Scott and Lydia's baby


7. car keys

I kept seeing blurred lights pass by. I could barely see a thing, it was all too blurry. I could still here Lydia bawling her eyes out.  I looked over at her and she was turned to the window. I looked back at the road, and saw to blurry lights right in front of us, I pulled off to the side. Lydia screamed. I had made it to the other side, but I couldn’t do it no more. I pulled into the nearest parking lot, it was dark and empty. I drove to the top lot, and got out of the car. I hoped up on the hood, and leaned back, watching the stars. I heard Lydia’s car door open; I sat up watching her walk over to me. She hoped up on the hood and to my surprised sat in my lap. I kissed her on the head and wrapped my arm around her. She turned to the side and leaned on my chest, bawling. And I let it all out.

So there we were sitting on my hood in some random parking lot, hugging each other and bawling our eyes out.

“Do you want me to drive you home?” I asked. She shook her head, maybe because she was scared of me driving or because she really did not want to go home. “Okay…” I said “what do you want to do, like anything; I’m here for you Bab…?” I cut myself off. Was I really about to call here babe!

She smiled for once; I could feel my cheeks instantly get red. “Well I can’t go home, because my mom well flip, and I highly doubt your mom well let me stay there so…I don’t know” she said. “Should we…never mind” I replied. “What? Tell me.” she asked. “Stiles?” I said. She looked up at me confused. I sighed and lay back on the car. “I’m hungry.” Lydia said. I looked over and saw a McDonald’s, and pointed at it. She made a gross face, but nodded.


She ordered her food and drove back to the parking lot, because she wanted to, I had no clue why. We sat in silence as I watched her eat her food. After she finished we just sat, talking about what to do. Every now and then we would feel some sprinkles of rain drop, but we did not care. We mostly talked about stiles, thinking how we would tell him if we had to stay there. Allison came up to, but we agreed I couldn’t go there and Lydia did not want to leave me. Then I started pouring ran out of nowhere! I reached in my pocket for the keys, but they weren’t there! We were both getting soaked! I looked in the car and saw them sitting in the front seat! I had no clue what to do! Wait!!! I shoved my finger by the car lock and YES! It opened! I pulled my hands out and saw my claws disappear. I unlocked the doors and Lydia hoped in. “I’m sorry” I said taking off my jacket, my shirt still dry. I pulled off my shirt and handed it to Lydia, and turned around for her to change. “Thank you…”she said looking over to me. I shrugged. “No Scott really thank you.” “For what?” I asked. “For being here. For not leaving me, you could have left, and nothing would have happened, you could have and you would be fine, you could have just left me. And for your jacket…” she said smiling. I felt myself leaning in closer to her. “Thank you Scott” she whispered. And we kissed. Crap… I think I’m falling for her…


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