It started with a text (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lia and Nila are normal girls that were fans of 1D one night Harry Styles texted Lia but something shocks Lia what Harry tells her.Will fans be mad? Will she be hated?


1. The text

"OMFG HARRY STYLES IS TEXTING ME!"nila yelled "Omg really?"I yelled from the kitchen because I was stuck cooking even though we live in the X-Factor house it was just me and nila in the house "Yes im coming down"nila yelled "Kk just add me to the chat"I replied then Simon walked in "Hello Lia"Simon said "Hey Simon"I said then nila came jumping up in down "Hi Simon"nila said "Why r u jumping up and down"Simon asked "Harry Styles texted me btw Lia i added u in the chat"nila said and checked and Harry already texted me "Ok well i came to tell u all of us well be gone for 1 week"Simon said and left "Umm Harry wants a pic of us"I said (Heres the pictures they sent)

     *This is me Lia

*This is nila 

"So u girls wanna facetime"I read Harrys text outloud Then nila beat me to texting him back Harry sent the Facetime thing and I clicked awnser and Harry and niall were there "Hey Lia and nila"Harry said and nila smiled when he said nila "So do u wanna meet up at starbucks?"nila asked "Sure meet u there"I said and ended it "Omg we gotta go now"nila said "To the car!"I yelled and she laughed *Skip car ride* "Hey Harry and niall"I said and nila makes a heart at niall "Hey Lia can I talk to u?"Harry asked "Sure"I told Harry but nila and niall stayed "Lia your really pretty"Harry said and I blushed Harry my crush out of 1D told me im pretty im not fangirling its just I really like him "Thanks Harry"I told me still wondering what he was gonna say next "So I was wondering if u would like to go on a date on Friday?"Harry asked "Sure"I told him "Ok ill pick u up at 8:30"Harry said "Sweet so u wanna go by the sea?"I asked "Sure"Harry asked "We're coming with"niall said as me and Harry started walking towards the sea "The moonlight over the sea but not as pretty as u"Harry told me i and just blushed like crazy "Thanks s-"I was stopped by Harry's kiss I felt sparks in this kiss 

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