the steps, “I guess we should just turn back, and if waffle-house hasn’t been busted we can just go there.”


Now, more of the effects of the alcohol were starting to kick in for me, and I was officially at drunk guy status.


At about 41st and Spruce I had come to the revelation that I needed to use the bathroom to “break the seal.”


“Hey guys, I need to use the restroom real quick.” I said as we approached a pizza place. I ran to the door, nearly stumbling and said “I’ll b-r-b.” spelling out each letter.


By time I had come back out, both Ashley and Samantha were gone. Steve stood alone in the night by a table outside of the pizza place.


“Where did they go?” I asked Steve.


Steve explained as he started walking back towards Robert Hall “Well, Ashley ran off, as per usual. And then Sam decided to try and follow her.”


“Damn it!” I yelled. I was still drunk, but now I was drunk, upset and angry. The time now was 11:37 pm, and I had decided to start texting Ashley while simultaneously walking with Steve.


Ironically her last message to me was “Where did you go?” because she wasn’t sure which room on the 7th floor I was in. I ran into her outside of the room, so I never texted her back. So I began my texts…


Where did YOU go?


By time she responded, Steve and I had reached a grocery store on 40th and Walnut. I received the munchies from being drunk, so I told Steve, “Hey, I’m hungry, I’m going to go inside and get some food.”


We both walked in the store, which has a terrible layout I might add. I mean who has two frozen food sections on opposite sides of the store?


I walked around the store a little and ended up buying a box of Nilla Wafers for about four dollars and twenty five cents. If only money was important at a time like this….


I looked at my IPhone and Ashley’s name was there with the message symbol. During the following conversation I ended up subconsciously bitching to Steve the whole time about my love problems with Ashley.


At one point, I was holding my Nilla Wafers by the bag instead of the box. So the box fell and I didn’t notice, because the bag was still in my hand. Then some random guy comes from behind us with the box that fell and said “Pick up your trash.” In a harsh voice, like he was lecturing us on the importance of not littering.


I said back to him, “Sorry man, I didn’t know it fell.”


He just kept walking, at a faster pace, and put it in the garbage bin, even though it was a recyclable box. When he was at a far enough distance away, I started calling him a jackass and other cuss words, and we laughed about how he was a hypocrite.


While that was going on and for the rest of the walk back, this is what the text messages between Ashley and I looked like.


I’m with my roommate… Don’t worry she’ll take care of me.


That was a bunch of baloney. Her roommate was a just an overall bad person. She has a boyfriend, and yet she gets drunk every weekend and sleeps with a different guy. Not to mention she would get Ashley in trouble in various ways.


Me: “Sure…

Ashley: “Or rather don’t worry I’m a big girl and can take care of myself.

Me: “Are you sure?

Ashley: “Doesn’t matter… I don’t plan on coming back in the morning anyway.

Me: “Sigh.

Ashley: “Just leave it and go.

Me: “That’s the god damn problem.

Ashley: “Go! I’m not going to see my roommate. I’m just going to Wawa now and then going home but if she finds you… Tell her that yous kidnapped me and took me home.


Now, I started to blow my cover. And things escalated fairly quickly.


Me: “I couldn’t give less of a shit about your roommate right now. There’s something I need to do, but the problem is I’m so fucking nervous when I’m drunk, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go through with it, at least this year. And then I’m being pressured by so many people to go through with this in the next week…

Ashley: “Dude… What’s wrong? And calm down.

Me: “I can’t that’s the problem, it’s eating me on the inside and I’ve had four panic attack in the past week about it. And I just wish it was easier, but it’s not. And I need to accept that. But the fear of rejection is one of my greatest fears. And the fact that I’ve never done this before makes it that much harder.

Ashley: “Everything will be alright cause in the end everything is alright. What’s been eating you? And god you are getting worse than me.

Me: “One can only wish, but the reality is that it probably won’t be. And I don’t think I’m ready to live with that. I’d have to hide in my dorm for most of the term. Do you need another escort?

Ashley: “Nah… Thanks though and whatever it is toxic and obviously not healthy for you.

Me: “You’re telling me…

Ashley: “So take a breath and relax.

Me: “I’ve tried that… So many times, and it only works for so long…

Ashley: “…Do you want a hug and are you sure it’s not the alcohol speaking?

Me: “I’m 100% sure that’s it’s the alcohol. If anything, the alcohol helps me talk about it. *its not.

Ashley: “Considering I don’t know what you’re talking about… The alcohol isn’t helping anyone.

Me: “The fact that I’m able to talk about it to an extent with someone other than a guy helps a lot. So the booze is doing its job, for the most part.

Ashley: “Okay :) well as long as this is helping you.


By now, Steve and I had reached the dorms and were in the 7th floor lounge. I sat on a couch eating my Nilla Wafer cookies, looking out at the beautiful Philadelphia skyline. For some reason I was up at 3:30 am and decided to text Ashley one more thing.


Me: “Thanks I really appreciate it. I just hope it gets better with time. This is going to be a long week though. Also, I just want you to know, that if you ever need to talk. I’m here.” I left it at that and went to bed.


I woke up at about noon and took a shower, got ready and all that good stuff. I went to the Dining Hall at 1:00 pm with Keith, Steve and another kid on our floor. I apologized to Steve on the way there about bitching the whole walk back. I then joked that at least he got free food out of it.


We came back from the Dining Hall at about 2:00 pm. I started to do homework, but I really couldn’t focus. So I just lay on the couches in the lounge, staring at my phone, wondering whether or not texting Ashley last night was a good idea.


Then at 3:30 pm, she texts me the following, “Tony darling we need to talk.” At that point, I knew that she knew, and I was screwed. There was no avoiding what was coming in the next hour or so. I signed Ashley into Robert Hall as she offered me an ice cream cone. We talked for about an hour in my room. But it was mostly what I had expected to happen. She told me she didn’t want a relationship with anyone, offered me ice cream again, gave me a hug and left me with a quote, which could have been interpreted in many ways. However, she told me that she interpreted it as, “She wasn’t my first, but she could be my last. And that the two people were meant to be together forever in the end.” I then signed her out, and then took a nap.

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