It started with a text (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lia and Nila are normal girls that were fans of 1D one night Harry Styles texted Lia but something shocks Lia what Harry tells her.Will fans be mad? Will she be hated?


2. The kiss

I felt levelheaded at first but then I put my arms around his neck I felt sparks every single second of this kiss "Get a room!"Zayn came out of nowhere "niall wa-"nila said but got stopped by niall kissing her "What were u saying babe"niall asked "Wanna go get some nandos?"nila asked and niall ran "Harry I better be going"I said as I got up "Please stay with me"Harry said but I just walked away "I gotta tell Liam"I told myself so I walked towards Liam's place I know I love Liam and Harry but I gotta choose Harry I felt cold hands touch my hips then I turn around niall! "Come with me"Niall said and put me in a sack I was yelling "Nialler get me out"I was yelling so loud but I was tossed onto something it felt like a bed then Niall got me out of it "Niall what r u doing" I asked "I'm trying to save Liam"Niall said "Why would u do this I know we dated but please let me go"I said "I don't want Liam losing the girl of his life like I lost u"Niall said and ducked taped me to the wall in Harry's room "Niall what r u doing"nila and Louis walked in and said it "Nothing follow me"Niall said and let them though the door first then locked the door "Great I'm locked in Harry's room"I said then started crying "OPEN UP!"Liam and Harry yelled "LIAM AND HARRY HELP!"I yelled so loud "Is that u Lia"Harry asked "Yes It's me"I said then Harry knocked the door down "Lia! R u ok"Harry said walking towards "Please get me down"I said and Harry grabbed the scissors and cut it then Harry twirled me around then kissed me "Harry back off she's mine"Liam said and Harry slapped Liam "No she's mine"Harry said "Boys calm down"I said then Harry punched Liam "HARRY! Don't do that"I yelled then ran out of the room I tots hate when boys fight for me "nila I'm going home"I told nila "Bye"She said ...............  

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