Scott and Lydia's baby


5. ughh...

I texted Lydia about talking to him and she hated the idea but she was willing to come… I texted Derek I was coming. He replied “for wht?” and I just let it be, started the car and drove to Lydia’s. I pulled into her driveway and she walked out the front door, I got out and opened the car door for her. I started the car, “so uhhh… why exactly do we have to tell this guy about us?” she asked. “Uhhh…idk well I’m werewolf” “I got “she said laughing and interrupting. I smiled “HAHA! No but idk he has been a werewolf his whole life and he knows more and if like the baby is going to be a werewolf or what… so” I said. “Ohhh...” she sighed

When we got to Derek’s Lydia was so worried she was shaking. “Hey it’s okay” I said grabbing her hand. “Just think he slept with Jennifer.” I said. “HE did not get her pregnant!” she said. I sighed and knocked on the door…

“Wait, wait, wait you got HER pregnant!” Derek said. I shook my head. Derek sighed “Why are you telling me?” “Uhh because you might know what this child well turn out to be…” I said. “Hmmm, okay well I’m not exactly sure it could come out normal or it could come out a werewolf or uhh whatever she is… I really don’t know…Scott.” He said. “Well if it’s normal we can like give it up for like adoption right?” Lydia asked. I looked at really confused; did she really want to give our baby up for adoption?! Do I not get a say in this? Why would she want to do that! “Uhhh I wouldn’t because some might just start later in life.” Derek said. Lydia looked down at the floor. As me and Lydia got up to leave Derek wanted to talk to me alone, and Lydia had to go to the restroom. “What were you thinking doing this Scott? You’re only in high school!” he stared “Before you chew my ass up, do we need to forget you slept with Jennifer the girl that has killed a lot of innocent people Derek! Hmmm how about what were you thinking!” I yelled. “I don’t know, okay, but Scott think about what you’re doing here. You’re only 16, you already have a lot going on, becoming alpha and all and I’m not going to be here to help you.” I said. “What do you mean?! You’re leaving!’’ I replied. Lydia walked up to me from the bathroom. “Ready?” she said. She had been crying. “Ya lets go, Derek has things to work on.” I said. Lydia walked out the door and I followed but Derek grabbed my arm “Scott?” he said. “Whether you like it or not I love this girl and I’m not going to be a drop out dad, and I’m not going to let her do this on her own!” I pulled my arm out of this grip, grabbed Lydia’s hand, and headed to the car.

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