It started with a text (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lia and Nila are normal girls that were fans of 1D one night Harry Styles texted Lia but something shocks Lia what Harry tells her.Will fans be mad? Will she be hated?


3. A fight?!

"Harry I like Liam ok!"Lia said as I started to cry "HE LOST U"I yelled "BECAUSE OF YOU!!"Lia said "WHATEVER JUST GO!"I Yelled and Lia ran with her stuff "She's gone"I felt a tear come down my cheek "Hazza u wanna come watch a movie?"Louis said "ya what movie"I asked "Titanic"Louis smiled "sure ill be there in a minute"I faked a smile "ok Harry"Louis walked towards the living room and I followed *1 hour later* I started bailing "u ok Harry?"Niall asked "no"I said "Aw Harry whats wrong"nila asked as she hugged Harry "Me and Lia broke up"I started to cry even more"Harry its alright"Louis hugged me "Im gonna call Lia"nila said "ok"I said "Lia can u come over?"nila said "sure"Lia said

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