Scott and Lydia's baby


6. crap...

The doctor’s apt. for the baby is today…

I’m so nervous. I wish stiles was here, he always has my back, always has a plan B, is always the smart one who fixes these problems…I knew the longer I wait the madder he will get. Okay I’m going to do it after this. Hugh.

I picked Lydia up at 4:00, and she had gained some weight, from the baby… I smiled when she got in the car. “What!?” she asked “It’s nothing” I said my smile slowly growing into a laugh. She punched me hard on the arm. “Ahhh! what was that for?” I yelled. “You know what that’s for, now drive, we are going to be late!” I laughed and started the car.

“Okay Lydia martin? Are you ready?” the nurse asked. Lydia nodded and pulled up her shirt. “okay so today we are mostly doing just going to listen to the baby’s heart beat and stuff and we can try to see it but I highly doubt we can tell anything yet.” The nurse continued. She squirted some gel on her stomach. “So how far along are you two?” she asked. “Uhh 1 month.” Lydia answered. “Hmm that’s a little late to be coming in…” the doctor said. “Ohh I have school…and I couldn’t find an apt.” she mumbled. “Ohh… That’s fine don’t be afraid…have you told your parents?”


“Have you told any adult?”

“Uhh I’ve told my umm brother” I chimed in.

Then we all sat in silence waiting for the nurse. “Uhmm I’ll be right back to get my boss.” The nurse said leaving the room. I watched Lydia turn to me worried, I grabbed her hand and kissed it gently “It’s going to be okay” I told her.

The doctor walked in and did the same as the nurse for another 10min. Then he looked at us sadly “I’m really sorry you two but we can’t seem to find a heartbeat” the doctor said. “I’m really very sorry.” He left the room. I looked over at Lydia who had her head in her hands.

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